Grasstrack Fixtures 1994





1 Salisbury Hangover   Results  
8 International Sidecar Speedway (Australia v Great Britain Gp1) Gosford Cancelled  
14 International Sidecar Speedway (Australia v Great Britain Gp2) North Arm Results  
15 International Sidecar Speedway (Australia v Great Britain Gp3) Renmark
25 International Sidecar Speedway (Australia v Great Britain Gp4) Brisbane Exhibition Ground
29 International Sidecar Speedway (Australia v Great Britain Gp5) Broken Hill Results  


4 International Sidecar Speedway (Australia v Great Britain Gp6) Parramatta Cancelled  


20 Point of Ayr   Marthall Results  
20 Salisbury Youth   Fair Oak Results  
20 KYGTRA   Chartham Results  
27 Bristol Combine   Marshfield Results  
27 SE Jnrs    


1 Bridgwater     Cancelled  
2 Salisbury Youth Junior Sizzler Stockbridge    
3 Salisbury Sizzler Stockbridge Results  
3 KYGTRA   Brooklands Results  
3 BSSA Cornwall        
4 International European Solo (PR1) Balkbrug (Ger) Results  
4 Maidstone Scintillator 600 Stelling Minnis Cancelled  
10 ESSA   Woodham Ferres Cancelled  
10 Cotswold Youth   Pinvin Results  
10 SE Jnrs    
  Sidecar Speedway Date & Results Not Known Reading Results  
17 Woodbridge   Occold Cancelled  
17 Cornwall Solo     Cancelled  
17 SERA     Cancelled
17 Lakes   Ulpha Results  
17 Rugby Yth   Hardwick Results  
17 KYGTRA   Chartham Results  
24 Tonbridge Battle of Britain Collier Street Results  
24 Skegness     Cancelled  
24 Bristol Combine   Marshfield Results  
24 Norfolk & Suffolk Jnrs   Charsfield Results  
24 Swindon Yth   Great Milton Results  
24 SE Jnrs    
30 Midland     Results  


1 International European Solo (PR2) St. Colomb (Fra) Results  
1 Barnet        
1 Winchester   Owlesbury Results  
1 Point of Ayr Day 1 Marthall Results
1 KYGTRA British Youth Championship (R1) Brooklands Results  
2 International European Solo (PR3) & Berks Bonanza Abingdon Results  
2 Point of Ayr Day 2 Marthall Results  
2 ESSA     Results  
2 Pickering   Westoe Results  
8 East Kent Man of Kent High Haldon Results  
8 Oxford Ixion   Culham Results  
8 Ledbury Spring GT Westhide Results  
8 Rugby Jnrs Autolec Trophy Trophy & Inter Club Challenge v Swindon Leamington Spa Results  
8 SE Jnrs   Herne Bay Results  
15 International European Solo (Sf1) Werlte Results  
15 Yeo Vale     Cancelled  
15 Frittenden     Cancelled  
15 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results  
15 Wainfleet   Irby-in-the-Marsh Results  
15 Norfolk & Suffolk     Results  
15 KYGTRA     Results  
22 Lancashire   Tarleton Results  
22 Maidstone Spring Fever Stelling Minnis Cancelled  
22 Rugby Jnrs   Harbury Results  
22 Bristol Combine   Marshfield Mills Results  
22 SE Jnrs    
23 International World Longtrack (Q1) Harsewinkel (Ger) Results  
23 International European Solo (Sf2) Aduard Results  
29 International World Longtrack (Q2) Bjerne (Nor) Results  
29 BSSA Cornwall   Washaway Results  
29 Wimborne Sidecar Spectacular Uddens Results  
29 GTSA LH Sidecar (BCq)   Cancelled  
29 Yorkshire British Youth Championship (R2) Penistone Results  
29 Midland   Bulkington Cancelled  
30 Wimborne   Uddens Results  
30 Tiverton     Results  
30 Leatherhead Laurels   Outwood    
30 Welland Valley   Tallington Results  
4/5 Cotswold Yth   Perdisswell Park Results  


5 Northallerton British Masters (Q) Yarm Results  
5 Swindon   Dauntsey Results  
5 Leicester   Husbands Bosworth Results  
5 Brighton   Steyning Results  
5 KYGTRA Club Championship (4) Chartham Results  
5 SEJ   Sellinge Results  
5 Cotswold Yth    
7 Isle of Man Grasstrack   Results  
9 Isle of Man Sand Racing   Results  
11 Evesham Charity Meeting Corperation Meadow Results  
11 Pendennis Royal Cornwall Show      
11 Barnet Day 1    
11 Oxford Ixion Day 1      
12 Barnet Day 2      
12 Oxford Ixion Day 2      
12 Bristol Pheonix        
12 Wainfleet East Midlands Championship Irby-in-the-Marsh Results  
12 Braintree        
12 SCGTRA   Sherfield English Results  
12 SERA Wayne Boys Trophy Meeting Staplecross Results  
12 Bristol Combine British Youth Best Pairs Marshfield Results  
18 Westmorland   Kirby Longsdale Results  
19 Midland   Bramcote Mains Results  
19 Bridgwater        
19 GTSA   Lowfield Heath Results  
19 Dunmow   Ugley Results
19 SEJ   Herne Bay Results  
19 Lancs Jnrs   Tarleton Results  
25 N&S     Results  
25 Cotswold Jnrs     Results  
26 International World Longtrack (SF1) Scheessel (Ger) Results  
26 International World Longtrack (SF2) Herxheim (Ger) Results  
26 International European Sidecar (Sf2) St. Colomb (Fra) Cancelled  
26 Minsterley British Championship Final Habberley Results  
26 Point of Ayr        
26 Brighton        
26 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results  
26 Pickering        
26 KYGTRA Club Champiinship (R5) Stone-in-Oxney Results  
26 Rugby Jnrs   Hanbury Results  


3 International World Longtrack (SF3) Pfarrkirchen (Ger) Results  
3 Wymondham   West Lexham    
3 Norfolk        
3 Burton        
3 BSSA Cornwall     Cancelled  
3 Frittenden   Frittenden Results  
3 Winchester   Owslebury Results  
3 Lakes   Holme Village Results  
3 Lancs Jnrs British Youth Championship (R) Penswortham Results  
10 Bristol Pheonix Grasshoppers Priddy Results  
10 ESSA   Woodham Ferrers Results  
10 East Kent Summer Spectacular High Haldon Results  
10 Eboracum   Marishes Results  
10 KYGTRA   Brooklands Results  
17 International European Solo (Final) Cloppenburg Results
17 Northallerton   Stokesley Results  
17 Evesham        
17 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results  
17 GTSA   Gatwick Results  
17 Wimborne   Uddens  
17 Swindon   Dauntsey Results  
17 Point of Ayr Abandoned because of dust Marthall Results  
17 SEJ British Youth Championship (R) Brenzett Results  
23 ACU British Road Race GP Grasstrack Donington Results  
24 Severn Valley British Masters (1L) Monkhopton Results  
24 Pickering   Whenby Results  
24 Hayes & Southall   Hayes & Southall Results  
24 Evesham Youth Meeting Pinvin Results  
24 KYGTRA   Smarden Results  
31 Ledbury Ledbury Leader Much Cowarne Results  
31 Midland Midland Centre Championship Bramcote Mains Results  
31 Maidstone Aces Sunshire Grasstrack Stelling Minnis Results
31 Portsmouth   Lavant Results  
31 Point of Ayr   Marthall    
31 Cornwall Solo British Youth Championship (R4) Carland Cross Results  


6 SE Jnrs    
7 International European Sidecar (Sf1) Melsungen (Ger) Results  
7 International European Sidecar (Sf2) St. Colomb (Fra) Results  
7 Brighton   Steyning Cancelled  
7 Lakes   Appleby Results  
7 Cornwall Solo   Carland Cross Results  
7 Yorkshire        
7 Triangle (Ipswich)   Henley Results  
7 Golden Valley Golden Valley Classic Dursley Results  
7 Swindon   Hook Results  
7 SE Jnrs   Brenzett Results  
13 KYGTRA British Youth Championship (R) Stone-in-Oxney Results  
14 International European Sidecar (Final) Lattrop (Hol) Results
14 Pickering Pickering v Isle of Man Ampleforth Results  
14 Swindon   Dauntsey Results  
14 Bridgwater   Cannington Results  
14 Welland Valley Club Championship (Final Round) Tallington Results  
14 Avondale Dumbleton Dazzler Dumbleton Results  
14 KYGTRA Kent Youth Masters Stone-in-Oxney Results  
19 Clive The Llanfyllin Show Bodfach Park Results  
20 Pickering Motorcyclist Action Group Internatioinal Rally Duncombe Park Results  
20 Wimborne Southern Centre Novice Championship Uddens Cancelled  
21 Wainleet Lincolnshire Poacher Irby-in-the-Marsh Results  
21 Wimborne Southern Centre Championship Uddens Cancelled  
21 Ledbury Much Marcle Show Much Marcle Results  
21 Frittenden Club Trophy Frittenden Results  
21 BSSA Cornwall   Portmean Results  
21 Lancs Jnrs      
21 Eboracum   Stillington Results  
21 Bristol Pheonix The Firefly Priddy Results  
21 SEJ   Ashford Results  
21 Cotswold Yth    
27 Basingstoke Day 1 South Warnborough Results  
27 Whitchurch FBH Hawkstone Park Results  
28 Ledbury Inter-Centre Championships Canon Frome Results  
28 Basingstoke Centre Meeting (Day 2) South Warnborough Results  
28 Pickering Day 1 Marishes Results  
28 Salisbury Jnrs British Youth Championship (R) Stockbridge Abandoned  
29 Basingstoke Big Bang (Day 3) South Warnborough Results  
29 Pickering Day 2 Marishes Results  
29 Leicester   Fleckney Results  
29 Leatherhead   Outwood Results  
29 Malvern   Upton-on-Severn Cancelled  
29 Salisbury Jnrs Team Event Stockbridge *  


3 Bristol Combine Day 1 Marshfield Results  
3 Wrekin FBH Kinlet Results  
3 SE Jnrs    
4 Tonbridge Masters (2L) Collier Street Results  
4 Burton First Meeting for 30 yeards Catton Park, Walton-on-Trent Results  
4 Evesham Worcestershire Championship Pinvin Cancelled  
4 Bristol Combine Day 2 Marshfield Results  
4 SE Jnrs Burtrum Trophy Smarden Results  
11 GTSA Sussex Super Lowfield Heath Results  
11 Leicester   Fleckney Results  
11 Bewdley   Alveley Cancelled  
11 SCGTRA   Sherfield English Results
11 Woodbridge   Letheringham  
11 Cornwall Solo   Ladock Results  
11 Lancs Jnrs   Havershsm Results  
11 KYGTRA   Bethersden Results  
11 FBH Winsford Carnival   Results  
17 FBH   Wallasey Results  
18 GTRA South Midlands Golden Duck Fleet Marston Results  
18 Swindon Club Championship (R4) Dauntsey Results  
18 Welland Valley        
18 Pendennis        
18 East Kent South Eastern Centre Championshp High Halden Results  
18 Dunmow Eastern Centre Championship Ugley Results  
18 Isle of Man Isle of Man v Pickering   Results  
18 Lancs Jnrs   Longton Results  
18 KYGTRA   Hearne Bay Results  
18 Cotswold Yth   Upton Snodsbury Results  
18 N&S   Livermere Results
18 SE Jnrs    
25 International World Longtrack (Final) Marianske Lazne (Cze) Results  
25 Maidstone National Best Pairs Stelling Minnis Results  
25 Point of Ayr   Marthall Results  
25 Northallerton   Faceby Lane Ends Results  
25 Bridgwater     Cancelled  
25 Minsterley British Pre 75 Championship (Unofficial) Habberley Results  
25 KYGTRA Club Championship (R9) Stone-in-Oxney Results  
25 KYGTRA National Westminster Bank Trophy Stone-in-Oxney Results  


1 Salisbury Yth National Youth Championship (R) Bulkington Results  
2 Wimborne Whoppa Uddens Results  
2 Midland   Bulkington Cancelled  
2 Brighton     Cancelled  
2 Point of Ayr   Marthall Cancelled  
2 Triangle      
2 SE Jnrs    
2 Cotswold Yth    
8 Whichurch FBH Best Pairs Whixall Results  
9 SERA Battle of Hastings Staplecross Results  
9 BSSA Cornwall Cornish Cup Final St. Stephens Results  
9 Barney        
9 SCGTRA   Sherfield English Results  
9 Rugby Jnrs   Harbury Results  
9 KYGTRA Club Championship Smarden Results  
9 Cotswold Yth   Worcester Results  
15 KYGTRA Day 1 Brooklands    
16 Severn Valley Shorty Spectacular Bridgnorth Results  
16 Cornwall Solo Cornish Championship (Final Round) St. Erme Results  
16 Maidstone Aces        
16 Wymondham        
16 Salisbury   Stockbridge Results  
16 Lancs Jnrs   Leisure Lakes Results  
16 ESSA   Woodham Ferres Results
16 KYGTRA Day 2 Brooklands Results  
16 SE Jnrs    
23 Wimborne Southern Centre Championship Dorchester Results  
29 Andover Ace of Aces (Q) Thruxton Dowd Results  
30 Andover Ace of Aces Thruxton Dowd Results  
30 Woodbridge Eastern Centre Championship (R2) Sudbourne Results  


5 KYGTRA Junior Burn-Up  
6 Tonbridge Bonfire Burn-Up Collier Street Results  
6 Midland   Bulkington Results  
6 Cotswold Yth    
12 SE Jnrs    
13 Cotswold Yth    


27 SE Jnrs    
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