Grasstrack Fixtures 1996




24 ESSA   White Colne Cancelled  
30 Sidecar Speedway Sidecar Speedway Second half Results  
31 Bristol Combine Meeting covered by HTV Redhill Results  
31 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results  
31 ESSA   White Colne Results  
31 Yorkshire     Results  


5 SWeGA   Ottery St. Mary Results  
7 Brighton   Ringmer Results  
7 BSSA Cornwall   Pelynt    
7 Salisbury Salisbury Sizzler Finckley Results  
7 Lancashire Jnrs   Much Hoole    
7 Tyne Tees Sand Race Championship (R1)      
8 Maidstone Scintillator 600 Throwley Raceway Results  
13 Formula Bantams/Honda Practice Shawbury    
14 Pickering   Ampleforth Results  
14 SERA   Staplecross Results  
14 KYGTRA   Herne Bay Results  
14 Swindon Youth   Great Milton Results  
21 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results  
21 500 SCA   White Colne Results  
21 Lakes     Cancelled  
21 Wainfleet   Irby-in-the-Marsh Results  
21 Auto 66 Sand Race Championship (R2)      
21 KYGTRA   Chartham Results  
21 Yorkshire   Upper Cumberworth Results  
21 Salisbury Juniors   Fordingbridge Results  
27 Formula Bantams/Honda   Kinlet    
28 Tonbridge Collier Street Results  
28 Bristol Combine   Redhill Cancelled  
28 Eboracum Kirkby Overblow Results  
28 Winchester   Owlesbury Results  
28 Ledbury   Westhide Results  
28 KYGTRA   Herne Bay Results  


5 BSSA Cornwall     Cancelled  
5 Leicester   Mallory Park Results  
5 Swindon Yth National Youth Best Pairs Flaxlands Results  
6 North Berks Berks Bonanza Abingdon Results  
6 Pickering        
11 Cheshire     Cancelled  
11 Sidecar Speedway Second Half Coventry    
12 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme    
12 Evesham Worcestershire Championships Honeybourne Cancelled  
12 Frittenden   Frittenden Results  
12 Somerton Somerton Spectacular & SW Centre Round Langport Results  
12 KYGTRA   Brooklands Results  
12 Yorkshire     Results  
12 Cheshire     Cancelled  
15 Long Eaton Speedway Second Half Grass Track Long Eaton    
16 International European Sidecar (Sf1) Ludinghausen (Ger) Results  
16 Herxheim (Ger) RH Sidecars      
18 Wrekin Formula Bantams Tasley    
19 International World Longtrack (Qualifying Round) Muhldorf (Ger) Results  
19 Maidstone   Throwley Raceway Results
19 Woodbridge     Cancelled  
19 Midland   Ullesthorpe Results  
19 Lancashire Jnrs   Chipping, Preston Results
26 Weald of Kent Keylands Results  
26 Wimborne Wareham Results  
26 Yorkshire National Youth Championship (Round One) Upper Cumberworth Results  
27 International European Solo PR (1) Stadskanaal (Hol) Results  
27 Auto 66        
27 Leatherhead Liam Randall Laurels Outwood Results  
27 SWeGA        
27 Wimborne Jim Coles Sidecar Spectacular Wareham Results  


1 Vechta (Ger) RH Sidecars      
2 Wainfleet British Masters (Qualifier) Irby-in-the-Marsh Results  
2 Evesham        
2 Salisbury Yth   Fordingbridge Results  
2 Norfolk & Suffolk     Results  
4 Manx   Douglas    
8 Evesham Corporation Meadow Corporation Meadow Results  
8 Pendennis Royal Cornwall Show   Results  
8 SE Juniors 4th meeting of season Smarden Results  
9 Braintree        
9 Leicester   Mallory Park Cancelled  
9 Swindon   Dauntsey Results  
9 Lancashire Jnrs   Euxton Results  
9 Clive Leighton Lazer   Results  
9 SE Juniors 4th meeting of season Smarden Results  
9 KYGTRA   Bethesden Results  
14 KYGTRA        
15 Westmorland   Kirkby Longsdale Results  
15 Formula Bantams/Honda   Tasley    
16 Tonbridge European Sidecar Sf2 & Battle of Britain Collier Street Res Res  
16 International European Solo PR (2) Morizes (Fra) Results  
16 Lakes   Kirkby Longsdale Results  
16 SCGTRA   Sherfield English Results  
16 Norfolk & Suffolk National Youth (R2) Starston Results  
16 Midland   Ullesthorpe Cancelled  
23 International World Longtrack (Semi-final) Ludwigslust (Ger) Results  
23 International World Longtrack (Semi-final) Pfarrkirchen (Ger) Results  
23 International World Longtrack (Semi-final) Marianske Lazne (CzR) Results  
23 Cornwall Solo National Best Pairs Mitchell Results  
23 Burton        
23 Dunmow   Ugley Results  
23 Winchester   Owslebury Results  
23 Cotswold Norton Results  
23 SE Juniors Smarden Results  
23 Yorkshire Smarden Results  
30 Andover British Masters (1L) Longstock Results  
30 Maidstone Aces Garden of England Motorcycle Show Hop Farm Results  
30 Pickering        
30 Lancashire Jnrs National Youth (R3) Much Hoole Results  
30 Formula Bantams/Honda Ceriog Valley Show   Results  


6 Salisbury        
6 Formula Bantams/Honda   Shawbury    
7 Frittenden Fred Beard Memorial Frittenden Results  
7 Bewdley Trophy Meeting Chetton Results  
7 BSSA Cornwall   Pelynt Results  
7 Somerton Donna’ Grasstrack & SW Centre Championship Round Wincanton Results  
7 Yorkshire     Results  
7 Rugby Yth   Harbury    
13 Formula Bantams/Honda Martin Perry Memorial      
13 Swindon Yth Date needs checking Highworth Results  
14 International European Solo PR (3) Noordwolde (Hol) Results  
14 Minsterley British Championship Final Habberley Results  
14 Lancashire Jnrs   Much Hoole Cancelled  
14 Swindon   Dauntsey Results  
21 International European Solo PR (4) Cloppenburg (Ger) Results  
21 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results  
21 500 SCA   Good Easter    
21 Northallerton     Cancelled  
21 Weald of Kent Abandoned because of Dust Paddock Wood Results  
21 Wimborne   Wareham Cancelled  
21 Cheshire   Holmes Chapel Results  
21 SE Juniors National Youth (R4)   Results  
26 Lancashire Jnrs Police Open Day Hough End Results  
27 International European Solo (Sf1) Alken (Bel) Results  
27 Formula Bantams/Honda   Hawkstone Park    
28 Brighton South-East Best Pairs Ringmer Results  
28 Pickering   Whenby    
28 SWeGA   Silverton Results  
28 Triangle (Ipswich) Eastern Centre Championship (R1) Ipswich Results  
28 Ledbury Ledbury Leader Canon Frome Results  


4 International European Solo (Sf2) Schwarme (Ger) Results  
4 Northallerton   Hutton Rudby Results  
4 BSSA Cornwall   Pelynt Results  
4 Leamington Victory Golden Plus One Ufton Results  
4 ESSA   White Colne Cancelled  
4 KYGTRA National Youth (R5)   Void  
11 Avonvale Dumbleton Dazzler Dumbleton Results  
11  Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results  
11 Lakes   Appleby Results  
11 Brighton Don Welling Trophy GT Ringmer Results  
11 Pickering        
11 Swindon   Dauntsey Cancelled  
11 Swindon Yth   Highworth    
16 Clive Llanfyllin Show   Results  
17 Brands Hatch Brands Hatch Festival      
17 Wainfleet Pre Poacher Club Meeting Thorpe St. Peter Results  
18 International European Sidecar (Final) Eenrum (Hol) Results  
18 Wainfleet Lincolnshire Poacher Thorpe St. Peter Results  
18 Brands Hatch        
18 Bridgwater Martin Heal & Kim Blackmore Trophies Spaxton Results  
18 Horsham Five Oaks Results  
18 Lancashire Jnrs   Much Hoole Results  
18 Wymondham        
18 Ledbury Much Marcle Show Much Marcle Results  
18 Yorkshire jnrs   Upper Cumberworth Results  
18 KYGTRA        
19 KYGTRA        
24 Sidecar Speedway British Open Championmship Coventry Abandoned  
25 International European Solo (Final) St. Colomb de Lauzen Results  
25 Woodbridge Inter-Centre Championships Iken Results  
25 Basingstoke        
25 Tonbridge Golden Oldies      
25 Pickering Day 1 Kirbymoorside Results  
25 Cornwall Solo National Youth (Final Round)   Results  
25 Western Classic Days of Glory AMCA Pre 75 British Championship Nailsworth Results  
26 Basingstoke        
26 Tonbridge        
26 Leicester   Mallory Park Results  
26 Pickering Day 2 Kirbymoorside Results  
26 Cornwall Solo National Youth (Team Event)      
31 Bristol Combine   Redhill Results  
31 Formula Bantams/Honda Kinlet Show Kinlet Results  


1 Bristol Combine   Redhill Results  
1 Burton Tom Leadbitter GT Newborough Results  
1 Dunmow Eastern Centre C’ship (R2) Ugley Results  
1 Eboracum   Stillington Results  
1 Maidstone Aces   Throwley Cancelled  
1 Yorkshire     Results  
4 English Sidecar Speedway Club 500c Sidecars Poole    
7 Pickering     Cancelled  
7 Formula Bantams/Honda Winsford Results  
8 International World Longtrack (Final) Herxheim (Ger) Results  
8 Pickering     Cancelled  
8 GTSA Sussex Super   Cancelled  
8 BSSA Cornwall     Cancelled  
8 Lakes   Ulpha Cancelled  
8 SCGTRA Southern Centre Championship Sherfield English Results  
8 Cheshire   Holmes Chapel Results  
8 KYGTRA   Bethersden Results  
8 Rugby Jnrs   Cleeve Prior Results  
14 Sidecar Speedway British Open Championship Coventry Results  
14 Formula Bantams/Honda Best Pairs Saughall Massie    
15 South Midland Golden Duck   Cancelled  
15 Frittenden LH Sidecar British Championship (Round One) Frittenden Results  
15 Lakes Team Challenge  Ulpha Results  
15 Pickering        
15 Swindon   Dauntsey Results  
15 SWeGA Devonshire Dumpling Rockebeare Straight Results  
15 Cotswold Yth   Upton Snodbury Results  
15 Yorkshire     Results  
22 SERA South Eastern Centre Championships Staplecross Results  
22 Bridgwater        
22 Cornwall Solo Cornish Championship (Round) Tresillian Results  
22 Evesham Midland & Worcestershire Championships Pinvin Results  
22 500 SCA   High Easter    
22 Leicester        
22 Northallerton   Hutton Rudby Results  
22 Lancashire Jnrs   Much Hoole Cancelled  
22 KYGTRA   Smarden Results  
28 Pickering   Marton Results  
29 North Berks British Masters (2L) Dalton Barracks Results  
29 Bridgwater        
29 Wainfleet        
29 Weald of Kent British LH Sidecar Championship (Round Two) Keylands Results  
29 Woodbridge Eastern Centre Championship (Final Round) Swinland Results  
29 Pickering   Marton Results  


5 Whitchurch Formula Bantams/Honda Whixall Results  
6 Wimborne Whoppa   Cancelled  
6 Maidstone Aces   Frittenden Results  
6 Hayes & Southall South Midlands Centre Championship Harefield Results  
6 Braintree   Beazley End Cancelled  
6 Bridgwater   Spaxton Results  
6 Cheshire   Holmes Chapel Results  
6 Southport Sand Racing British C’ship (Final Round) Southport    
6 KYGTRA   Staple Cross Results  
13 SERA Battle of Hastings   Cancelled  
13 Antelope Warwickshire Championships   Cancelled  
13 Cornwall Solo   Tresillian Results  
13 Lancashire Jnrs   Simonswood Results  
13 Leicester   Mallory Park Results  
13 ESSA        
13 Pickering   Marton Results  
13 SCGTRA   Sherfield English Results  
19 Formula Bantams/Honda   Bridgnorth Results  
20 Brighton   Ringmer Results  
20 BSSA Cornwall   St Keverne Results  
20 Salisbury   Finkley Results  
20 Bewdley   Chetton Cancelled  
20 KYGTRA        
20 Rugby Jnrs   Evesham Results  
26 Andover Ace of Aces (Q) Longstock Results  
27 Andover Ace of Aces Longstock Cancelled  
27 Lancashire Jnrs   Simonswood Results  
27 ESSA        


2 KYGTRA   Brooklands Results  
3 Swindon   Dauntsey Results  
3 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results  
3 Bewdley   Chetton Results  
3 Yorkshire Jnrs   Upper Cumberworth Results  
3 Tonbridge Bonfire Burn-Up Collier Street Results  
17 Wainfleet   Irby-in-the-Marsh Results  


29 Salisbury Hangover Finkley    
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