Grasstrack Fixtures 2001





7 Salisbury Hangover Finkly Manor Cancelled  


18 Lancashire   Buxton Speedway Cancelled  
18 ESSA Practice Day   Cancelled  
18 KYGTRA     Cancelled  
25 Lancashire Practice Day   Cancelled  
25 Norfolk & Suffolk     Cancelled  
31 Evesham Vale Training Day   Cancelled  


1 Astra Champion of Champions Swingfield Cancelled  
1 Evesham Vale     Cancelled  
1 KYGTRA     Cancelled  
7 Sidecar Speedway Super Cup (Qualifying Round) Kings Lynn Results  
8 Bristol Combine   East Harptree Cancelled  
8 Leicester   Tallington Cancelled  
8 SEGTC   Cripps Corner Cancelled  
15 Salisbury Salisbury Sizzler Finkly Manor Cancelled  
15 Wainfleet   Wainfleet Cancelled  
15 BSSA     Cancelled  
15 SEJGTC Practice Day Smarden Cancelled  
15 Norfolk & Suffolk     Cancelled  
16 Cheshire   Northwich Cancelled  
16 Maidstone Aces   Otford Cancelled  
21 Yeovil Traders Under 21 Yeovil Cancelled  
22 Yeovil Traders International Yeovil Cancelled  
29 Pickering     Cancelled  
29 Cornwall Solo     Cancelled  
29 Lancashire   Much Hoole Cancelled  
29 Warminster     Cancelled  
29 500 SCA   High Easter Cancelled  
29 Ledbury     Cancelled  
29 Burton     Cancelled  
29 KYGTRA     Cancelled  
29 Swindon Yth     Cancelled  


1 International Veteren European Longtrack (R1) Lubbenau (Ger) Cancelled  
6 Bristol Combine   East Harptree Cancelled  
6 Bewdley   Monkhopton Cancelled  
6 Lancashire   Much Hoole Cancelled  
6 Pickering     Cancelled  
6 Evesham Vale     Cancelled  
6 Norfolk & Suffolk     Cancelled  
7 North Berks Simon Wigg Berks Bonanza Dalton Barracks Cancelled  
7 500 SCA Practice Day Kings Lynn Speedway    
7 Lancashire   Buxton Speedway Results  
12 500 SCA Practice Day Kings Lynn Speedway    
13 Tonbridge Veteren European Longtrack (R2) Collier Street Cancelled  
13 Cornwall Solo     Cancelled  
13 KYGTRA     Cancelled  
13 Swindon Yth     Cancelled  
19 International European Sidecar (Sf1) Gorredijk (Hol) Cancelled  
19 International European Sidecar (Sf2) Colomb de Lausun (Fra) Cancelled  
19 International World Longtrack (Q2) Artugues de Lussac (Fra) Results  
20 International World Longtrack (Q1) Parchim (Ger) Results  
20 Oxford Ixion   Chess Valley Cancelled  
20 Wainfleet   Wainfleet Cancelled  
20 Lancashire   Buxton Speedway Cancelled  
20 SEGTC   Smarden Cancelled  
27 Tonbridge Veteren European Longtrack (R1) Collier Street Results  
27 International European Sidecar (Sf1) Colomb de Lausun (Fra) Results  
27 Maidstone Aces British Clubmans Otford Cancelled  
27 Pickering National Youth Championship (Round)   Cancelled  
27 KYGTRA     Cancelled  
27 Lancashire Abandoned Buxton Speedway    
28 Cheshire     Cancelled  
28 Frittenden   Frittenden Cancelled  
28 Lancashire Speedway Challenge Buxton Speedway Results  


2 Sidecar Speedway Open Kings Lynn    
2 Formula Bantam/Honda   Oldham Results  
3 International World Longtrack (Sf1) St. Macaire (Fra) Results  
3 Wimborne Jim Coles Sidecar Spectacular   Cancelled  
3 Lancashire   Much Hoole Cancelled  
3 Burton     Cancelled  
3 Leamington Victory     Cancelled  
3 Norfolk & Suffolk Practice Norwich Cancelled  
9 International European Sidecar (Sf2) Loppersum (Hol) Results  
9 Pendennis Royal Cornwall Show   Cancelled  
10 International World Longtrack (Sf2) Bielefeld (Ger) Results  
10 Leicester   Tallington Cancelled  
10 Swindon   Dauntsey Cancelled  
10 Dunmow   Ugley Cancelled  
10 Lakes     Cancelled  
10 Evesham Vale   Long Marston Airport Cancelled  
10 Norfolk & Suffolk     Cancelled  
17 SWeGA Devonshire Dumpling Thorverton Cancelled  
17 SCGTRA     Cancelled  
17 Swindon Yth     Cancelled  
17 Yorkshire   Upper Cumberworth Results  
23 Evesham Worcestershire Championships   Cancelled  
24 International European Grasstrack (Sf1) St. Colomb de Lausun  (Fra) Results  
24 GTSA The Big 50 Horley Results  
24 Pickering     Cancelled  
24 Cornwall Solo     Cancelled  
24 KYGTRA     Cancelled  
24 Evesham Vale Evesham Vale v Swindon Yth (Challenge)   Cancelled  
24 Lancashire Wythenshawe Festival Wythenshawe Park Results  
30 Sidecar Speedway Super Cup (R1) Coventry Results  
30 Western Classic British Bike Bonanza (Pre 75 Mountain GT) Sallywood Pk, Horsley Results  
30 Norfolk & Suffolk   High Easter    


1 International European Veteren Longtrack (R3) Pfarrkirchen (Ger)    
1 500 SCA (Incoperating Norf & Suf Youth) High Easter Results  
1 SEGTC   Shadoxhurst Cancelled  
1 Swindon Yth     Cancelled  
4 Sidecar Speedway Super Cup (R2) Poole Results  
7 Woodbridge Eastern Centre Championship (R1)   Cancelled  
8 International World Longtrack (GP1) Parchim (Ger) Results  
8 Bewdley   Monkhopton Cancelled  
8 Swindon   Dauntsey Cancelled  
8 Evesham Vale National Youth Championship (Round)   Cancelled  
8 KYGTRA   Sittingbourne Speedway Cancelled  
14 Wimborne National Youth Championship (Round)   Cancelled  
14 Evesham Vale In conjunction with Burton Kingstanding Park Results  
14 Formula Bantam/Honda   Weston Rhyn Results  
15 International Veteren European Longtrack (R3) Maranske Lazne (Cz)    
15 Wimborne Whoppa   Cancelled  
15 Cheshire Jim Rowlinson Memorial   Cancelled  
15 Traingle (Ipswich)     Cancelled  
15 BMF Kelso Bikefest      
15 Burton   Kingstanding Park Results  
21 ESSA Eastern Centre Championship (All Other Rounds Cancelled) Ardleigh Results  
22 Maidstone Aces British Clubmans Otford Cancelled  
22 Cornwall Solo     Cancelled  
22 Southend   Southminster Results  
22 Lancashire   Wythenshawe Park    
28 Norfolk & Suffolk     Results  
29 International European Grasstrack (Sf2) Schwarme (Ger) Results  
29 International Youth Gold Trophy Angenrod (Ger) Cancelled  
29 Oxford Ixion Jon Underwood Memorial Chess Valley Cancelled  
29 Pickering     Cancelled  
29 Norfolk & Suffolk     Results  


4 Southend Classic Pre 75 (Day 1) Southminster Cancelled  
5 Southend Classic Pre 75 (Day 2) Southminster Cancelled  
5 International European Solo Final Noordwolde (Hol) Results  
5 International European Sidecar Final Melsungen (Ger) Results  
5 Western Classic Days of Glory (Pre 75 British Championship) Nailsworth Results  
5 Frittenden   Frittenden Cancelled  
5 Cornwall Solo     Cancelled  
5 Yorkshire National Youth Championship (R1) Upper Cumberworth Results  
5 KYGTRA     Cancelled  
11 Formula Bantam/Honda Newborough Results  
12 Minsterley British Championship Habberley Cancelled  
12 ESSA Including N&S Juniors   Results  
12 Lancashire   Hampleton Cancelled  
12 SEGTC   Herne Bay Cancelled  
12 Swindon Yth   Highworth Results  
19 International World Longtrack (GP2) & British Under 21 Championship Collier Street Res Res  
19 Warminster     Cancelled  
19 Lakes     Cancelled  
19 Evesham Vale     Cancelled  
19 Norfolk & Suffolk     Cancelled  
26 International World Longtrack (GP3) Herxheim (Ger) Results  
26 International European Veteran Longtrack (R5) Saarpsborg (Nor)    
26 GTSA S/E Centre Championships Horley Results  
26 Malvern     Cancelled  
26 Formula Bantam/Honda Little Wytheford Results  
26 Pickering Day 1   Cancelled  
26 Lancashire Northern Riders Championship (Day 1) Wythenshawe Park Results   
27 Pickering Day 2   Cancelled  
27 Lancashire Northern Riders Championship (Day 2) Wythenshawe Park Results  
27 Sidecar Speedway Super Cup (R3) Poole Results  
27 Hayes & Southall Jon Underwood Memorial Buckland Results  
27 Wainfleet        
27 Ledbury Peterchurch Show   Cancelled  
27 Basingstoke        
28 Sidecar Speedway Super Cup (R4) Isle of Wight Results  


1 International World Longtrack (GP3) Morizes Results  
1 Cornwall Solo British Youth Championship (Round) Victoria Results  
2 Burton        
2 SCGTRA Meeting Abandoned through Weather Henstridge Airfield Results  
2 Cheshire Frank Possenger Farewell Denbigh Results  
2 Cornwall Solo     Cancelled  
2 Wimborne     Cancelled  
2 Dunmow Eastern Centre Championship (R3) Ugley Cancelled  
2 KYGTRA     Cancelled  
2 Swindon Yth Swindon Yth v Evesham Vale (Challenge 1L)   Results  
8 Formula Bantam/Honda Newborough Results  
8 Pickering   Pickering Showground Results  
9 International Young England v France Rheims Results  
9 Swindon     Cancelled  
9 Horsham & Witley   Billinghurst Results  
9 BSSA     Cancelled  
9 SEGTC   Shadoxhurst Cancelled  
9 Yorkshire Yth   Upper Cumberworth Results  
9 Pickering   Pickering Showground Results  
16 North Berks British Masters Championship Dalton Barracks Cancelled  
16 Braintree     Cancelled  
16 Bristol Combine   East Harptree Cancelled  
16 Lancashire     Cancelled  
16 KYGTRA     Cancelled  
16 Maidstone Aces Alan Bish Trophy Otford Results  
16 Swindon Yth   Highworth Cancelled  
22 Norfolk & Suffolk (Day 1)   Cancelled  
23 Evesham Vale National Youth Championship (Round 3)   Cancelled  
23 Leicester   Tallington Cancelled  
23 Norfolk & Suffolk     Cancelled  
23 Sidecar Speedway North of England Championship Workington Results  
23 Cheshire Jimmy Rowlinson Memorial Frodham Results  
23 SWeGA   Devon Hills Results  
23 Evesham Vale Evesham Vale v Swindon Yth (Challenge 2L) Evesham Results  
23 Yorkshire White Rose Championship Upper Cumberworth Results  
23 Norfolk & Suffolk (Day 2)   Cancelled  
23 Formula Bantham/Honda Shawbury Results  
29 Burton Youth Kingstanding Results  
30 Warminster Southern Centre Championship Henstridge Airport Cancelled  
30 Bewdley Midland Centre Championship   Cancelled  
30 Oxford Ixion     Cancelled  
30 Pickering     Cancelled  
30 Lancashire Speedway Challenge (Round) Buxton Speedway Results  
30 KYGTRA     Cancelled  
30 Burton   Kingstanding Cancelled  


6 International European Veteran Longtrack (R6) Montagnana (Ita)    
6 Wainfleet Junior Poacher   Cancelled  
6 Wrekin Formula Bantam/Honda Newborough    
7 Wainfleet Lincolnshire Poacher   Cancelled  
7 Woodbridge     Cancelled  
7 Cornwall Solo     Cancelled  
7 Wimborne     Cancelled  
7 North Berks British Masters Championship Dalton Barracks Results  
14 Sidecar Speedway British Championship Newport Results  
14 Astra International Grand-Slam   Cancelled  
14 Burton     Cancelled  
14 Bristol Combine     Cancelled  
14 Lancashire   Much Hoole Results  
14 SCGTRA   Henstridge Airport Cancelled  
14 500 SCA LH Sidecar British Championship High Easter Results  
14 SEGTC   Herne Bay Cancelled  
14 Evesham Vale   Evesham Results  
21 Frittenden     Cancelled  
21 Salisbury Salisbury Sizzler Finkly Manor Results  
21 Ledbury Leader   Cancelled  
21 Norfolk & Suffolk   Norwich Results  
21 Worcestershire Worcestershire’s First Ever Meeting Chetton Results  
21 Yorkshire   Upper Cumberworth Cancelled  
21 Wrekin Formula Bantam/Honda (Best Pairs) Stapleford    
27 Somerton Yeovil Traders British Championship & International U23 Yeovil Results  
28 Somerton Yeovil Traders Simon Wigg Trophy Yeovil Results  
28 Swindon     Cancelled  
28 SEGTC     Cancelled  
28 Lancashire   Buxton Speedway Results  
28 KYGTRA     Cancelled  


3 SEGTC   Shadoxhurst Cancelled  
4 Tonbridge Bonfire Burn-up Collier Street Results  
18 Yorkshire   Upper Cumberworth Results  
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