Gareth Bemister Report (Cornwall Youth 20-5-12)

Cornwall Solo Grasstrack Club- Youth Championships Round Two

Sunday 20th May 2012

A little rain through the night left the green circuit even greasier for the second day of racing at St Erme. Good to see a few more spectators turning out for Sunday’s racing, the more traditional race day.

Race 1 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. Williams

No repeat of his excellent gating from yesterday, Jack Bree had to settle for 2nd as Leo Dummett flew out of the trap.

Race 2 (Juniors) 1st. Bickley, 2nd. Brennan, 3rd. Phillips, 4th. Dummett, 5th. Atkins, 6th. Stead, 7th. Anderson

If the Juniors were exciting on the previous day, they looked to be even more so on the Sunday as Callan Phillips joined the line up after winning a boxing match the day before in Hampshire. Though he could do nothing to stop Kyle Bickley who made a flying start and never looked back. Again, Tom Brennan made a poor start and was forced to work his way through the field from 6th. A good first ride of the weekend for Phillips, finishing 3rd.

Race 3 (Inters) 1st. Williams, 2nd. Nicholls, 3rd. Bulley, 4th. Brown, 5th. Crook, 6th. Anderson, 7th. Locke

Another welcome addition to the line up was Connor Locke, although he struggled to keep within the confines of the tight, slippery circuit in his opening race. He dropped the machine on lap 2 whilst holding 2nd. Nobody could stop the stylish Rhos Williams, who seemed to take the slippery conditions in his stride. More problems for Stevie Anderson, coming out on the smaller machine of Marty Anderson for his opening ride.

Race 4 (Junior MX) 1st. Stead, 2nd. Matthews

Sadly, only two riders in this class on the day. Two became one in their first heat as Harley Matthews failed to get off of the start, leaving Sam Stead to ride around on his own.

Race 5 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. Williams

Again, Leo Dummett makes the start and leads for four laps with Bree not able to make any headway.

Race 6 (Juniors) 1st. Bickley, 2nd. Dummett, 3rd. Brennan, 4th. Phillips, 5th. Stead, 6th. Atkins, 7th. Anderson

Another good start for Kyle Bickley saw him take the win from start to finish. Tom Brennan managed to fight through to 3rd but Jack Dummett had already stolen a march and couldn’t be caught.

Race 7 (Inters) 1st. Williams, 2nd. Nicholls, 3rd. Bulley, 4th. Anderson, 5th. Brown, 6th. Locke, 7th. Crook

A great get away from Joe Nicholls saw him hit the first turn in front only for Williams to ride round the outside of him and lead going past the finish line. Connor Locke looked fast, but couldn’t keep in on the turns, allowing Nicholls, Bulley and Stevie Anderson up the inside of him.

Race 8 (Junior MX) 1st. Stead, 2nd. Matthews

Sadly, due to the lack of riders, this race was fairly uneventful. Sam Stead took a comfortable win from Harley Matthews, son of former rider Stewart Togneri.

Race 9 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. Williams

Again, Leo Dummett makes the drop and leads them all the way. Jack Bree looked much faster in this one though.

Race 10 (Juniors) 1st. Bickley, 2nd. Dummett, 3rd. Brennan, 4th. Phillips, 5th. Atkins, 6th. Stead, 7th. Anderson

A great start by Sam Stead saw him enter turn one side by side with Kyle Bickley before the latter got himself in front and Stead found himself going back through the pack. Again, Tom Brennan fought bravely through the back but couldn’t catch the impressive Jack Dummett, who was riding a calm, calculated ride. Bickley looked unstoppable.

Race 11 (Inters) 1st. Williams, 2nd. Nicholls, 3rd. Bulley, 4th. Brown 5th. Locke, 6th. Anderson, 7th. Crook

Another good start by Joe Nicholls saw him lead temporarily before being taken by the super smooth Rhos Williams on the pit bend. Max Brown and Saul Bulley benefitted from a good inside line throughout the race, keeping out the hard charging Connor Locke.

Race 12 (Junior MX) 1st. Stead, 2nd. Matthews

Another uneventful race between Sam Stead and Harley Matthews

Race 13 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Leo Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. Williams

As before, Leo Dummett makes a good gate and leads the others home comfortably.

Race 14 (Juniors) 1st. Phillips, 2nd. Bickley, 3rd. Dummett, 4th. Stead, 5th. Atkins, 6th. Anderson

Drama early on in the fourth leg of the Juniors as Kyle Bickley misses a gear leaving the line. This left the others with an opportunity, and Callan Phillips was the rider to rise to the occasion. Bickley bravely fought his way  up to 2nd, but couldn’t catch Callan Phillips. Sadly, Tom Brennan did not emerge from the pits for this race- his weekend was over.  So, Callan Phillips became the only rider to head Kyle Bickley all day.

Race 15 (Inters) 1st. Williams, 2nd. Bulley, 3rd. Nicholls, 4th. Locke, 5th. Brown, 6th. Anderson, 7th. Crook

Rhos Williams makes another good start and wins his fourth of the day, but a close battle ensued for 2nd. Saul Bulley and Joe Nicholls tussled to the finish flag for 2nd with Bulley this time coming out on top. Another battle further down the field was enjoyed by Max Brown and Stevie Anderson.

Race 16 (Junior MX) 1st. Stead, 2nd. Matthews

Sam Stead wins by half a lap from Harley Matthews

Race 17 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Dummett, 2nd. Bree, 3rd. Williams

The tradition of fathers on the start line was mocked at the beginning of this race as the ‘Dad’s raced to the start line themselves! Jamie Bree, father of Jack, won the race. Paul Dummett, father of Leo and Jack managed to fall over! The race itself was just as keenly contested as Jack Bree followed much more closely to Dummett this time.

Race 18 (Juniors) 1st. Bickley, 2nd. Dummett, 3rd. Phillips, 4th. Atkins, 5th. Stead, 6th. Anderson

Another poor start by Kyle Bickley caused some exciting moments in this heat and left Callan Phillips once again in front. Jack Dummett also saw an opportunity in this race, shuffling up the inside of Phillips coming out of the pit turn. Eventually, Kyle Bickley managed to catch the front two and swooped past them while rounding the bottom bend. Dummett managed to stay in front of Phillips whilst Atkins and Stead tussled for 4th.

Race 19 (Inters) 1st. Williams, 2nd. Locke, 3rd. Nicholls, 4th. Bulley, 5th. Anderson (4th rerun)

It took 5 attempts to get a result in an incident packed Race 19. The first running saw Connor Locke overcook the pit bend , high siding and forcing a red flag. The second running saw Patrick Crook drop the machine while most eyes were on the battle between Joe Nicholls and Rhos Williams. The third attempt saw Crook again drop his machine and decide not to take his place in the rerun. And the fourth running of race 19 saw another spectacular crash on the finish straight. While tussling for 3rd, Stevie Anderson and Max Brown collided, both riders crashing to the ground in an awkward heap. Thankfully, both boys got up, Max Brown complete with bloodied nose. Brown decided not to take his place in the 5th start of the race but Stevie Anderson was keen to get back on. This had been his second nasty crash of the weekend. The final running of the race saw Rhos Williams take a good win and Connor Locke looked much more in control as the circuit finally began to provide drive.

Race 20 (Junior MX) 1st. Stead, 2nd. Matthews

Another big win for Sam Stead

Race 21 (Autos/Cadets) 1st. Dummett, 2nd. Bree

After making a good start, Jack Bree becomes unbalanced heading into the first turn and drops off the side of his machine. After some TLC, he was able to take his place in the rerun. It seemed that a lot of the boys were getting tired after doing so many heats over the weekend. Perry Williams, in similar style to the previous day, had left his best until last and had gated with the other riders, only for Bree to drop the machine. In the rerun, Jack Bree made another great start before being taken by Leo Dummett on the first lap. Sadly, Perry Williams never took his place in the rerun.

Race 22 (Juniors) 1st. Bickley, 2nd. Phillips, 3rd. Dummett, 4th. Stead, 5th. Atkins, 6th. Anderson

Kyle Bickley made it a weekend to remember by taking his fifth win of the day and tenth of the weekend. A worthwhile journey from Workington. Further down the field, Callan Phillips pulled off another good ride to hold Jack Dummett at bay whilst Henry Atkins pushed Sam Stead hard for four laps. Stead did enough to hold him off.

Race 23 (Inters) 1st. Williams, 2nd. Locke, 3rd. Nicholls, 4th. Bulley, 5th. Anderson, 6th. Crook

If Rhos Williams thought he could take his sixth win of the day easily, he’d underestimated the ever improving Connor Locke, who managed to lead for three laps in the final race of the day. When it looked like Locke might inflict a blemish on Williams’ otherwise perfect day, Williams fired himself past Connor Locke and home for his maximum. A great ride by Rhos Williams and a deserved class victory. A super battle occurred between Saul Bulley and Joe Nicholls; both riders switched lines and swapped places throughout the race, with Nicholls eventually coming out on top.

Race 24 (Junior MX) 1st. Stead, 2nd. Matthews

Sam Stead took his sixth win of the day in his 24th race of the weekend!


Autos: 1st. Jack Bree, 2nd. Perry Williams

Cadets: 1st. Leo Dummett

Junior MX: 1st. Sam Stead, 2nd. Harley Matthews

Juniors: 1st. Kyle Bickley, 2nd. Callan Phillips, 3rd. Jack Dummett, 4th. Sam Stead, 5th. Henry Atkins, 6th. Marty Anderson, 7th. Tom Brennan

Inters: 1st. Rhos Williams, 2nd. Joe Nicholls, 3rd. Saul Bulley, 4th. Connor Locke, 5th. Stevie Anderson, 6th. Max Brown, 7th. Patrick Crook

The riders were asked to vote for their rider of the day and they voted for Intermediate rider, Saul Bulley. After some excellent rides throughout the day, often riding with a sensible mature head, Bulley was a deserved winner of the Riders Rider of the Day award.

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