Report Ledbury 1-4-12

Gareth Bemister Report (The Spring Leader)

Before I start my heat by heat run through, a word has to be said for the venue. Ledbury MCC had prepared a beautiful looking, undulating circuit and from the first turn of a wheel, it was obvious to all that we were in for a treat. Many compared it to the superb Winterbourne Gunnar circuit used for many famous Ace of Aces events. The field has plenty of room for expansion of the circuit as well, should the club run a big national event.

Bahnreckord- 1st. Tom Perry and Harland Cook (tied; 16.27 secs) 3rd. Martin Williams and Josh Dingle (tied 16.28 secs) 5th. Charlie Saunders (16.285) 6th. Tim Nobes (17.00)

The ridiculously close times for the six riders involved in the Bahnrekord set the day up nicely. Important to note that Martin Williams was riding a 350cc machine in the Bahnrekord. A great way to start the meeting.

Race 1- (250cc Solos) 1st. James Shanes, 2nd. Boyle, 3rd. Stephens, 4th. Warvill, 5th. Robert Thompson, 6th. Humphries, 7th. Sabin

A tapes to flag victory for young James Shanes, picking up where he left off at Bristol a fortnight ago. Further back, Brendon Warvill experienced some hairy moments, heading wide towards the fence before turning away just in time.

Race 2- (250cc Solos) 1st. Childe, 2nd. Radley-Smith, 3rd. Colin Bird, 4th. Jon Shanes, 5th. Klassen, 6th. Darvill, 7th. Slade

A poor start for Sam Radley-Smith saw him having to come from behind. A good race for 4th ensued between two stroke riders Jon Shanes, Matthew Klassen and Steve Darvill, with Shanes coming out on top. James Childe stole a march at the front.

Race 3- (250cc Solos) 1st. Chris Bird, 2nd. Powell, 3rd. Jukes, 4th. Ball, 5th. Hawker, 6th. Cox

Race 3 provided a fantastic race between Chris Bird and Charley Powell. The opposite styles of riding required for a JRM and a two stroke were well and truly on display as Powell caught Bird on the outside on his JRM on the bends, only for KTM mounted Bird to retake the lead on the straights. This culminated in a cracking win for Chris Bird.

Race 4 (Pre 75 350cc Solos) 1st. Short, 2nd. Jones, 3rd. Urban, 4th. Roger Taylor, 5th. Steve Palmer, 6th. Tuck, 7th. Snow, 8th. Greatrix

A dominant win from 1979 European Champion Gerald Short. This was to be a busy day for the veteran racer. And a keenly contested second place was eventually won be returnee Maurice Jones after a hard fought tussle with Geoff Urban and RTS supremo Roger Taylor.

Race 5- (350cc Solos) 1st.  Mellish, 2nd. Barry Powell, 3rd. Drew, 4th. Peters, 5th. Steve Dowling, 6th. Gardiner

Darren Drew held second for most of the race until he could hold off Barry Powell no longer, the Forest of Dean man taking advantage of Drew’s struggle to hold a decent racing line. Steve Dowling made a flying start and caused havoc in the first bend as the others fell over one another to get passed.

Race 6- (350cc Solos) 1st.Tom Perry, 2nd. Williams, 3rd. Cook, 4th. Mark Taylor, 5th. Jeffries, 6th. Charley Powell, 7th. Andrew Perry

What a hot line up for this 350 heat! Tom Perry looked in a class of his own, however, romping to victory. The rest were spread out as each matched the other’s class.

Race 7- (Pre 75 500cc Solos) 1st. Short, 2nd. Hammond, 3rd. Lyner, 4th. Burry, 5th. Tuck, 6th. Snow

This race provided two races in one as Gerald Short and Dave Hammond scrapped over the victory. Further down the field, Barrie Lyner, Dave Burry and Luke Tuck fought bravely over the 3rd place. Lyner kept a good racing line to come home 3rd.

Race 8- (Pre 75 500cc Solos) 1st. Eddy, 2nd. Snelling, 3rd.Geoff Jones, 4th. Wheatley, 5th. S. Palmer, 6th. M.Phillips

Early in the race, Vincent Priestley slid off his machine, going wide onto the green grass on the final bend. A great fight between Snelling, Eddy and Geoff Jones saw Keith Snelling mounting a valiant challenge on the wide line, only rewarding him with 2nd as Bruce Eddy kept a tidy inside line.

Race 9- (500cc Sidecar) 1st. Carvill/Webb, 2nd. Canning/George, 3rd. Bennett/Hughes, 4th. Heath/Heath, 5th. Richards/Fletcher

Dave Carvill/Karl Webb really stole a march in this first heat of the day, making the start and never looking back. Good to see Barrie Bennett/Eifion Hughes back in 2012, although their first start was one to forget as they missed it completely. This in turn provided the races main entertainment as Bennett/Hughes worked their way through the pack, back up to 3rd.

Race 10-(500cc Solo) 1st. Tom Perry, 2nd. Warwick, 3rd. Baseby, 4th.Millichap.

Disaster struck young Cornishman Josh Dingle, flipping the machine on the line. He took no further part in the meeting. Only four machines began this race, but when three are regular speedway teamsters, anything could happen! Tom Perry followed up a 350 win with a comfortable win in the 500s here. The top three followed each other round at high speed, none of them making a mistake for all four laps.

 Race 11- (500cc Solos) 1st. Nobes, 2nd. Saunders, 3rd. Finlow, 4th. Hodgson, 5th. Pease, 6th. Cunningham, 7th. Mick Norton

A fantastic first bend saw most of the pack charge for an outside run into the banking on turn one. Not one to be conventional, Tim Nobes came in tight for the first turn, passing the entire pack on his way in and charging home for his first win of the season in typical spectacular style. Rob Finlow pushed Charlie Saunders all the way home, but couldn’t find a way by. Ricky Gregory pulled out with machine problems.

Race 12- (500cc Solos)1st. Cook, 2nd. Smart, 3rd. McLusky, 4th. Fortune, 5th. Melksham, 6th. Cox, 7th. Malone, 8th. Vaughan

This race had to be rerun after Warren Atkinson came to grief coming off the banking of the top corner on lap 2. Lee Smart made a better gate than his first in the rerun, but never looked like catching the flying Harland Cook. A close tussle between veteran Rob Fortune, Rod Melksham and John Cox went right to the flag, with Fortune coming out tops.

Race 13- (Uprights) 1st. Barrett, 2nd. Mike Dowling, 3rd. Graeme Brown, 4th. Snelling, 5th. Gutteridge, 6th. Ian Norton, 7th. Wiltshire, 8th. Mick Norton, 9th. Andrew Thompson, 10th. Tuck

An comfortable win for Wayne Barrett, picking up from where he left off at Bristol. Eastern Centre rider Graeme Brown wouldn’t let a loose number plate distract him from chasing Mike Dowling, mounting a race long challenge.

Race 14 (Uprights) 1st. Dudley, 2nd. Malone, 3rd. Pike, 4th. Russell, 5th. Hammond, 6th. Skelding, 7th. Snow, 8th. Robinson, 9th. Meadows

A commanding performance by Ian Dudley, showing he is as strong as ever in 2012 in the Upright class, having changed race number from 312 to 615. Hopefully, this is only temporary as he has ridden 312 for many years! A close race for 4th saw Dave Hammond well out of shape on the top bend banking. Stephen Russell took full advantage, swooping underneath Hammond for 4th.

Race 15- (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Winterburn/Winterburn, 2nd. Mogg/Cutler, 3rd. Heal/Madley, 4th. Walker/Kieslinger, 5th. Hebdon/Laurie

A tremendous race to start the big chairs. Early lead was held by Westcountry driver Simon Heal and ‘the oldest swinger in town’ Terry Madley after a lightning quick getaway. Joe Mogg/Jake Cutler and Gareth/Nathan Winterburn hunted them down however and both passed simultaneously and then commenced a ferocious battle of their own and Mogg led Winterburn. The Northern crew eventually switched inside, clouting Mogg/Cutler on his way through. Mogg got passed again going into the next turn. The two crews swapped the lead twice again before Gareth Winterburn finally stamped his authority on the last bend. A fantastic race from all three crews.

Race 16- (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Cossar/Blyth, 2nd. Smith/Pugh, 3rd. Lloyd/Whetstone, 4th. Blyth/Gill, 5th. Skinner/Russell, 6th. Tregilgas/Morgan

A race which may spell trouble for the rest of the sidecar fraternity: Mark Cossar appears to have learnt how to gate! He and passenger Carl Blyth shot out of the gate and pinned the throttle for four laps. A truly spectacular display from the two time Masters champion.

Race 17- (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Winterburn/Brown, 2nd. Hiscock/Bell, 3rd. Elliott/Elliott, 4th. Downes/Davies, 5th. Snowden/Middleton.

Some early teething problems for new crew Sam Snowden and Lewis Middleton, struggling to get their ex-Winterburn machine to the line for their first race. When the tapes dropped, the crew were left on the line. All experience however. Meanwhile, Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown showed Championship form, leading John Hiscock/Carl Bell from tapes to flag.

Race 18- (250cc Solos) 1st. James Shanes, 2nd. Radley-Smith, 3rd. Colin Bird, 4th. Hawker, 5th. Sabin

A huge win for James Shanes sees him remain unbeaten this season. Can he hold onto this record today?

Race 19- (250cc Solos) 1st. Charley Powell, 2nd. Chris Bird, 3rd. Darvill, 4th. Warvill, 5th. Thompson, 6th. Humphries.

The race is rerun after Barry Jukes breaks the tapes. Charley Powell was made to work for this, finally getting passed Steve Darvill on lap 3. Darvill in turn was tossed into a battle between himself, Chris Bird and Barry Jukes. Bird comes out on top in this keenly fought battle and Barry Jukes is told he will not feature in the results, due to being excluded for his tapes offence.

Race 20- (250cc Solos) 1st. Boyle, 2nd. Childe, 3rd. Stephens, 4th. Jon Shanes, 5th. Ball, 6th. Klassen, 7th. Cox, 8th. Slade

A superb ride from Danny Boyle saw him make an appalling start and have to work his way through the field, eventually diving inside James Childe coming into the pit bend on Lap 3. His daredevil overtake took him to a clear lead over the experienced James Childe.

Race 21-(Pre 75 350cc Solos) 1st. Short, 2nd. Jones, 3rd. Urban, 4th. Taylor, 5th. Palmer, 6th. Greatrix, 7th. Snow

The spectacular Shortie wins another race emphatically. The rest of the field were spread out with Maurice Jones machine bellowing smoke out into the warm Herefordshire air.

Race 22-(350cc Solos) 1st. Williams, 2nd. Mark Taylor, 3rd. Mellish, 4th. Barry Powell, 5th. Peters, 6th. Andrew Perry, 7th. Gardiner

A determined win for Martin Williams. Some close fought battles further down the field. 3rd place is hotly contested for by Barry Powell and Andrew Mellish, the latter eventually getting past coming off the banking. Charley Powell looked set to join the battle until he pulled off on the top bend.

Race 23- (350cc Solos) 1st. Tom Perry, 2nd. Jeffries, 3rd. Drew, 4th. Meredith, 5th. Steve Dowling.

Tom Perry looked sheer class, already coasting on Lap 3. A heart-in-mouth moment occurred for Darren Drew as he ran wide off the banking of the pit bend, somehow avoiding a collision with the fence.

Race 24- (Pre 75 500cc Solos) 1st. Hammond, 2nd. Lyner, 3rd. Burry, 4th. Snow, 5th. Tuck

A fairly uneventful Pre 75 race saw Dave Hammond take a good win and his first in the Pre 75 class.

Race 25- (Pre 75 500cc Solos) 1st. Short, 2nd. Snelling, 3rd. Eddy, 4th. Geoff Jones, 5th. Wheatley, 6th. Priestley, 7th. Palmer, 8th. Phillips

A comfortable win for Shortie, although he looked a little ‘looser’ than he had done in his previous rides; he was already on race number four for himself!

Race 26- (500cc Sidecars) 1st. Bennett/Hughes, 2nd. Heath/Heath, 3rd. Carvill/Webb, 4th. Canning/George

Previous heat winners Dave Carvill/Karl Webb reared violently on the line, somehow managing to come down on three wheels. They did recover to be pushing Rob/Sam Heath for 3rd by the last lap. No mistakes for Barrie Bennett/Eifion Hughes this time, making a superb gate and never looking back.

Race 27- (500cc Solos) 1st. Warwick, 2nd. Baseby, 3rd. McLusky, 4th. Fortune, 5th. Melksham, 6th. Newitt

A big win for Danny Warwick here after trapping quickly. The Cotswold Express, Tim Nobes ran wide on Lap 1, losing him 2nd place but more tribulation was to follow: Tim’s machine packing up on the last lap of the race, leaving him with a DNF.

Race 28- (500cc Solos) 1st. Perry, 2nd. Saunders, 3rd. Smart, 4th. Hodgson, 5th. Peters, 6th. Pease, 7th. Mick Norton, 8th. Vaughan, 9th. Atkinson

Tom Perry by no means had it all his own way this time around as Charlie Saunders pushed him hard for the first two laps. A great ride from Jody Hodgson in this race, fending off a strong challenge from Lee Smart until the last lap.

Race 29- (500cc Solos) 1st. Cook, 2nd. Finlow, 3rd. Millichap, 4th. Cox, 5th. Cunningham

As Cook disappeared out in front, Rob Finlow reeled in Ben Millichap who held second for most of the race. Millichap got out of shape in the top bend, gathered too much drive and let Finlow through for second. Ricky Gregory pulled out again and the air was filled with the daunting smell of burning clutch.

Race 30 (Uprights) 1st. Brown, 2nd. Malone, 3rd. Hammond, 4th. Robinson, 5th. Ian Norton, 6th. Gutteridge, 7th. Mick Norton, 8th. A.Thompson, 9th. Arthur

A great race between Graeme Brown and Chris Malone saw Brown mounting an outside challenge which proved fruitless. Changing tact, he came diving to the inside on the final bend and forced his way past Chris Malone, taking a good win.

Race 31- (Uprights)1st. Dudley, 2nd. Barrett, 3rd. M.Dowling, 4th. Russell, 5th. Skelding, 6th. Pike, 7th. Snow, 8th. Wiltshire, 9th. Meadows

The first clash of the two big guns in this class saw Ian Dudley stamp his authority all over the Upright event. He won categorically from Wayne Barrett who never really looked like catching Dudley. Could Dudley once again dominate the Upright class in 2012?

Race 32- (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Winterburn/Brown, 2nd. Lloyd/Whetstone, 3rd. Smith/Pugh, 4th. Heal/Madley, 5th. Hebdon/Laurie

A good win for Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown, making a cracking gate. Although at one point, the R1 cross-plane motor sounded as though it had perhaps dropped a cylinder. Rod did look down at machinery, but it had ‘cleared its throat’ by the time it had got to the end. Steve Smith/Carl Pugh pushed Pete Lloyd/Darryl Whetstone right to the end, still persevering with the v-twin Godden outfit.

Race 33- (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Blyth/Gill, 2nd. Mogg/Cutler, 3rd. Skinner/Russell

Problems struck for two newcomers to the sport as both Sam Snowden/Lewis Middleton and Chris Walker/Dave Kieslinger failed to get off the line. It’s not an easy sport to get going in- let’s hope that they persevere and find their way. Nice to see Stef Blyth taking a victory.

Race 34-(1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Cossar/Blyth, 2nd. Hiscock/Bell, 3rd. Downes/Davies, 4th. Elliott/Elliott, 5th. Tregilgas/Morgan.

Problems struck Gareth/Nathan Winterburn before they could get to the line- Dad Rod came to the services of Gareth but they never attempted to get machinery to the line. Cossar made another lightning start and rode another four incredibly fast laps. Some wincing moments watching Gareth Tregilgas/Bobby Morgan as the machine bucked and reared its way around the circuit. It didn’t look safe at all!

Race 35- (250cc Solos) 1st. Childe, 2nd. Jukes, 3rd. Darvill, 4th. Ball, 5th. Humphries, 6th. Warvill

After the club worked hard on the circuit during the interval, a slick, hard racing surface was provided for the riders. James Childe led a fairly uneventful 250 race as riders adjusted to the change in racing surface.

Race 36 (250cc Solos) 1st. James Shanes, 2nd. Stephens, 3rd. Jon Shanes, 4th. Klassen, 5th. Cox, 6th. R.Thompson

Another huge win for James Shanes who looks simply unstoppable. People are already discussing the possibilities for this talented youngster. Joe Stephens puts in another strong ride to come home second.

Race 37 (250cc Solos) 1st. Boyle, 2nd. Radley-Smith, 3rd. Colin Bird, 4th. Powell, 5th. Chris Bird, 6th. Hawker, 7th. Sabin

A great win for Danny Boyle, surging to a win. Sam Radley-Smith provided entertainment with his unorthodox riding style. It wasn’t all plain sailing for Danny Boyle, who threw a chain going over the line, jamming up his rear wheel. The machine was retrieved on a trailer, leaving Boyle to trudge back to the pits, hoping no further damage was caused.

Race 38- (Pre 75 350cc Solos) 1st. Short, 2nd. Jones, 3rd. Urban, 4th. Palmer, 5th. Tuck, 6th. Greatrix, 7th. Snow

Gerald Short really had stamped his authority all over this smaller Pre 75 class. He won this, his fifth race of the day, by a big margin from Maurice Jones.

Race 39- (350cc Solos) 1st. Jeffries, 2nd. Mellish, 3rd. Peters, 4th. Andrew Perry, 5th. Meredith

A great win for JJ, overtaking Andrew Mellish on his way to his first win of the afternoon. Mellish had problems, losing his steel shoe and nearly losing control as John Jeffries swooped around the outside of him going into the banking.

Race 40- (350cc Solos) 1st. Williams, 2nd. Tom Perry, 3rd. Taylor, 4th. Barry Powell, 5th. Drew, 6th. Charley Powell, 7th. Steve Dowling

The flying Tom Perry is finally beaten. After a poor start, he could never catch fast starting Martin Williams who stormed to victory.

Race 41- (Pre 75 500cc Solos) 1st. Hammond, 2nd. Geoff Jones, 3rd. Wheatley, 4th. Snelling, 5th. Burry, 6th. Tuck, 7th. Palmer, 8th. Phillips

A great ride from behind from Geoff Jones, but he never had enough to catch Dave Hammond. After racing hard for 2nd, Keith Snelling found himself docked places back to 4th after being caught pegging.

Race 42- (Pre 75 500cc Solos) 1st. Short, 2nd. Lyner, 3rd. Eddy, 4th. Snow

Shortie’s 6th win of the day. A ding-dong battle between Barrie Lyner and Bruce Eddy provided some great entertainment.

Race 43- (500cc Sidecars) 1st. Heath/Heath, 2nd. Carvill/Webb, 3rd. Bennett/Hughes, 4th. Canning/George, 5th. Richards/Fletcher

This saw a cracking battle for the win. Rob/Sam Heath were pushed hard all the way by both Barrie Bennett/Eifion Hughes and Dave Carvill/Karl Webb. Carvill came in hard on Barrie Bennett in an attempt to overtake him on Lap 3 and found his way past. The results set up a great final heat as the crews of Bennett/Hughes, Carvill/Webb and Heath/Heath all found themselves tied on points. It would be winner take all in their last heat.

Race 44- (500cc Solos) 1st. Warwick, 2nd. Fortune, 3rd. Hodgson, 4th. Cunningham, 5th. Pease

Another quick win for Danny Warwick, looking as though he had really got into his stride. Aaron Pease bit the dust on lap 3 but remounted. Jody Hodgson finishes his heats  with another strong finish.

Race 45- (500cc Solos) 1st. Baseby, 2nd. Saunders, 3rd. McLusky, 4th. Melksham, 5th. Newitt

While Mark Baseby led convincingly, a battle ensued between Charlie Saunders and Rob Finlow for second. Finlow pushed hard to pass Saunders, eventually pushing too hard and coming off on the top bend. He tried to remount, but had damaged the machine.

Race 46- (500cc Solos) 1st. Perry, 2nd. Cook,  3rd. Millichap, 4th. Cox, 5th. Malone, 6th. Mick Norton, 7th. Vaughan, 8th. Atkinson

Tim Nobes was forced to borrow Lee Smart’s machine, but couldn’t get to grips with it and pulled out. Tom Perry dominated the race, showing previous maximum holder Harland Cook the way round. A hard scrap took place for the minor places as Mick Norton, Lindsay Vaughan and Warren Atkinson repeatedly swapped places right to the finish line.

Race 47- (Uprights) 1st. Dudley, 2nd. Brown, 3rd. Hammond, 4th. Ian Norton, 5th. Pike, 6th. Mick Norton, 7th. A.Thompson, 8th. Meadows, 9th. Arthur

Graeme Brown led on the first lap and it looked like Ian Dudley might be put under pressure. However, Dudley got past and was too quick for Graeme Brown to mount a challenge.

Race 48- (Uprights) 1st. Barrett, 2nd. Robinson, 3rd. M.Dowling, 4th. Russell, 5th. Skelding, 6th. Snow, 7th. Gutteridge, 8th. Wiltshire

Wayne Barrett shook off the disappointment of a second in his previous race with a commanding win here. Chris Malone was forced to retire while holding second, raising his hand aloft so that the riders following knew he had slowed. An unfortunate incident for Luke Tuck on the last bend, coming off and rolling down the hill.

Race 49- (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Hiscock/Bell, 2nd. Smith/Pugh, 3rd. Mogg/Cutler, 4th. Downes/Davies, 5th. Walker/Kieslinger, 6th. Hebdon/Laurie

A great race between three men who ought to be taking up a calmer sport at their age! Hiscock, Smith and Mogg, all not far on either side of the 60 mark, showed that age proves no handicap as Hiscock shot out of the starting gate and never looked like being caught. Six-time British champion Steve Smith had to fight hard to get past Joe Mogg/Jake Cutler, who rode well all day. What great ambassadors for our sport riders like these have been.

Race 50- (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Cossar/Blyth, 2nd. Winterburn/Brown, 3rd. Blyth/Gill, 4th. Skinner/Russell

Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth looked simply unstoppable. Another blistering gate saw Cossar take the win emphatically. Try as they might, Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown just couldn’t close the gap on Cossar, having to settle for second this time. A scary moment for Gareth and Nathan Winterburn as they lose their seat whilst holding 3rd. This ended a miserable day for Winterburn Jnr by his usual high standards.

Race 51 (1000cc Sidecars) 1st. Lloyd/Whetstone, 2nd. Heal/Madley, 3rd. Elliott/Elliott, 4th. Snowden/Middleton

After the third time of asking, the race finally gets under way. In its first running, Gareth Tregilgas/Bobby Morgan finally lose their ongoing battle with their own outfit; the Wasp high sided, as it had been threatening it might, coming out of the top bend banking. Hopefully, Gareth can sort out the problems and be back racing. Heal/Madley made two good gates, but the race was rerun both times and inevitably they made their worst gate in the third running of heat 51. This left Pete Lloyd/Daz Whetstone clear to win the race.

Race 52- (Hereford Championship) 1st. Burry, 2nd. Russell, 3rd. Meredith, 4th. Vaughan, 5th. Klassen, 6th. Palmer.

A great race long battle between Dave Burry and Stephen Russell was eventually won by Burry. Jack Meredith on his 350 was never far away, but couldn’t find a gap past the duelling Uprights.

Race 53- (500cc Sidecars) 1st. Carvill/Webb, 2nd. Heath/Heath, 3rd. Bennett/Hughes, 4th. Canning/George, 5th. Richards/Fletcher

The last heat decider. Rob/Sam Heath made the gate but a superb inside switch from Dave Carvill/Karl Webb got them past the early leaders and they never looked back, taking the win in the heat and the meeting overall. A good climax to a hard fought 500cc sidecar class.

Race  54- (Pre 75 350cc Solos) 1st. Short, 2nd. Jones, 3rd. Urban, 4th. Palmer, 5th. Tuck, 6th. Greatrix, 7th. Andrew Perry, 6th. Snow

It was very much ‘as you were’ for the top three in this class, coming home in the same order that they had done in their three previous heats. It was Shortie’s seventh win of the day!

All of the finals were to be ‘points carried through’ finals. Therefore, first over the line would not necessarily win the meeting.

Race 55- (250cc Solo Final) 1st. Danny Boyle, 2nd. James Shanes, 3rd. Sam Radley-Smith, 4th. Childe, 5th. Colin Bird, 6th. Chris Bird, 7th. Jon Shanes, 8th. Jukes, 9th. Stephens, 10th. Darvill

The question ‘can he be beaten?’ was answered in the 250cc solo final. Danny Boyle rode a fantastic first bend to close the door on James Shanes. Shanes, seeing the back of a bike for the first time in his adult career locked up to come inside, but Boyle had already stormed off. He never looked like being caught by young Shanes. A great win, giving Boyle the win overall as the two young riders tied on points. A tremendous effort from 15 year old James Shanes; the first time he has been beaten in his first two adult meetings.

Race 56- (Pre 75 500cc Solo Final) 1st. Dave Hammond, 2nd. Gerald Short, 3rd. Keith Snelling, 4th. Eddy, 5th. Geoff Jones, 6th. Burry, 7th. Wheatley, 8th. Lyner

It appeared that the finals were to be the place where unbeaten runs came to an end as Dave Hammond managed to finally get the better of Gerald Short, taking the final and the event overall. A heroic effort from Gerald Short, competing in 8 races on the day, winning 7. Whilst holding 4th, Barrie Lyner dropped the machine, remounting to take the last place in the final.

Race 57- (350cc Solos Final) 1st. Tom Perry, 2nd. Martin Williams, 3rd. John Jeffries, 4th. Taylor, 5th. Mellish, 6th. Powell, 7th. Drew, 8th. Peters

Any hopes of a dream win for Martin Williams were dashed as Tom Perry made a stunning start to win the 350 final. Another determined final was run by John Jeffries, taking a good 3rd place. One man’s heaven is another man’s hell as Andrew Mellish spent the race going backwards from 2nd to 5th.

Race 58- (Uprights Final) 1st. Wayne Barrett, 2nd. Ian Dudley, 3rd. Mike Dowling, 4th. Dave Hammond, 5th. Eric Pike, 6th. Russell, 7th. Skelding, 8th. Ian Norton, 9th. Robinson

In this meeting of the two big boys in the Uprights, Wayne Barrett makes the start and beats Ian Dudley to the first bend. Dudley fought bravely but couldn’t catch the Cornishman, who won the race and the meeting. A great tussle for 3rd place between Mike Dowling, Dave Hammond and Eric Pike was eventually won by Dowling after some hard riding from the three riders.

Race 59- (500cc Solo Final) 1st. Tom Perry, 2nd. Harland Cook, 3rd. Danny Warwick, 4th. Saunders, 5th. McLusky, 6th. Cox, 7th. Fortune, 8th. Hodgson, 9th. Millichap

Perry gets away in the first running of the final before Mark Baseby drops the machine on Lap two, forcing a rerun. In the rerun, Perry again leads into the turn but is pressured heavily by Danny Warwick who tries to lean on him going into the first turn. A great ride by Harland Cook got him past Warwick and he pushed Tom Perry all the way to the flag. But Tom Perry was simply unstoppable today. Let’s hope we see him on the grass a lot more often this season.

Race 60- (1000cc Sidecars Final) 1st. Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth, 2nd. Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown, 3rd.Steve Smith/Carl Pugh, 4th. John Hiscock/Carl Bell, 5th. Joe Mogg/Jake Cutler, 6th.Pete Lloyd/Daz Whetstone.

Mark Cossar’s sidecar rivals could be in serious trouble in 2012 as he makes his forth incredible gate of the day, leaping out of the start and riding flat out for another four laps. Winterburn/Brown again put in a valiant effort to try and catch Cossar/Blyth but to no avail. Steve Smith/Carl Pugh plugged away at Winterburn on the inside, but couldn’t get past the powerful Ducker R1. So, a dominant performance for Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth who looked a cut above the rest throughout the day.

Overall Results

250cc Solos: 1st. Danny Boyle, 2nd. James Shanes, 3rd. James Childe, 4th. Sam Radley-Smith, 5th. Chris Bird, 6th. Colin Bird, 7th. Joe Stephens, 8th. Jon Shanes, 9th. Steve Darvill, 10th. Barry Jukes

350cc Solos: 1st. Tom Perry, 2nd. Martin Williams, 3rd. Andrew Mellish, 3rd. John Jeffries, 5th. Mark Taylor, 6th. Barry Powell, 7th. Darren Drew, 8th. Mike Peters, 9th. Andrew Perry, 10th. Steve Dowling.

500cc Solos: 1st. Tom Perry, 2nd. Harland Cook, 3rd. Danny Warwick, 4th. Charlie Saunders, 5th. Mike McLusky, 6th. Rob Fortune, 7th. Ben Millichap, 8th. Jody Hodgson, 9th. John Cox, 10th. Lee Smart

Pre 75 350cc Solos: 1st. Gerald Short, 2nd. Maurice Jones, 3rd. Geoff Urban, 4th. Steve Palmer, 5th. Luke Tuck, 6th. Roger Taylor, 7th. Kim Greatrix, 8th. Rob Snow, 9th. Andrew Perry

Pre 75 500cc Solos: 1st. Dave Hammond, 2nd. Gerald Short, 3rd. Bruce Eddy, 4th. Keith Snelling, 5th. Geoff Jones, 6th. Barrie Lyner, 7th. Dave Burry, 8th. John Wheatley, 9th. Rob Snow, 10th. Luke Tuck

Uprights: 1st. Wayne Barrett, 2nd. Ian Dudley, 3rd. Mike Dowling, 4th. Graeme Brown, 5th. Dave Hammond,  6th. Stephen Russell, 7th. Eric Pike, 8th. Chris Malone, 9th. Barry Robinson, 10th. Ian Norton

500cc Sidecars: 1st. Dave Carvill/Karl Webb, 2nd. Rob/Sam Heath, 3rd. Barrie Bennett/Eifion Hughes, 4th. Brian Canning/Steve George, 5th. Keith Richards/Glyn Fletcher.

1000cc Sidecars: 1st. Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth, 2nd. Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown, 3rd. John Hiscock/Carl Bell, 4th. Steve Smith/Carl Pugh, 5th. Peter Lloyd/Darryl Whetstone, 6th. Joe Mogg/Jake Cutler

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