Gareth Bemister Report (Cornwall Youth 19-5-12)

Cornwall Solo Grasstrack Club- Youth Championships Round One

Saturday 19th May 2012

Cornwall Solo club presented a tight, slippery circuit for the opening round of their Youth Championships at their usual venue at St. Erme. Immediately in practice, it could be seen that conditions were tricky for riders, several falling on the slick, green surface. There was plenty of talent among the officials inside the track. Josh Dingle and Jake Quintrell, both bidding for a place in the British Masters this year, marshalled the pit bend whilst former national sidecar driver Wayne Westaway acted as club steward. Another Masters hopeful, Phil Syms, took control of his first meeting as clerk of the course. But it was all about the new talent on show at the meeting.

Race 1 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Leo Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. Williams

A characteristic quick start by Jack Bree saw him lead for half a lap before running wide on the pit bend. Leo Dummett took advantage, slipping up the inside and never looking back.

Race 2 (Juniors) 1st. Bickley, 2nd. Brennan, 3rd. Stead, 4th. Dummett, 5th. Atkins, 6th. Marty Anderson

The Juniors provided some great racing. Some of the best boys in the country met on this tight circuit and we weren’t disappointed. Henry Atkins made a fast start but was quickly swallowed up by the pack. Kyle Bickley found his way to the front on the first bend and took off. British Champion Tom Brennan made a poor start, but worked his way through to 2nd on the first lap. By then, Bickley had stretched his lead.

Race 3 (Inters) 1st. Rhos Williams, 2nd. Nicholls, 3rd. Bulley, 4th. Stevie Anderson, 5th. Crook

On new machinery for 2012, you would not forgive Joe ‘90’Nicholls for putting in some slower laps to get himself used to machinery. Nicholls had other ideas! He made a super start, rode a tight line for three laps and looked like he might win the race. Hard charging Rhos Williams however found a way past on the last lap. After falling in practice, Max Brown took another tumble in similar circumstances,  ending his days racing.

Race 4 (Junior 65MX) 1st. Stead, 2nd. Hicks, 3rd. Hunt, 4th. Matthews

This class provided some interesting racing. Kieran Hicks, mounted on his 150cc motocross machine, used his extra cc to power into the lead going into the first turn. However, Sam Stead was not to be defeated easily. He pushed into the turn much harder than Hicks, squeezing past him on the inside. Hicks couldn’t find a way past the spectacular Sam Stead.

Race 5 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Leo Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. Williams

Another quick start from Jack Bree saw him lead into the first turn, but Leo Dummett was much closer this time. He managed to find a way up the inside of Bree coming out of the first bend.

Race 6 (Juniors) 1st. Bickley, 2nd. Brennan, 3rd. Stead, 4th. Dummett, 5th. Atkins, 6th. Anderson

The race began with another quick gate by Henry Atkins, but once again Kyle Bickley had found a way past by the exit of the first turn. Tom Brennan again made a poor start, his light weight not suiting him to the super slick start gate. He was pure entertainment, fighting his way through the field and up to 2nd.

Race 7 (Inters) 1st. Williams, 2nd. Bulley, 3rd. Anderson, 4th. Crook

Rhos Williams make a great start this time and never looks back. Joe Nicholls falls whilst rounding Patrick Crook after a poor start.

Race 8 (Junior 65MX) 1st. Hicks, 2nd. Hunt, 3rd. Stead, 4th. Matthews

A much more confident ride this time from Kieran Hicks. He got himself in front and was not to be beaten. And a good ride by Cornish youth motocross rider Sam Hunt, holding off Sam Stead for four laps and taking his best result of the day.

Race 9 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. Williams

Jack Bree came much closer to capitalising on his lightning starts in this heat, managing to hold Leo Dummett at bay for three laps this time before Dummett again found his way up the inside on the pit bend. The off camber, slippery pit bend was causing a problem for Bree, leaving him vulnerable.

Race 10 (Juniors) 1st. Brennan, 2nd. Bickley, 3rd. Dummett, 4th. Stead, 5th. Atkins, 6th. Anderson

Another tremendous start from Henry Atkins against a tough line up. Again, Kyle Bickley found his way round Atkins coming out of the first bend. A much better star for Tom Brennan this time meant that he could chase Bickley. He pushed him for three laps before surging up the inside on the final lap. He threw his machine sideways and slid past, taking his first and only win of the weekend.

Race 11 (Inters) 1st. Anderson, 2nd. Nicholls, 3rd. Williams, 4th. Bulley, 5th. Crook

A fantastic start by Stevie Anderson in this heat. He made his way into the first bend in front and rode a sensible ride to fend off the charging pack. After a bad start, Rhos Williams took a long time to catch Saul Bulley. He caught both Bulley and Nicholls on the final lap, giving us a great three way chase to the line, with Joe Nicholls coming out on top. A clear win for Stevie Anderson however.

Race 12 (Junior 65MX) 1st. Stead, 2nd. Hicks, 3rd. Hunt, 4th. Matthews

A great first bend saw Sam Stead and Sam Hunt attack the same piece of track at the same time, with Stead edging ahead coming out of the turn. This left Sam Hunt at the mercy of Kieran Hicks. Hunt made it difficult for Hicks, holding a good tight line. Eventually, on a more powerful machine, Hicks was able to find his way around Hunt. Stead had already bolted though, and took another win.

During the interval, a minutes silence was held in memory of Lee Richardson

Race 13 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. Williams

Again, Jack Bree makes the gate, but Leo Dummett is much quicker in passing him this time. He gets him up the inside once again.

Race 14 (Juniors) 1st. Bickley, 2nd. Brennan, 3rd. Dummett, 4th. Stead, 5th. Atkins, 6th. Anderson

Normal service is resumed in the fourth heat of the juniors as Kyle Bickley makes a quick gate and gets away from the pack. Tom Brennan again struggles to get away from the tapes and can’t make any headway on Kyle Bickley who looked quicker than ever in this heat. A good battle ensued for 3rd between Jack Dummett, Sam Stead and Henry Atkins. Dummett eventually came out on top.

Race 15 (Inters) 1st. Williams, 2nd. Nicholls, 3rd. Anderson, 4th. Bulley, 5th. Crook

Again, Stevie Anderson makes a tremendous start and lead the pack for three laps riding a very sensible line. On the final lap, Rhos Williams finds a way past Anderson but the drama was to come on the final bend. Anderson, Nicholls and Bulley all enter the turn in close proximity, with Nicholls just staying ahead over the line. All three riders went over the line together.

Race 16 (Junior 65MX) 1st. Stead, 2nd. Hicks, 3rd. Hunt, 4th. Matthews

Sam Stead makes a great start and leads into the first turn. Kieran Hicks looked faster but couldn’t find a way past Sam Stead, who rode a good inside line.

Race 17 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. Williams

This time, Leo Dummett makes the gate and leads the three boys home in a fairly uneventful affair.

Race 18 (Juniors) 1st. Bickley, 2nd. Dummett, 3rd. Stead, 4th. Atkins, 5th. Anderson, 6th. Brennan

Kyle Bickley takes the lead early on in the race and never looks back as problems strike Tom Brennan towards the end of the race. He cruised over the line in 6th place, letting the field past him. A good ride from Jack Dummett to pick up 2nd.

Race 19 (Inters) 1st. Williams, 2nd. Bulley, 3rd. Anderson, 4th. Nicholls, 5th. Crook

Another cracking Inters race saw Saul Bulley, Stevie Anderson and Joe Nicholls scrapping over 2nd place for four laps. With an excellent tight line, Bulley managed to keep himself in front. Rhos Williams, after a great start, looked a class above in this one.

Race 20 (Junior 65MX) 1st. Hicks, 2nd. Stead, 3rd. Hunt, 4th. Matthews

Kieran Hicks makes a great start and leads all the way from Sam Stead.

Race 21 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. Williams

After a quiet day at the back, Perry Williams almost causes an upset in the final Autos race of the day. He leapt out of the start and lead Bree and Dummett for a lap before being overtaken first by Dummett and then by Jack Bree. A good effort from the leg-trailing Perry Williams. Another comfortable win for Dummett gave him the Cadets class win. Jack Bree took the Autos win.

Race 22 (Juniors) 1st. Bickley, 2nd. Dummett, 3rd. Stead, 4th. Atkins, 5th. Anderson

The absence of Tom Brennan in the final heat left Kyle Bickley to take his 5th win of the day in fairly comfortable style. A great ride from Jack Dummett saw him come from 4th to take Sam Stead and Henry Atkins up the inside. 2nd for Dummett saw him take 2nd overall in a super competitive Junior class.

Race 23 (Inters) 1st. Williams, 2nd. Nicholls,  3rd. Bulley, 4th. Crook (Re-run)

A nasty looking incident in the first running of race 23 saw Joe Nicholls slow coming out of the turn. Stevie Anderson collided with the back wheel of Nicholls, sending him tumbling. Saul Bulley was left with nowhere to go, collecting the stricken machine of Stevie Anderson and cart wheeling down the finish straight. Thankfully, nobody sustained injuries from this terrible looking collision. Bulley took his place in the rerun on Henry Atkins two stroke machine. Joe Nicholls also remounted for the rerun, but sadly Stevie Anderson’s day was done. His machine was carried back to the pits, awaiting further inspection. A sad end to a good day for Anderson. The rerun saw Rhos Williams and Joe Nicholls engage in a fierce battle. Nicholls, riding a sensible tight line found a way past Williams exiting the turns, but Williams was able to just get the edge of Nicholls, taking the class in the process.

Race 24 (Junior 65MX) 1st. Stead, 2nd. Hicks, 3rd. Hunt, 4th. Matthews

A great win for Sam Stead in the last race. Hicks again just couldn’t find a way past Stead, who rode sensibly.


Autos: 1st. Jack Bree, 2nd. Perry Williams

Cadets: 1st. Leo Dummett

Junior 65 MX: 1st. Sam Stead, 2nd. Sam Hunt, 3rd. Harley Matthews

150MX: 1st. Kieran Hicks

Juniors: 1st. Kyle Bickley, 2nd. Jack Dummett, 3rd. Sam Stead, 4th. Tom Brennan, 5th. Henry Atkins, 6th. Marty Anderson

Inters: 1st. Rhos Williams, 2nd. Saul Bulley, 3rd. Joe Nicholls, 4th. Stevie Anderson, 5th. Patrick Crook, 6th. Max Brown

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