Report Bristol 18-3-12

Gareth Bemister Report

Race 1 (1000cc Sidecars) 1st: Gribble/Schofield 2nd. Sturtridge/Farwell 3rd. Cave/Goddard

Myles Simmons/Nick Owen get their season off badly; they were left on the line when the KHR Suzuki refused to respond to the clutch. Good win for Gribble.

Race 2 (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Pearn/Whitelam, 2nd. Trewin/Truscott, 3rd. Heal/Madley, 4th. Elliott/Elliott

Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott throw a chain coming out of the corner on lap 2, leaving the victory to an impressive Terry Pearn/Ben Whitelam outfit. Chris Walker/Dave Keislinger fail to get the SGM Exup fired up and on the line.

Race 3 (250cc Solos) 1st. Powell, 2nd. Malone, 3rd. Little, 4th. Power, 5th. Hawker, 6th. Lingham, 7th. Slade.

Charley Powell, son of sidecar legend Richard Piggott, looked super fast on the British Championship-winning ex-Craig Drury JRM.

Race 4 (Uprights) 1st. Barrett, 2nd. C. Harris, 3rd. Malone, 4th. Warry, 5th. Tuck, 6th. Snelling, 7th. Ian Norton, 8th. Wiltshire, 9th. Mick Norton, 10th. Lambert

First corner incident involving Chris Malone and Wayne Barrett results in a rerun. Nasty looking spill for Malone, who leant on Wayne Barrett a little hard going into the corner. Thankfully, both were quickly up and took part in the re-run which Barrett won emphatically, rounding Malone on the first bend. He’s going to take some catching in the Uprights this year.

Race 5 (Youth Inters) 1st. Luke Harris, 2nd. Callum Walker, 3rd. Wajtknecht, 4th. Bulley, 5th. Anderson

Callum Walker led the first lap before a super fast Luke Harris took over the lead.

Race 6 (350cc Solos) 1st. Dolman, 2nd. Mellish, 3rd. Jeffries, 4th. Powell, 5th. Drew, 6th. Williams, 7th. Peters, 8th. Waterfield.

After not being in commentator Dave Stallworthy’s thoughts at the beginning of the race, Bob Dolman took the victory from tapes to flag. Highly rated Martin Williams could only manage 6th in the fiercely competitive opening 350 race.

Race 7 (Youth Juniors) 1st. Best, 2nd. Brennan, 3rd. Phillips, 4th. Atkins, 5th. Bickley, 6th. Lily-Mae Walker, 7th. Anderson.

Edmund Best got away and never looked like being challenged. Tom Brennan looked quick in 2nd.

Race 8 (Pre 75) 1st. Mackett, 2nd. Hammond, 3rd. Harris, 4th. Gurd, 5th. Evans, 6th. Wheatley.

After being boxed in on Turn 1, Chris Mackett rode a fantastic race to work his way through the field from 5th. Great ride.

Race 9 (Autos/ Cadets) 1st. West, 2nd. Harry McGurk, 3rd. Dummett, 4th. Wirtzfeld, 5th. Bree, 6th. Sam McGurk

There was a good battle for 3rd but Joleon West was in a class of his own.

Race 10 (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Gribble/Schofield, 2nd. Hiscock/Bell, 3rd. Mogg/Cutler, 4th. Standing/Standing, 5th. Payne/Waterfield

Another strong performance from Gribble. Good race for 2nd as Hiscock defended strongly to keep Joe Mogg/Jake Cutler at bay.

Race 11 (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Pearn/Whitelam, 2nd. Heal/Madley, 3rd. Simmons/Owen, 4th. Sturtridge/Farwell.

Pearn/Whitelam another impressive win. Joe Sturtridge challenged for places before being hit with heavy mud, causing his cut out to come adrift. Another poor get away for Myles Simmons/Nicky Owen cost them another race.

Race 12 (500cc Solos) 1st. Cook, 2nd. Finlow, 3rd. Saunders, 4th. McLusky, 5th. Warwick, 6th. Weeks, 7th. Hodgson, 8th. Malone, 9th. Cunningham, 10th. Colin Teed

Spectacular style from Rob Finlow was not enough to hold off fast charging Harland Cook. Finlow, who started off quick, got slower as the race went on.

Race 13 (500cc Solos) 1st. Masters, 2nd. Melksham, 3rd. Millichap, 4th. Cresswell, 5th. Whitelam Jnr, 6th. Ricky Gregory, 7th. L. Vaughan, 8th. Chris Gregory, 9th. Atkinson, 10th. M. Norton, 11th. Sheppard, 12th. Havill

‘Rocket’ Rod Melksham led into the first turn, only for a mighty quick Steve Masters to overtake and maintain a healthy advantage to the flag. Ben Millichap looked quick but was pulling up randomly at intervals throughout the race- a trend which cost him a place in the final later in the day.

Race 14 (250cc Solos) 1st. James Shanes, 2nd. Radley-Smith, 3rd. Malone, 4th. Darvill, 5th. Dismore, 6th. Stephens, 7th. Jon Shanes, 8th. Hawker

A star is born! James Shanes romps to his first ever adult victory, nearly lapping his Dad in the process!

Race 15 (Uprights) 1st. Curnock, 2nd. Hammond, 3rd. A. Vaughan, 4th. Waterfield, 5th. Spencer, 6th. I. Norton, 7th. Meadows.

A tapes to flag victory for Tim Curnock. Dave Hammond must have been hampered from the lack of a steel shoe. Cornishman, Chris Lambert fell on last lap.

Race 16 (Inters) 1st. C.Walker, 2nd. Harris, 3rd. Wajtknecht, 4th. Anderson, 5th. Bulley, 6th. Crook

Callum Walker gets one over on Luke Harris in their second clash.

Race 17 (350cc Solos) 1st. Dolman, 2nd. Jeffries, 3rd. Whitaker, 4th. Mellish, 5th. Drew, 6th. Clarke, 7th. Gardiner

Another fantastic win for veteran, Bob Dolman. Great race for 2nd place was eventually won by a lean looking John Jeffries- clearly having trained through the winter. A brave first bend for Darren Drew proved fruitless as he became filled in by the thick Wiltshire mud.

Race 18 (Juniors) 1st. Brennan, 2nd. Best, 3rd. Atkins, 4th. Bickley, 5th. Phillips, 6th. Dummett, 7th.Lily-Mae Walker, 8th. Anderson.

Atkins got away again, only to be caught and taken by Tom Brennan, riding a very fast inside line.

Race 19 (Pre 75) 1st. Mackett, 2nd. Harris, 3rd. Salisbury, 4th. S.Palmer

An incident involving Tony George and Giles Dismore results in an exclusion for the former. Dismore fails to emerge for the rerun, which was won clearly this time by Chris Mackett. A good battle ensued between Colin Harris and Chris Salisbury.

Race 20 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. West, 2nd. H.McGurk, 3rd. Dummett, 4th. S.McGurk, 5th. Bree, 6th. Wirtzfeld

After a lightning start from Jack Bree, normal service was resumed as the incredibly quick Joleon West rounded the field and led by a good half a lap.

Race 21 (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Gribble/Schofield, 2nd. Simmons/Owen, 3rd. Mogg/Cutler, 4th. Trewin/Truscott, 5th. Elliott/Elliott

Another emphatic victory for Andy Gribble, even after Myles Simmons manages to leave the gate this time around.  A good battle between Mogg and Trewin was witnessed before racing was halted after Mick Payne shed passenger Glen Waterfield coming out of the last corner on the 3rd lap.

Race 22 (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Whitelam/Elliott, 2nd. Hiscock/Bell, 3rd. Standing/Standing

Paul Whitelam win by a country mile on the new Ducker Crossplane R1. It went round the circuit like it was glued to the circuit. Alan Elliott doing a fine job in tricky conditions for passengers.

Race 23 (500cc Solos) 1st. Cook, 2nd. Saunders, 3rd. Finlow, 4th. Millichap, 5th. Melksham, 6th. Weeks, 7th. Peters, 8th, Cunningham, 9th. M.Norton, 10th. Sheppard, 11th. Havill

A relatively easy win for Harland Cook (unlike his earlier win). In intelligent tight line from Charlie Saunders saw him take 2nd from Rob Finlow.

Race 24 (500cc Solos) 1st. Warwick, 2nd. McLusky, 3rd. Cresswell, 4th. Whitelam Jnr, 5th. R. Gregory, 6th. L.Vaughan, 7th. R.Teed, 8th. Atkinson, 9th. C.Gregory, 10th. C.Teed

A great outside run around Mike McLusky saw Danny Warwick pick up his first win of the day. Nasty moment for Jody Hodgson, dropping it on the pit bend.

Race 25 (250cc Solos) 1st. James Shanes, 2nd. Radley-Smith, 3rd. Powell, 4th. Little, 5th. Darvill, 6th. Stephens, 7th. Power, 8th. Lingham

James Shanes takes another win before riding across the track to check on fallen father, Jon. Great battle between four riders for 4th, eventually won by Russell Little

Race 26 (Uprights) 1st. Barrett, 2nd. Hammond, 3rd. A.Vaughan, 4th. Waterfield, 5th. Spencer, 6th. Tuck, 7th. M.Norton, 8th. Arthur

A tapes to flag victory for Wayne Barrett. Sticky conditions catching a few of the Uprights out.

Race 27 (Inters) 1st. Harris, 2nd. Walker, 3rd. Anderson, 4th. Bulley, 5th. Crook

After Callum Walker didn’t make such a great start this time, Luke Harris found himself relatively unchallenged.

Race 28 (350cc Solos) 1st. Jeffries, 2nd. Drew, 3rd. Powell, 4th. Peters, 5th. Williams, 6th. Clarke

After making the whole shot, Mike Peters slipped back through the field, leaving John Jeffries to win with ease. Andrew Mellish passed Darren Drew for 2nd, and then dropped it. Another disappointing ride for Martin Williams.

Race 29 (Juniors) 1st. Best, 2nd. Brennan, 3rd. Atkins, 4th. Phillips, 5th. Bickley, 6th. Dummett, 7th. Anderson, 8th. Walker

A great ride from behind by Edmund best saw him beat Tom Brennan. These two boys are mighty quick!

Race 30 (Pre 75) 1st. Hammond, 2nd. Salisbury, 3rd. Tuck, 4th. C.Palmer, 5th. S.Palmer, 6th. Phillips, 7th. Wheatley

Not an easy win by Dave Hammond as he is pushed all the way by Chris Salisbury. Like the Uprights, the Pre 75’s seemed to struggle with the choppy conditions.

Race 31 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. West 2nd. H. McGurk, 3rd. Dummett, 4th. Bree, 5th. S.McGurk, 6th. Wirtzfeld

Another clear win from the hugely talented Joleon West. A good race ensued between Jack Bree and Leo Dummett for the minor placings.

Race 32 (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Trewin/Truscott, 2nd. Heal/Madley, 3rd. Pearn/Whitelam, 4th. Sturtridge/Farwell

A lightning getaway from Joe Trewin saw him win this race from tapes to flag. Terrible visibility saw the in-form Pearn/Whitelam crew run infield, after becoming filled in.

Race 33 (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Whitelam/Elliott, 2nd. Hiscock/Bell, 3rd. Mogg/Cutler, 4th. Payne/Waterfield, 5th. Standing/Standing, 6th. Elliott/Elliott

Another emphatic victory from the super fast Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott. Father and Son crew Mike/Simon Elliott found themselves at the back after early difficulties and couldn’t find a way past newcomers Paul/Steve Standing, who defended brilliantly.

Race 34 (500cc Solos) 1st. Warwick, 2nd. Masters, 3rd. Finlow, 4th. Melksham, 5th. L.Vaughan, 6th. Hodgson, 7th. Cunningham, 8th. Atkinson, 9th.Havill

Danny Warwick seemed to have got the measure of the circuit by his third heat,  taking a resounding win. Good racing for minor places. A super ride from Lindsay Vaughan, doing most of the overtaking around the outside.

Race 35 (500cc Solos) 1st. Cook, 2nd. Saunders, 3rd. Cresswell, 4th. Weeks, 5th. Whitelam Jnr, 6th. Peters, 7th. McLusky, 8th. R.Teed, 9th. R.Gregory

A first bend accident saw Ben Millichap come off. Another win for Harland Cook; he’ll take some catching. Unfortunate turn of events for Mike McLusky: holding a good 3rd, his bike stopped, leaving him to frantically push to the line whilst the pack overtook him.

Race 36 (250cc Solos) 1st. James Shanes, 2nd. Powell, 3rd. Warry, 4th. Little, 5th. Power, 6th. Slade

Shanes in a class of his own. A great ride from Charley Powell, having to ride through from the back.

Race 37 (Uprights) 1st. Harris, 2nd. Wiltshire, 3rd. Warry, 4th. Waterfield, 5th. Meadows, 6th. Lambert

A great race for second between the returning Geoff Wiltshire and Richard Warry, eventually won by the returnee. Bear in mind that Richard Warry had run two races on the bounce on a tricky circuit.

Race 38 (Inters) 1st. Walker, 2nd. Harris, 3rd. Anderson, 4th. Bulley, 5th. Crook

Callum Walker finally seems to have the edge of Luke Harris. This will be a good rivalry for the season.

Race 39 (350cc Solos) 1st. Dolman, 2nd. Whitaker, 3rd. Williams, 4th. Peters, 5th. Powell, 6th. Clarke

Another great win for Bob Dolman. Martin Williams looked more his usual self at the beginning of the race, but couldn’t hold off Andrew Whitaker. He just didn’t look as though he was enjoying conditions at all.

Race 40 (Pre 75) 1st. Hammond, 2nd. George, 3rd. Phillips

The proof of the difficult-for-Pre 75 conditions was proved when only three riders emerged for the start of the race. The race proved uneventful.

Race 41 (250cc Solos) 1st. Radley-Smith, 2nd. Darvill, 3rd. Stephens, 4th. Jon Shanes, 5th. Slade

Sam Radley-Smith looked quick out in front. Could he challenge James Shanes in the final? Patience proved a virtue for Joe Stephens, who took Jon Shanes on the last bend when Shanes straightened up mid bend.

Race 42 (Uprights) 1st. Barrett, 2nd. Snelling, 3rd. I.Norton, 4th. M.Norton, 5th. Tuck, 6th. A.Vaughan, 7th. Meadows

An easy win for Wayne Barrett. A good race for second between Keith Snelling and Adrian Vaughan until Vaughan slid off.

Race 43 (Juniors) 1st. Brennan, 2nd. Best, 3rd. Bickley, 4th. Atkins, 5th. Phillips

Tom Brennan and Edmund Best swap places again. This has been a great tussle through the meeting. Henry Atkins and Callan Phillips also had a good tussle for 4th.

Race 44 (Pre 75) 1st. Mackett, 2nd. Harris, 3rd. George, 4th. Tuck, 5th. S. Palmer, 6th. Phillips

A nasty looking incident for Chris Salisbury in the first bend put him out of the race and left Chris Mackett to another great win.

Race 45 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. West, 2nd. H.McGurk, 3rd. S.McGurk, 4th. Bree, 5th. Wirtzfeld, 6th. Dummett

Another tapes to flag victory for Joleon West. What an incredible prospect this young boy is.

Race 46 (Uprights) 1st. Hammond, 2nd. Curnock, 3rd. Harris, 4th. Warry, 5th. Spencer, 6th. Wiltshire

Some close racing between the top 3 saw Dave Hammond eventually come out on top. The circuit really didn’t seem to suit the older style machines at all as they bucked and reared their way round the track.

Race 47 (500cc Solo B Final) 1st. Malone, 2nd. R.Gregory, 3rd. Millichap, 4th. Hodgson, 5th. L.Vaughan, 6th. Cunningham, 7th. M.Norton, 8th. Atkinson

After a good start, Kiwi Alex Cunningham led into the first turn only to slip back through the field as the race wore on. Returning from his horrendous injuries sustained at Collier Street, Ricky Gregory held on to a good second place after Ben Millichap again continued to stop and start. At one point, he appeared to be trying to count how many riders were in front of him! But a great win to Chris Malone on the upright. Malone and Gregory qualified for the final.

Race 48 (1000cc Sidecar B Final) 1st. Heal/Madley, 2nd. Mogg/Cutler, 3rd. Elliott/Elliott, 4th. Standing/Standing, 5th.  Sturtridge/Farwell

A good race between Simon Heal and Joe Mogg. Heal had to fend off a strong challenge from Mogg. In these conditions, however, overtaking was always going to be tricky and Mogg couldn’t find a way past. Passenger Terry Madley will be pleased to commence his 49th season in sidecar racing with a place in the final. Myles Simmons never came to the line for this race.

Race 49 (250cc Solo Final) 1st. James Shanes, 2nd. Radley-Smith, 3rd. Powell, 4th. Darvill, 5th. Little, 6th. Power, 7th. Jon Shanes, 8th. Slade

A great win for James Shanes. One adult meeting, one win, although Sam Radley-Smith looked much closer this time  around. Russell Little stalled on the line and set off half a lap down, making it back up to a creditable 5th. Charley Powell also started poorly, but fought hard to make it back up into 3rd.

Race 50 (Pre 75 Final) 1st. Hammond, 2nd. Mackett, 3rd. George, 4th. Harris, 5th. S.Palmer

Only 5 finishers in a hard fought Pre 75 Final. A surprise result as unbeaten Chris Mackett can’t find a way past Dave Hammond, who had saved his best until the final. Going became too tough for Luke Tuck, falling on the pit bend.

Race 51 (350cc Solo Final) 1st. Jeffries, 2nd. Dolman, 3rd. Mellish, 4th. Drew, 5th. Peters

A fantastic, brave first bend by the super-quick John Jeffries saw him be the first to beat the impressive Bob Dolman and take the highly competitive 350cc class. Great to see John ‘J14 SWL’ Jeffries going so well. Let’s hope it continues.

Race 52 (Upright Final) 1st. Barrett, 2nd. Hammond, 3rd. Warry, 4th. A. Vaughan, 5th. Spencer, 6th. I.Norton, 7th. Wiltshire,8th. Waterfield, 9th. M.Norton, 10th. Snelling, 11th. Meadows

An easy win for Cornishman Wayne Barrett. He’ll be a great addition to the Upright class in 2012. Many of the brave Upright riders found conditions tricky and did well to complete the four laps in this uneventful final.

Race 53 (500cc Solo Final) 1st. Warwick, 2nd. Saunders, 3rd. McLusky, 4th. Melksham, 5th. Finlow, 6th. Malone, 7th. Whitelam Jnr, 8th. Weeks

The unbeaten Harland Cook failed to come to the line for the final, leaving it wide open. However, Danny Warwick seized the moment, confidently winning the race. Steve Masters was lying third until dropping his machine. A steady ride from Mike McLusky gave him a creditable 3rd place.

Race 54 (1000cc Sidecar Final) 1st. Whitelam/Elliott, 2nd. Gribble/Schofield, 3rd. Trewin/Truscott, 4th. Hiscock/Bell, 5th. Heal/Madley, 6th. Pearn/Whitelam

The first Bristol GRC  final for a number of years was arguably in danger of being abandoned as darkness fell over the Wiltshire field. Headlights from cars nearby provided some light, but riders raced in near darkness. The twilight didn’t slow down Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott, who took the final easily from Andy Gribble/Ben Schofield. A good third place for Joe Trewin and new passenger Mark Truscott.

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