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James Shanes

Ledbury Leader (Pracice / Racing) Master of Midshires (Practice / Racing) British SandAce (Complete) Battle of Britain (Practice / Racing)
Saturday Evening of Grasstrack (Practice / Racing) European Solo Semi-final    



Eastern Centre Championship (Practice & Racing) Master of Midshires (Practice & Parade & Racing) Battle of Britain (Practice & Parade & Racing) Saturday Evening of Grasstrack (Practice & Racing)
Rob King Party (Practice & ParadeRacing) British Championship (Practice & Parade / Racing & Podiums) British SandAce Championship (Parade & Practice / Racing  Worcester (Practice & Racing)
International Lincolnshire Poacher (Practice & Parade / Bahnrekord & Racing)  South Eastern Centre Championship & Super Series (Practice / Racing) Kent Kracker (Practice / Racing)  British Masters (Practice & Parade / Racing)
Frittenden Flyer (Practice / Racing)  



Scintillator (Practice & Racing) Robert Chatterton & Junior Poacher (Practice & Racing Battle of Britain (Practice & Racing) British SandAce Championship (Build-up, Parade, Practice & Racing)
Jim Rowlinson Memorial (Practice / Parade & Racing) British Upright Championship (Practice / Parade & Racing) British Masters Challenge (Practice / ParadeCP Sidecar Challenge & Racing & Podium) Bewdley Bonanza (Practice & Racing)
East Mids Championship (Practice & Racing) An Early Evening of Grasstrack (Practice / Racing & Podium) Track Racing Sidecar Spectacular (Complete International Poacher (Practice & Parade / Racing)
GTSA The Return (Practice / Racing) National Youth Championship (Practice & Parade / Racing & Podium) British Championship (Practice & Parade / Racing & Podium) European Sidecar Final Saturday PracticeSunday Practice & Parade / Racing & Podium)
British Under 21 Championship (Practice & Parade / Racing) Frittenden Flyer & South Eastern Centre (Practice & Parade / Racing)  Danebury Club Meeting (Practice / Racing & Presentation)



Master of Midshires (Practice & Racing) Jon Underwood (Practice & Racing)  Battle of Britain (Practice / Parade & Racing) Bewdley Memorial (Practice & Racing)
David Nix Memorial (Practice & Racing) British SandAce Championship (Practice & Racing) British Championship (Practice / Parade & Racing / Podiums)  British Upright Championship and Support (Practice / Parade & Racing / Podiums) 
Bewdley Bonanza (Practice & Racing) Donington Demon (Sunday Practice & Racing) International Poacher (Practice & Racing)  Bank Holiday Dash (Practice & Racing) 
British Youth Championship & Vintage Support (Practice, Youth Racing & Vintage Racing) Frittenden Flyer, South East Centre Championship & Vince Kinchin Memorial Trophy (Practice & Racing) Ledbury Flyer & Roger Williams Memorial  (Practice & Racing / Podiums)  British Masters (Pratice / Parade & Racing) 
Barry Shipp Memorial Trophy (Practice & Racing) Mark Heatley Memorial (Practice & Racing) Season Finale (Practice & Racing) 



Ledbury Spring Leader Fenland Youth & Vintage Jon Underwood Scintillator
Worcester Mick Burton Bandit (Practice) David Nix Memorial An Evening of Grasstrack
British SandAce Championship Cornwall Youth British Championship Eastern Centre Championship & Barry Shipp Memorial
Fenland Trophy Meeting (Saturday) International Poacher British Masters Good, Bad, Ugley
Upright British Championship Heart of England S/E Centre Championship  


New Year Spinner Bristol Ledbury Spring Leader Bandit
Robert Chatterton Trophy
(Racing / Practice)
Battle of Britain David Nix Memorial Heart of England
S/E Centre Championship Bewdley Bonanza Kings of Speed Norman Southgate Memorial
GTSA 60th Anniversary Frittenden Flyer Master of Midshires British Championship
(Practice / Racing)
Ledbury Flyer Kent Kracker Season Finale British Masters


Scintillator Masters Challenge
(Practice / Racing)
Bandit Battle of Britain
British Masters Mick Steer Trophy Bewdley Bonanza British Pre 75 Championship
Frittenden Flyer
(Racing / Practice)
Kent Kracker Symon Wall Trophy SE Centre Championship
Season Finale
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