Peter Jones

Nationality: England.

Home Town: Chipping Norton.

Class: Right-hand (Passenger).

Note: Peter Jones lost his life competing at the 1998 British Masters Qualifier.

Driver: Ivor Matthews; Passenger: Colin Hill.


Major Honours

British Masters Championship: First 1993, Second 1994, Other Top Ten Finishes 1995; First Leg: Third 1995, Day Finals: First 1993 (1), 1994 (2), Challenge: Equal First 1992, Second 1998.


Other Majors

British Best Pairs: Second 1995, Third 1989.

Ace of Aces: First 1994.
Bonfire Burn-up: First 1993.
International Lincolnshire Poacher: Third 1995.
Jim Coles Memorial: Second 1992.
Hangover: First 1988/89, Third 1995/96.
Sandford Super: First 1988.

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