Grasstrack Fixtures 1993


 Date Club Meeting Venue


3 Salisbury Hangover    


13 International South Africa v Great Britain (1) Cape Town Results
19 International South Africa v Great Britain (2) East London Results
20 International South Africa v Great Britain (3) Port Elizabeth Results
26 International South Africa v Great Britain (4) Johannesburg Results
27 International South Africa v Great Britain (5) Klerksdorp Results


28 Bristol Combine   Marshfield Results


4 ESSA   Woodham Ferres Results
4 Spalding   Threekingham Cancelled
4 Merseyside Sand Racing   Results
4 SE Jnrs   Sellindge Results
4 Swindon   Dauntsey Cancelled
9 Bridgwater   Strercholt Results
11 Salisbury  Sizzler Stockbridge Cancelled
11 BSSA Cornwall Cornish Championship (R1) Lake View Country Club Results
11 Yorkshire Jnrs White Rose Championship Upper Cumberworth Results
11 KYGTRA Easter Extravaganza Stone-in-Oxney Results
12 Maidstone Aces Scintillator 600 Stelling Minnis Results
12 Leicester First Ever Meeting Saddington Cancelled
12 Yorkshire Jnrs Day 2 Upper Cumberworth Cancelled
18 SERA   Staplecross Results
18 Lancs Jnrs NW Centre Championship (R1) Leisure Parks *
18 Malvern Spring Spectacular Worcester Results
18 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results
18 Rugby Jnrs   Hanbury Results
25 Tonbridge Battle of Britain Collier Street Cancelled
25 Bristol Combine   Marshfield Results
25 Midland   Bulkington Results
25 Swindon Yth   Oxford Results
25 Lakes   Appleby Cancelled
25 Ledbury   West Hide Results


2 Winchester Southern Centre Championship (R1) Owlesbury Results
2 Spalding & Tongue   Threekingham Results
2 Bristol Jnrs Youth National Championship (R) Marshfield Results
3 North Berks Berks Bonanza Kingston Bagpuize Results
3 Pembroke   Haverfordwest Results
3 Pickering Falcon Lubricants Westow Results
8 Wainfleet Youth Irby-in-the-Marsh Cancelled
9 Wymondham   Wreningham Raceway Cancelled
9 East Kent Spring Classic High Halden Results
9 Wainfleet   Irby-in-the-Marsh Results
9 Southampton   Finkley Cancelled
9 KYGTRA   Chartham Results
16 Frittenden   Frittenden Results
16 Bristol Pheonix Firefly Wells Cancelled
16 Cornwall GT Combine Dave Westaway Benefit Bodmin Results
16 Barnet   Aston Rowant Cancelled
16 Swindon Yth     Results
22 International European Solo (P1) Rocroi (Fra) Results
22 FBH Bantams Hawkstone Park Results
23 Maidstone  Minnis Trophy Stelling Minnis Results
23 Woodbridge Eastern Centre Championship (R1) Occold Results
23 Bristol Combine Wessex Centre Championship (R1) Marshfield Results
23 Spalding & Tongue   Threekingham Results
23 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results
23 Lancs Jnrs   Leisure Lakes *
23 KYGTRA Club Championship (R4)   Results
30 Midland   Bulkington Results
30 Leatherhead Leatherhead Laurels Outwood Results
30 Andover Jim Coles National Finkley Cancelled
30 N&S National Youth Championship (R) Starston Results
31 International European Solo (sf1) Stadskanaal (Hol) Results
31 Severn Valley GTC British Masters Qualifier Chetton Results
31 Tiverton   Tiverton Results
31 Andover Past Masters (Closed to Club) Finkley Cancelled
31 Weald Off-Road Promotions   Faversaham Cancelled


5 Eboracum Day 1 Acaster Malbis Results
5 FBH Bantams Prees Heath Results
6 International World Longtrack (Q) Pfarrkirchen (Ger) Results
6 International European Solo (P2) Joure (Hol) Results
6 Tonbridge South Eastern Centre Championship Collier Street Results
6 Swindon   Dauntsey Results
6 Wimborne Sidecar Spectacular Uddens Results
6 Leicester   Saddington Results
6 Point of Ayr   Anglesey Cancelled
6 Eboracum Day 2 Acaster Malbis Results
6 Hayes & Southall     Cancelled
6 SE Jnrs   Smarden Results
8 Isle of Man TT Grattrack Sulby Showground *
10 Isle of Man GT or Sand Racing   *
12 Evesham Corperaton Meadow Evesham Results
12 Cornwall Show   Wadebridge Showground Cancelled
12 Barnet Day 1 Barnet Copthall Sports Centre Results
13 Kent Sidecar Club     Cancelled
13 SCGTRA   Sherfield English Results
13 Barnet Day 2 Barnet Copthall Sports Centre Results
13 Leighton Lazer Welsh Open Championship Lower Griggion Cancelled
13 Salisbury Jnrs Youth Best Pairs National Picket 20 Results
19 International European Solo (P3) Opende (Hol) Results
20 Somerton   North Cheriton Results
20 Winchester Maund McLeonard National Owslebury Results
20 BSSA Cornwall     Cancelled
20 GTSA British LH Sidecar Chamionship (Qualifier) Charlwood Results
20 Braintree   White Notley Results
20 SE Jnrs   Bethesden Results
20 Rugby Jnrs   Leamington Results
26 FBH Chirk Castle Fete Chirk Results
27 Minsterley Shropshire Championship Habberley Results
27 Welland Valley First Ever Meeting Tallington Results
27 KYGTRA   Stone-in-Oxney Results
27 Brighton Midsummer Madness Steyning Results
27 Wymondham   Wingfield Results
27 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results
27 Rugby Jnrs   Hardwick Results


3 Scottish Classic Scottish GT Championship Biggar  
4 International World Longtrack (sf1) Scheessel (Ger) Results
4 International World Longtrack (sf2) Marianske Lazne (CzR) Results
4 International World Longtrack (sf3) Herxheim (Ger) Results
4 Frittenden Frittenden Flyer Frittenden Results
4 Wainfleet East Midlands Centre Championhip Irby-in-the-Marsh Results
4 Swindon   Dauntsey Results
4 Lakes Northern Centre Championship (R1) Holme Results
4 ESSA Team Event Woodham Ferres ?
4 Cornwall Jnrs National Youth Championship (R) St. Erme Results
10 FBH   Shawbury *
11 Bristol Pheonix Grasshoppers Priddy Results
11 BSSA (Cornwall)   Bodmin Results
11 Northallerton   Hutton Rudby Results
11 Woodbridge   Letheringham Results
11 Swindon Yth   Highworth Results
17 SE Jnrs National Youth Championship (R) Kingsnorth Results
18 Tonbridge British Masters (1L) Collier Street Results
18 Pembroke   Havberfordwest  
18 Evesham Midland Centre & Worcestershire Championships Honeybourne Results
18 FBH Club Champonship, Pairs & Team events Stone ?
24 KYGTRA Kent Masters (Day 1) Smarden Results
25 East Kent Summer Spectacular High Ealden Results
25 Ledbury Ledbury Leader Much Cowarne Results
25 Pickering   Westow Results
25 Wimborne Southern Centre Championship (Round) Uddens Results
25 Cornwall Solo   Carland Cross Results
25 Dunmow Eastern Centre Championdhip (R2) Ugley Results
25 KYGTRA Kent Masters (Day 2) Smarden Results
31 ACU British Road Race G.P. Donnington *
31 Swindon Yth National Youth Championship (R) Flaxlands *
31 FBH Bantams Wallasey *


1 International European Solo (sf2) Celle (Ger) Results
1 Maidstone  Summer GT Stone-in-Oxney *
1 Lakes   Appleby *
1 Whitchurch   Hodnet *
1 Swindon Yth Speedway Team Championship Flaxlands *
1 Portsmouth     Cancelled
7 International European Sidecar (sf1) Uithuizen (Hol) Results
7 Spalding & Tongue Day 1 Threakingham *
7 Salisbury Adult & Youth Pairs   *
8 International European Sidecar (sf2) Melsungen (Ger) Results
8 Southampton Southern Centre Championship (Round Three) Finkley *
8 Spalding & Tongue Day 2 Threakingham *
8 Pickering   Thornton Dale *
8 Wynondham   Wingfield *
8 GTSA   Lowfield Heath Cancelled
15 SERA British Championship Final Staplecross Results
15 Andover Jim Coles Memorial (Joint promo with local Lions Club   Cancelled
15 Swindon Club Championship (R3) Dauntsey Results
15 Bridgwater Martin Heal / Kim Blackmore Memorial GT Spaxton Results
15 Point of Ayr   Llangaffo (Anglesey) Results
15 Welland Valley   Tallington Results
15 Swindon Yth     Results
15 KYGTRA   Wittisham Results
20 Clive Llanfyllin Show Llanfyllin Results
21 International European Solo (Final) Eenrum (Hol) Results
21 FBH Bantams Championship (Final Round) Hawkstone Park *
22 International European Sidecar (Final) Harsewinkel (Ger) Results
22 Frittenden   Frittenden Results
22 Wainfleet Lincolnshire Poacher Thorpe St. Peter Results
22 Ledbury Much Marcle Show Much Marcle Results
22 Andover Charity Meeting   Cancelled
22 Eboracum   Acaster Selby Results
22 Bristol Pheonix   Wells Results
22 BSSA (Cornwall) Cornish Championdhip (R8) Washaway Results
22 SE Jnrs     Results
29 Avonvale Inter-Centre Championship Dumbleton Results
29 Basingstoke Day 1 Odiham *
29 Pickering Day 1 Westow *
29 Kent SC     Cancelled
29 Brighton     Cancelled
30 Basingstoke Day 2 (Gold Cup) Odiham *
30 Pickering Day 2 Westow *
30 Hayes & Southall South Midland Centre Championship Stanbridge ?
30 KYGTRA National Yth Championship (6th & Final Round) Kenardington Crossing *
31 Leicester   Thussington *


4 FBH Bantams Peplow Results
5 500 SCA British Best Pairs High Easter Results
5 Pickering Pickering v Isle of Man (Leg 1) Thornton Dale Results
5 Tonbridge   Collier Street Results
5 SCGTRA   Sherfield English  
5 Bristol Combine Wessex Centre Championship (R) Marshfield Results
5 Midland   Bulkington Results
5 Swindon Yth   Highworth Results
12 Wimborne British Masters (2L) Uddens Cancelled
12 Bewdley   Alveley Cancelled
12 Lakes   Haversham Results
12 Woodbridge   Occold Results
12 ? FBH Winsford Carnival Winsford Results
18 FBH Club Championship Saughall Massey Results
19 Swindon   Dauntsey Results
19 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results
19 Dunmow   Ugley *
19 Minsterley   Yockleton Results
19 Spalding & Tongue   Sleaford Cancelled
19 SE Jnrs   Sellinge Results
26 International World Longtrack (Final) Herxheim (Ger) Results
26 GTSA Sussex Super Lowfield Heath Results
26 Welland Valley   Tallington Results
26 Bridgwater   Spaxton Results
26 PoA   Rushton Results
26 ESSA   Woodham Ferres Results
26 Basingstoke Southern Centre Championship (R3) Upton Results
26 KYGTRA Club Championship (R9) Chartham Results


2 Yorkshire Jnrs   Upper Cumberworth *
3 Wimborne International Wimborne Whoppa Motcombe Results
3 Midland   Bulkington Results
3 Brighton St. Johns Ambulance Charity Steyning Cancelled
3 Traingle (Ipswich)   Akenham Results
9 FBH Bantams Whixall Results
10 Leicester   Burton Overy Results
10 PoA   Warburton  
10 Severn Valley British Pre 75 & Quad Championships Chetton Results
10 BSSA (Cornwall) Cornish Championship (Final Round) Washaway Cancelled
10 SCGTRA   Sherfield English Cancelled
10 KYGTRA   Stone-in-Oxney Results
17 Maidstone   Appledore Cancelled
17 Salisbury Southern Centre Championship (Final Round) Stockwood Results
17 Antelope Warwickshire Championship Lowsonford Results
17 Braintree Eastern Centre Championship (Final Round)   Cancelled
17 Cornwall Solo Grand-Slam St. Erme Results
17 Wymondham     Cancelled
17 SE Jnrs   Ashford Results
18 Speedway SW Speedway Championship Exeter Results
24 Severn Valley Gerald Short Classic Bridgnorth Results
24 BSSA (Cornwall) Cornish Championship (Final Round) Washaway Results
24 FBH Best Pairs Peplow Results
24 Rugby Jnrs     Results
24 KYGTRA   Stone-in-Oxney Results
30 Andover Ace of Aces (Q) Thruxton Dowd Results
31 Andover Ace of Aces Thruxton Dowd Results
31 SE Jnrs   Ashford Results


6 KYGTRA Junior Bonfire Burn-up Headcorn Results
7 Tonbridge Bonfire Burn-Up Collier Street Results
7 Midland   Bulkington Results
21 Andover Past Masters Thruxton Dowd Results
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