February 2013

28 February 2013: Riders A-Z Peter Lloyd added.

27 February 2013: Riders A-Z Jody Hodgson & Josh Goodwin.

26 February 2013: Riders A-Z Matt Etherington added.

25 February 2013: Riders A-Z Colin Bird, Chris BirdAshley HillBen Isley & Trevor Clarricoates added.

25 February 2013: Riders A-Z Bill Bridgett added.

24 February 2013: All GSP 2012 photographs added to flickr.

24 February 2013: Riders A-Z Mark BasebyPaul HebdenJames LaurieBradley Steer & Terry Saunters added. Also a few more pics for Rob Wilson & Robbie Wilson.

22 February 2013: Riders A-Z Mike ClarkeAnthony BougourdAnthony QuiripelMartyn GuilbertMarcus Bisson.

22 February 2013: UK Riders ‘by class’ added.

17 February 2013: REGS for Woodbridge’s meeting 23/3/13 added.

16 February 2013: 2008 Fixtures and Results added (International Solo Results to come).

15 February 2013: REGS for the Ledbury Spring Leader Updated.

14 February 2013: Riders A-Z Steve Smith added.

14 February 2013: REGS for the Ledbury Spring Leader added.

13 February 2013 Riders A-Z Andy Pack added.

13 February 2013: Riders A-Z Michael Chittenden added.

13 February 2013: Riders A-Z Will Offen added.

13 February 2013: Riders A-Z Nicky Owen added.

12 February 2013: As the ground is currently waterlogged, with further rain forecast, the Landowner has advised us that it is extremely unlikely that the track will be fit to use by March 17th. Therefore the Club has reluctantly decided to postpone the Bristol Blazer until Sunday May 19th. Regs. and Entry Forms for the new date will be available shortly. Entries already received for March 17th will be returned within the next week, together with Regs for the new date. Any enquiries about Entries please contact Adrian Croft 01305268367 or 07817019141, any other enquiries to Mary Derrick 07792917441 or Rich Hodgson 01179085304 or 07803398416

12 February 2013: Riders A-Z Georgie Wood added.

9 February 2013: British Championship Cornwall Solo POSTER added.

2 February 2013: Riders A-Z Dave Mears added to website.

1 February 2013: Riders A-Z  Barrie Bennett added to website.

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