Cornish Youth Championship (Round Three)

Cornish Youth Championships Round 3

This youth meeting acted as a pre-cursor to the British Championships to be held on the same track (give or take a few metres). The circuit, although wet from a morning shower, looked in pristine condition for racing.

Race 1 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Leo Dummett, 2nd. Jack Bree, 3rd. Perry Williams, 4th. Danny Curl, 5th. Leon Williams

Leo Dummett makes a quick start and never looks challenged. Further back, Perry Williams’ leg trailing action sees him hold 2nd place for two laps before being disposed of by Jack Bree, riding right around the spectacular Williams.

Race 2 (Juniors) 1st. Kyle Bickley, 2nd. Callan Phillips, 3rd. Henry Atkins, 4th. Jack Dummett, 5th. Charlie Brooks, 6th. Mitchell Curl, 7th. Marty Anderson

A great start and first lap from local rider Callan Phillips. But he had a tiger on his tail as the super fast Kyle Bickley chased him down and rounded him on the pit bend on Lap 2. Phillips has no answer to him. Current championship leader Bickley looks mighty quick.

Race 3 (Inters) 1st. Connor Locke, 2nd. Callum Walker, 3rd. Rhos Williams, 4th. Joe Nicholls, 5th. Saul Bulley, 6th. Tom Davis, 7th. Patrick Crook, 8th. Stevie Anderson

Connor Locke shoots out of the gate and immediately takes up a fast, wide line. Callum Walker chased him hard and kept him honest but couldn’t match the speed of Locke on the wide line. Another great start for Joe Nicholls saw him heading into the bend tucked up behind Locke, but didn’t have the speed to keep up with the bigger lads at the front.

Race 4 (MX 65/85) 1st. Anders Rowe, 2nd. Piran Crook

Two machines only in this class. Although Anders Rowe gave away 20cc, it never showed as he showed tremendous skill on a motocross machine in slick conditions.

Race 5 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. P Williams, 4th. Curl, 5th. L Williams

Another impressive win for Leo Dummett, taking a big lead from tapes up. This time, Jack Bree made a much better start, outgating Perry Williams who was never able to come back on terms with Bree.

Race 6 (Juniors) 1st. Bickley, 2nd. Phillips, 3rd. Atkins, 4th. Dummett, 5th. Anderson, 6th. Curl

Callan Phillips once again leaps out of the start and leads Kyle Bickley for the first lap. Heading into the pit bend, however, Kyle Bickley roars around the outside of the Cornishman, taking another win.

Race 7 (Inters) 1st. Walker, 2nd.Williams, 3rd. Bulley, 4th. Davis, 5th. Crook, 6th. Anderson

An eventful race first saw Connor Locke leading again before disaster struck. Joe Nicholls, whilst holding fourth, dropped his machine entering the top bend. Locke and Callum Walker, racing each other, approached the stricken Nicholls and although Locke managed to avoid the fallen machine and rider, Callum Walker collected the machine, falling heavily. Thankfully, Walker had missed Nicholls but had collided with the machine and a delay ensued. Joe Nicholls would be excluded from the rerun for causing the stoppage. In another rerun, Connor Locke, while chasing Callum Walker, ran wide and slid off. He would also be excluded. The race was eventually run at the fourth time of asking. Callum Walker, in the absence of Connor Locke, snatched the opportunity, though he was kept honest by ever improving Rhos Williams.

Race 8 (MX 65/85) 1st. Rowe, 2nd. Crook

Anders Rowe once again gets out of the gate quickly and puts on an excellent show of control, turning the bike sideways throughout the top bend.

Race 9 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. P Williams, 4th. Curl, 5th. L Williams

Leo Dummett wins his third race convincingly. But behind, once again Perry Williams gets himself out of the gate and into the first bend in front of Jack Bree. Bree however, chases down Williams and rounds him going into the pit bend.

Race10 (Juniors) 1st. Bickley, 2nd. Dummett, 3rd. Atkins, 4th. Phillips, 5th. Brooks, 6th. Anderson, 7th. Curl

Jack Dummett makes a flying start and leads into the first bend with Henry Atkins not far behind. Kyle Bickley enters the bend at speed, comes very wide at the exit of the turn and sneaks past Dummett and Atkins before the pit bend. Callan Phillips this time makes a dreadful start and never makes up the ground.

Race 11 (Inters) 1st. Williams, 2nd. Walker, 3rd. Locke, 4th. Nicholls, 5th. Bulley, 6th. Anderson, 7th. Crook

Race 11 brings the third different winner in as many heats in the Inters class as Rhos Williams makes a cracking start. He lead into the first bend and although Callum Walker and Connor Locke chased him, they just couldn’t catch him.

Race 12 (MX 65/85) 1st. Rowe, 2nd. Crook

Anders Rowe wins on his motocrosser again by a long way, sideways throughout the race!

Race 13 ((Autos/Cadets) 1st. Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. P Williams, 4th. L Williams, 5th. Curl

Leo Dummett takes his fourth win of the day and wins the Cadet class relatively unchallenged. But this race brought out the best in Cornish boy Jack Bree. After a dreadful start, he found himself back in fourth. He quickly picked off Leon Williams and chased after Perry Williams. Going into the last lap, it looked like Perry would hold on to 2nd, but Bree edged in on the pit bend and took him going up the back straight. A well earned 2nd place for Jack Bree gave him the win in the Autos class.

Race 14 (Juniors) 1st. Bickley, 2nd. Dummett, 3rd. Phillips, 4th. Brooks, 5th. Anderson, 6th. Curl

A lightning fast getaway for Charlie Brooks saw him lead the pack into the first turn. The ever impressive Bickley once again used as much track as he needed to get around the outside of the pack and lead coming out of the turn. Jack Dummett takes another good second after sneaking up the inside of Charlie Brooks. Brooks was hunted down and eventually overtaken by Callan Phillips who was again suffering from a poor gate. Henry Atkins, having his best ride of the day threw a chain whilst pressuring Dummett for his second place.

Race 15 (Inters) 1st. Walker, 2nd. Williams, 3rd. Bulley, 4th. Anderson, 5th. Crook

Callum Walker made sure of the victory by winning the final heat of the inters convincingly. He didn’t make the best of starts but dived underneath the pack heading into the first turn, and never looked like being caught. Sadly, Joe Nicholls dropped his machine on the last lap.

Race 16 (MX65/85) 1st. Rowe, 2nd. Crook

Anders Rowe finishes off a successful day by bringing himself home for a fourth straight win.

Sadly, a downpour during the interval meant that the decision was taken to cut racing from 6 legs to 4. The club, obviously, wanted to preserve the track for the big meeting the following day.


Autos: 1st. Jack Bree, 2nd. Perry Williams, 3rd. Leon Williams

Cadets: 1st. Leo Dummett, 2nd. Danny Curl

Juniors: 1st. Kyle Bickley, 2nd. Callan Phillips, 3rd. Jack Dummett, 4th. Charlie Brooks, 5th. Henry Atkins, 6th. Marty Anderson, 7th. Mitchell Curl

Inters: 1st. Callum Walker, 2nd. Rhos Williams, 3rd. Saul Bulley, 4th. Stevie Anderson, 5th. Patrick Crook, 6th. Connor Locke, 7th. Joe Nicholls, 8th. Tom Davis

MX65: Anders Rowe

MX85: Piran Crook

Rider’s Rider of the Day: Kyle Bickley 

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