Gareth Bemister Report Bristol 19-5-13

I would imagine that most members of the club will be busy this evening. I hope that they don’t mind me posting the results of today’s meet. These are unofficial, so might be wrong. 

Autos/Cadets: 1st. Jack Bree, 2nd. Max Perry, 3rd. Cameron Taylor, 4th. Aidan Arthur 

Jack was the most experienced of these youngsters today and it clearly showed. Cameron Taylor and Max Perry both looked like they enjoyed their first day’s racing, Cameron getting the better of Max in their last heat. 

Juniors: Joint 1st. Henry Atkins and Milo Griggs, 3rd. William O’Keefe, 4th. Marty Anderson, 5th. Leo Dummett 

Some really close racing in this class. William O’Keefe made some excellent starts all day and Milo Griggs fought from the back in every race. I’m not sure if Atkins and Griggs shared the win but they certainly had the same points. 

Inters: 1st. Callum Walker, 2nd. Callan Phillips, 3rd. Joe Nicholls, 4th. Lewis Griggs, 5th. Tom Davis, 6th. Jack Dummett, 7th. Saul Bulley, 8th. Stevie Anderson 

Callum Walker was in a class of his own in this field. Every race, he was well away from the battling pack. Joe Nicholls got faster as the day went on, eventually looking very comfortable in 3rd behind Callan Phillips. Walker was impressive. When does he go into the adult class? 

250cc Solo: 1st. Ben Ilsley, 2nd. Mark Collins, 3rd. John Weeks, 4th. Mark Anderson, 5th. Graham Tizzard, 6th. Giles Dismore and Jon Shanes, 8th. Mark Slade, 9th. Mike Peglar 

Several of the classes were dominated by one rider today. The 250 class was one of these. Ben looked a cut above today, but some excellent scrapping went on behind him. Jon Shanes also kept popping out of the gate in front, causing all sorts of mischief in the first bend. 

350cc Solos: 1st. James Shanes, 2nd. Josh Dingle, 3rd. Mark Taylor, 4th. Simon Phillips, 5th. Mike Peters, 6th. Chris Malone. 

Some excellent racing in this class. James Shanes managed to win the first three heats, making lightning starts and staying ahead. In the fourth heat, Dingle managed to get by Shanes and force him wide. James settled for 2nd, knowing he’d won his first three. Really good racing from these two. 

500cc Solos: 1st. Cory Gathercole, 2nd. Josh Dingle, 3rd. Danny Warwick, 4th. Mike McLusky, 5th. Rod Melksham, 6th. Jody Hodgson, 7th. Lee Smart, 8th. Jon Stevens, 9th. Mick Norton, 10th. Lindsay Vaughan. 

Gathercole was absolutely flying today. He made four perfect starts and never missed a beat. Good, consistent riding from Josh Dingle saw him picking up positions when others fell victim to problems. Lee Smart was particularly unfortunate today, only managing to finish twice. Danny Warwick made some good starts but seemed to really struggle. He was below his usual high standard. Mike McLusky looked quicker and quicker throughout the day, narrowly missing out on taking the scalp of Warwick in the last heat. Cory Gathercole was fantastic. Dare we believe that the Masters could go down under for a second year? 

Pre 75s: 1st. Colin Harris, 2nd. Keith Snelling, 3rd. Steve Cox, 4th. Steve Palmer, 5th. Phil Spencer, 6th. John Wheatley, 7th. Chris Malone. 

In every race, Keith Snelling made the gate and usually led the first half a lap before Colin Harris got by him. 

Uprights: 1st. Richard Andrews, 2nd. Mick Norton, 3rd. Syd Sherman, 4th. Mark Chessell, 5th. Graham Tizzard, 6th. Chris Malone, 7th. Colin Harris. 

Only four riders managed to finish this class. Richard Andrews was clearly the fastest rider but Mark Chessell and Chris Malone also looked quick early on. Sadly, Chessell and Malone tangled coming off the start and Malone was dumped awkwardly on the ground. A lengthy delay followed, leading to Chris being taken to hospital by ambulance. Any updates on Chris’ condition? I’m guessing shoulder or arm injury? 

1000cc Sidecars: (Final) 1st. Myles Simmons/Kevin Woodley, 2nd. John Hiscock/Carl Bell, 3rd. Simon Heal/Terry Madley, 4th. James/Dave Goudge, 5th. Calvin Palmer/Darren Drew, 6th. Adrian Morris/Daniel Husbands. 

A good win in the final for Myles/Kevin. They had been beaten three times in the heats by The Goudge Brothers; they had gone through the heats unbeaten. However, in the final, The Goudge’s made a poor start and could not work their way up any further than 4th. A real shame for them, but they were very gracious in defeat. Calvin Palmer/Darren Drew popped out of the gate in the final and were 2nd for a short while, before being swallowed up by more experienced crews. Hiscock/Bell in amongst the results yet again. 

Altogether, a pretty slick day’s racing. Without Chris Malone’s unfortunate incident, the meeting would have been done by 4. The track was smooth and interesting (large bends, short straights) and there was a fair crowd for a club meeting.

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