Ask Liam Brown

I am delighted that Liam has agreed to be interviewed for my next “Ask The Rider/Passenger” Article, as he holds a unique  record in Grass Track Side-Car Racing, that has only ever been achieved once before in 1980. 

Welcome LIAM:

1: By winning both the 1000cc R/H and the 500cc L/H Chair titles last season, you have become the first passenger since Trevor Pye to hold both Championship titles, in the same season. Which of the two disciplines, do you enjoy riding in the most?

A: 1000cc as there is more competition I think personally. It is also the one I am more favoured too after years of riding in it. It was good to try something different when I took part in the 500cc with Josh though.

2: You have been riding now with Rod for some time now but only teamed up with Joshua this season. How did that come about?

A: I could see potential with Josh and his riding but he seemed to have problems with his passengers. I just offered my support it ever he needed it.

3: Can you explain to the ‘layman’ the difference in your technique for passengering the two classes, apart from having to keep both feet in the ‘chair’ in the 500’s please?

A: If you look at the pictures of me and Josh it seems both my feet aren’t always in the chair. The difference in technique isn’t really technique but reading your bike and knowing where you want it to go.

4: Will you be competing in both classes again this season and attempting to retain your titles?

A: I will definitely competing to defend my R/H title but with Josh being away with work commitments I don’t think we will be defending that one this year. But we will definitely be having a few laps towards the end of the season.

5: Which crews do you think will be challenging you for your titles this year?

A: The same ones who had a go at challenging me last year, Mark Cossar, Rob Bradley and Rob Wilson. It is hard to tell exactly as you never know what people get up to over the winter but I’m sure there will always be Mark and them etc.

6: Will you and Rod be on the awesome Ducker Yamaha again in the big class, and on the WM GM Bower in the smaller? (If doing Both)

A: Yes will still be on the Ducker with a few extra tricks up our sleeve as we like many others have been busy over the winter.

7: Who will be your main sponsors for this 2012 Season?

A: The same as always W&S Winterburn.

8: According to reports and talking to you at Fenland, after your trip abroad last season, which you enjoyed, will you be doing some more racing abroad this year?

A: We will try and get abroad. The atmosphere is brilliant and the tracks are so well put together .

9: What are your feelings about the decline in Major National Meetings that are held  in the Country now, and how would you resolve the problem?

A: I think there is a lack of big meetings and I feel there needs to be more again. I would try resolving this problem by getting clubs to advertise the meetings a little better. I know it is hard through the funds they have but they need to be published better.

10: Are you in favour of on or off track starts for the chairs?

A: Either, I honestly don’t mind where I start on or off track. I think the on track starts give it closer racing which I like.

11: Which tracks do you or have you in the past, enjoyed riding on the most?

A: Swingfield was one I loved as I won The Masters there but we have also done well there in the past. Collier street isn’t one of my favourites when riding with Rod as we just seem to not get the hang of it but with Josh it was one I enjoyed for obvious reason. Werlte, Germany as it is a fast smooth track and a different experience as it is a sand track. The old Worcester track at Hindlip as it was a smooth and big one.

12: Did you have a good turn out and time at your Masters Parry on Feb 4th or was it badly affected by the inclement weather that prevented me from attending?

A: Yeah, we had a decent turnout, the weather didn’t really affect us till around 7pm and the party was already going by then.

13: How do you relax during the closed season?

A: Well the closed season of this year I have bought a trails bike and have been doing trails at the weekends on that. Getting ready for the upcoming season by testing my sidecar bike and altering it where needed. So not much relaxing has taken place. And lastly.

14: Which race and result has given you the most satisfaction? I know that many of us were ‘double checking’ our score sheets and ‘count backs’ at Swingfield, last year!

A: The winning of The Masters was a definite satisfaction for me as it was something I was hoping to achieve all season but there was also the satisfaction of making history when I won with Josh. I can’t forget winning the battle of Britain, again.

15: If you could change the ‘rule book’ to make S/C racing even more exciting, what would it be?

A: I would change it to allow certain contact, such as rubbing and gentle nudging.

16: Are you doing any Speedway Meetings this year?

A: Yes we have got all that have been arranged as we have the (awesome sounding) Yamaha engine build into a new speedway frame.

Thank you Liam, and may I on behalf of all grasstrack fans wish you a safe and successful 2012 season. Good Luck:

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