Wainfleet 3-6-12

What a disappointing way to honour the memory of David Nix, the former Carrington based speedway rider who was killed when racing for the Kings Lynn Stars, some  ten years ago, as the meeting was hampered by rain from the start.

However I was woken from my slumbers, having had only 3 hours fretful sleep, by the dulcet tones of Mr. Blackbourn on the PA announcing the event would ‘go ahead’.

From the start of practice it was evident that staying at one with the bike or outfit and to finish, was more important than attempting to go fast and win a race. This can be best shown by a brief resume:-

Race 2: Experienced Bob Dolan had decided to ‘Point it & Squirt it’ & got a win.

Race 5: Former British Champ David Knowles, showed his class and won.

Race 8: Saw only 2 finishers from the field of 10, with ‘Too Tall’ taking a win.

Race 9: Experienced local Mark Richardson dropped it at the bottom bend. DNF.

Race 10: Son of the Organiser & former Masters Champion Colin Blackbourn, lost it, at the Pits Turn, and was excluded from the re-run. Rob lost Simmo and the result was declared by Mr. Sayer (CofC) to stand as at after two laps, a ‘first’ for me and several others!

Race 13: The only ‘race’ so far with another win for Mr. Dolman. Georgie Wood had come up all the way from Kent, but could not get his 350 Antig JRM off the line and finished in fourth place.

Race 16: David Knowles again showed his superiority with the fastest time of the day in 1.24.50 which compares to 1.16.28 last year.

Race 18:  Only 5 starters from the expected 8 & won by Charlie Brooks.

Race 19: Only 2 riders finished the race on their bikes, Michael Yeardon pushing home for a creditable 3rd, behind Charlie Powell & the consistent, John Hartley.

Race 21; Rob Bradley & Simmo DNS, having a had a bad day so far with a 2nd (see race 10) and did not compete further in the meeting.

Race 23: Saw only 3 on the line and 2 of them fell at the first bend & 2 finishers.

Race 24: Again saw Georgie 4th out of the gate, but come through for a win on the line from Andrew Whittaker.

Race 27: Saw a great scrap with David Knowles again winning from Adam Shipp.

Race 30: Michael Yeardon has his 2nd fall of the day, but remounted to get 4th.

Race 31: Ben Fen Smith showed his class again and was revelling in the conditions.

Race 32: Colin pushed Rod hard at the first corner, but settled for 2nd behind the Masters Champion of 2011.

Race 33: Experienced ex Masters Champion in 2004 Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliot demonstrated the state of the track still, when he spun it at the Pits Bend Turn.

Race 34: The 350 Solo B Final was scrapped.

Race 36: Sam McGurk was out the traps like a rocket, but lost out to Tegan Brown.

Races 37-38-39 were all scrapped.

FINALS: In the 350’s Georgie came good at last and won from Andy Mellish & Andrew Whittaker. The expected ‘clash’ with Bob Dolman ended on lap 2 when he retired. The 250 Final saw David Knowles go through the card unbeaten all day from Adam Ship and Mark Williams. The 500’s saw Ben Fen Smith from Sleaford (and using Brian Maxted’s 37 plate) win from Trevor Heath and Dean Garrod.

The sidecar Final was, as expected, a win for Rod & Liam with family Gareth & Nathan second from Colin & Carl.

All riders did well to ride in the demanding conditions, but overall it was not the expected exciting meeting ever, and the weather was the true winner.

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