Grasstrack Fixtures 2021


28 VMCC Cancelled


3 Ledbury Easter Eggstravaganza (Day One) Penscombe Cancelled
4 Ledbury Easter Eggstravaganza (Day Two) Penscombe Cancelled
17 International Oceania Sidecar Championship Gillman Results


9 Mid Cornwall Premier Boarded Bash Cancelled
13 International World Longtrack (1) Herxheim Cancelled
16 GW Racing Cancelled
22 FGA Club Championship (R1) Chetton Cancelled
23 Mid Cornwall Premier Boarded Bash Cancelled
23 Fenland Jon Underwood Trophy Cancelled
29 Frittenden British Under 21 Championship & National Youth Championships Frittenden Cancelled
30 Frittenden Battle of Britain Frittenden Results


6 International European Solo Championship (Sf1) Bielefeld Cancelled
6 Helsby Stuart Mellish Memorial Dunham on the Hill Results
6 GW Racing
13 STOMP Titans of Tallington Tallington Results
19 FGA Club Championship (R2) Malpas Results
20 Classic GTC Fathers Day GT Ugley Cancelled
20 VMCC Frank Yates Memorial Meeting Ashorne Results
26 GW Racing Gosbeck Abandoned
27 GTSA British Masters Qualifier Frittenden Results
27 Pickering Frank Yates Memorial Cancelled


3 International European Solo Championship (Sf2) Tayac Cancelled
4 International World Longtrack (2) Muhldorf Cancelled
4 Waterlooville British Upright & Southern Centre Championship Winchester Results
11 Helsby Cancelled
13 International World Longtrack (3) Marmande Results
18 Bewdley Cancelled
24 FGA Club Championship ® Malpas
25 Frittenden National Youth Championship Frittenden Results
25 Frittenden Summer Spectacular Frittenden Results
25 Pickering
31 GW Racing Gosbeck Results
31 Mid Cornwall Premier Roche Results


1 Mid Cornwall Premier Gold Cup Roche Results
7 Ledbury British Championship Penscombe Cancelled
7 Ledbury Ledbury Flyer Penscombe Cancelled
15 Midshires European Solo Championship Leamington Cancelled
15 Classic GTC Super Sam’s Summer Spectacular Ugley Results
15 Pickering Marishes
21 FGA Club Championship (R4) Alveley
22 International World Longtrack (Challenge) Pardubice Results
22 International European Sidecar Championship (Sf) Eenrum Cancelled
22 Southend The Donut Results
28 International World Longtrack (4) Rzeszow Results
29 Wainfleet International Lincolnshire Poacher Thorpe St Peter Cancelled
29 Cheshire Steve Deeran 433 Spectacular Scholar Green Results
30 GW Racing Eastern Centre Championship Iken Results
30 Pickering Haygate Lane Results


4 FGA Club Championship (R5) Malpas
4 International World Longtrack (4) Morizes Cancelled
5 Fenland Jon Underwood Trophy Woodwalton Cancelled
5 Fenland South Midland Centre Championship Woodwalton Cancelled
5 GTSA South East Centre Championship Frittenden Results
12 Astra British Masters Championship Swingfield Results
19 International World Longtrack (5) Herxeim Cancelled
19 Pickering Results
19 JCR Longdon Lazer Longdon Results
25 International European Sidecar Championship (Final) Pfarrkirchen Cancelled
25 Ledbury British Championship Penscombe Results
26 International World Longtrack (Team Championship) Roden Cancelled
26 Frittenden Frittenden Flyer Frittenden Cancelled
26 Pickering Haygate Results


2 FGA Club Championship (Round) Cancelled
3 Frittenden Flyer Frittenden Cancelled
10 VMCC British Pre 75 Championship Ashorne Results
17 GW Racing Gosbeck Results
23 STOMP Tallington Results
30 Sidecars Speedway British Championship Belle Vue Results
30 Ledbury Haloween Spooktacular (Day 1) Bromyard Cancelled
31 Ledbury Haloween Spooktacular (Day 2) Bromyard Cancelled
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