Grasstrack Fixtures 2002

Maidstone 29-9-02




6 Salisbury Hangover Finkley Manor Results  


10 Lancashire Speedway Buxton Cancelled  
24 Worcestershire   Hinlip Results  
24 Yorkshire        
30 Tonbridge Practice Collier Street    
30 Sidecar Speedway Brandon Bonanza (R1) Coventry    
31 Wainfleet   Irby-in-the-Marsh Results  
31 Salisbury Sizzler Frinkley Results  


1 Maidstone Scintillator 600 Lingfield Cancelled  
1 Lancashire Speedway Buxton Results  
1 Evesham Vale   Evesham Results  
7 Astra Champion of Champions Swingfield Results
7 Leicester   Tallington Results  
7 Yorkshire   Upper Cumberworth Results  
13 Norfolk & Suffolk (Day 1)   Results  
13 Formula GT   Little Wytheford    
14 Bristol Combine   East Harptree Results  
14 Wimborne   Blandford Forum    
14 Lancashire   Much Hoole Results  
14 Maidstone Scintillator 600 Peasmarsh Results  
14 Norfolk & Suffolk (Day 2)   Results  
21 Hayes & Southall Festival of Grasstrack Buckland Results  
21 Evesham Vale Evesham Results  
27 Formula GT   Newborough, Burton Results  
28 500 SCA Eastern Centre Championship (R1) High Easter Results
28 Cornwall Solo St. Erme Results
28 Ledbury Spring Classic   Results   
28 Yorkshire   Upper Cumberworth Results  


1 Sidecar Speedway British Championship Poole Results  
4 International World Longtrack (Q1) Artigues de Lussac (Fra) Results  
5 International World Longtrack (Q2) Muhdorf (Ger) Results  
5 ESSA Practice Day White Colne    
5 Pickering   Ampleforth Results  
5 Bewdley   Alveley Results  
5 Yorkshire   Upper Cumberworth    
5 Swindon   Dauntsey Results  
6 North Berks Berks Bonanza   Cancelled  
12 Bristol Combine   East Harptree Results  
12 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Cancelled  
12 Frittenden Whitsun Winner Frittenden Results  
12 Worcestershire   Hinlip Cancelled  
12 Lancashire   Buxton Speedway Results  
12 Norfolk & Suffolk   Norwich Results  
12 Yorkshire   Upper Cumberworth Cancelled  
12 FGA   Newborough Results   
19 International World Longtrack (Sf1) St. Macaire (Fra) Results  
19 Evesham Vale   Badsey Results  
19 Wainfleet   Irby-in-the-Marsh Results  
19 Minsterley Shropshire Championship Pentre Results  
25 International World Longtrack (Sf2) Pfarrkirchen (Ger) Results  
25 FGA   Anderton    
26 Tonbridge Battle of Britain Collier Street Results  
26 Pickering National Youth Championship (R1) Stillington Results  
26 SWeGA   East Ogwell Results  
26 Cheshire   Anderton Results  


2 BSSA        
2 Wimborne Jim Coles   Cancelled  
2 Lancashire Royal Golden Jubilee NR C’ships (1 Day) Much Hoole Results   
3 Maidstone Masters (Southern Qualifier) Peasemarsh Results  
3 Lancashire Royal Golden Jubilee NR C’ships (2 Day) Much Hoole Results  
8 International European Sidecar (Sf1) Loppersum (Hol) Results  
9 International World Longtrack (GP1) Bielefeld (Ger) Results  
9 Leicester   Tallington Cancelled  
9 Swindon   Dauntsey    
15 Norfolk & Suffolk   Norwich Results  
15 FGA   Stapleford Results  
16 Dunmow   Ugley Results  
16 Malvern Three Counties Show Finale   Results  
16 Swindon Youth   Wootton Bassett    
16 Waterlooville Jubilee GT Denmead Cancelled  
16 Norfolk & Suffolk   Norwich Results  
16 Yorkshire   Upper Cumberworth Results  
22 Evesham Andy Wickham Mem & W’shire C’ship Broadway Results  
22 Lancashire National Youth Championship (R2) Wythenshawe Park Results  
23 Burton        
23 Lancashire National Youth Best Pairs Wythenshawe Park Results  
23 International World Longtrack (GP2) Colomb de Lauzun (Fra) Results  
23 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results  
23 Worcestershire   Hindlip Results  
28 Sidecar Speedway Yamaha Sidecar Speedway Gold Cup Vojens (Den) Results  
29 Western Classic Mountain Grasstrack Nailsworth Results  
29 500 SCA Roy Bell GT (1 Day) High Easter Results
30 500 SCA Roy Bell GT (2 Day) High Easter Results
30 Pickering        
30 Evesham Vale National Youth Championship (R3)   Results  
30 Somerton        
30 SCGTRA   Winchester Results  


6 Woodbridge   Little Glemham Cancelled  
6 Pickering Kilburn Feast Kilburn Results  
7 International European Solo Grasstrack (Sf1) La Reole (Fra) Results  
7 International European Solo Grasstrack (Sf2) Noordwolde (Hol) Results  
7 Southend   Southminster Results  
7 Bewdley   Alveley Results  
7 Evesham Vale   Knowle Hill Results  
13 Sidecar Speedway Super Cup (R1) Kings Lynn Results  
13 Swindon Youth   Dauntsey Results  
14 Wimborne Whoppa   Cancelled  
14 Scottish Classic RC Scottish Open Championship Kelso Results  
14 Cheshire   Anderton Results  
14 GTSA Gatwick Flyer Horley Results  
14 Swindon   Dauntsey Results  
14 Yorkshire   Upper Cumberworth Results  
20 Sidecar Speedway Super Cup (R2) Workington Results  
20 FGA   Habberley Results  
21 Minsterley British Championship Habberley Results  
21 Cornwall Solo   Carland Cross Results  
21 Maidstone Team Event Lingfield Cancelled  
21 Pickering   Marishes    
24 Sidecar Speedway Super Cup (R3) Coventry Results  
27 Pickering (Day 1)      
27 SWeGA Supporting Pairs Willand Results  
28 SWeGA British Best Pairs Willand Results  
28 Lancashire   Wythenshawe Park Results  
28 Pickering (Day 2)      
28 Lakes   Holme Village Results  
28 Swindon Youth   Dauntsey    
28 Yorkshire   Upper Cumberworth Cancelled  


3 International Youth Gold Trophy Wertle (Ger) Results  
4 International European Sidecar (Sf2) Melsungen (Ger) Results  
4 Western Classic Days of Glory (AMA British Pre 75 C’hips) Nailsworth Results  
4 Frittenden   Frittenden Results  
4 Southend        
4 Pickering Masters (Northern Qualifier) Stillington Results  
4 Somerton   Walton Results  
4 Woodbridge Eastern Centre Championship (Round 2) Little Glemham Results  
6 Sidecar Speedway Super Cup (R4) Isle of Wight Results  
11 ESSA   Ardleigh Cancelled  
11 Swindon   Dauntsey Cancelled  
11 Bridgwater   Spaxton Results  
17 Norfolk & Suffolk Day 1   Results  
17 Narbeth        
18 International World Longtrack (R3) Scheessel (Ger) Results  
18 Tonbridge Clubmans Collier Street Results  
18 Lancashire   Much Hoole Results  
18 Warminster GTC   Stockbridge Results  
18 Norfolk & Suffolk Day 2   Results  
24 International European Sidecar (Final) Siddeburen (Hol) Results
24 Cornwall Solo National Youth Championship (R5) St. Erme Results  
25 Wainfleet British Masters Championship Thorpe St. Peter Results  
25 GTSA Horley Howler Horley Results  
25 Malvern Malvern Magic Earls Croome Results  
26 Pickering Marishes    
26 Ledbury Peterchurch Show      
26 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results  
31 FGA   Burton-on-Trent Results  


1 International World Longtrack (R4) Morizes (Fra) Results  
1 Hayes & Southall Jon Underwood Buckland Results  
1 Cheshire   Anderton    
1 SCGTRA   Owlesbury Results  
1 Swindon     Cancelled  
5 Longnor GTC   Longnor    
7 Woodbridge Lawrence Hare Akenham Results  
8 International European Solo Grasstrack (F) Berghaupten (Ger) Results  
8 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Results  
8 Horsham & Witley Baron of Billingshurst Five Oaks Results  
8 Pickering Paul Cross Trophies Stillington Results  
8 Swindon   Dauntsey Results  
8 Wimborne Jim Coles Stockbridge    
14 FGA Round 9 Chetton    
15 Astra Grand Slam & British Under 21 Championship Rhodes Minnis Results
15 SWeGA   Willand Results  
15 Dunmow Eastern Centre Championship (Final Round) Ugley Results  
15 Lancashire   Much Hoole Results  
15 Evesham Vale   Badsey Results  
15 Norfolk & Suffolk   Norwich Results  
15 Bristol Combine     Cancelled  
15 Worcestershire     Cancelled  
21 Yorkshire White Rose Championship (Day 1) Upper Cumberworth Results  
22 Frittenden Jason Relf Memorial Frittenden Results  
22 Leicester   Tallington    
22 Bewdley   Alveley    
22 BSSA        
22 Rivington Barnstormers        
22 Evesham Worcestershire Championship Broadway    
22 Yorkshire White Rose Championship (Day 2) Upper Cumberworth Results  
22 Warminster   Longstock Cancelled  
22 Braintree   Stisted Results  
25 Sidecar Speedway Brandon Bonanza (R6) Coventry    
29 International World Longtrack (R5) Parchim (Ger) Results  
29 Ledbury Leader Felton Results  
29 Maidstone Sussex Smuggler Peasmarsh Results  
29 Oxford Ixion / Chess Valley   Brill Cancelled  
29 Bridgwater   Spaxton Results  
29 Pickering        
29 Swindon Yth     Results  
29 Lancashire   Buxton Speedway Results  


5 FGA FGA Best Pairs Whixall Results  
5 Wainfleet Junior Poacher Thorpe St. Peter Results  
6 Wainfleet International Lincolnshire Poacher Thorpe St. Peter Results  
6 Cornwall Solo   Romford    
6 Wimborne     Cancelled  
6 Woodbridge     Results  
6 Cheshire   Anderton Results  
6 Bristol Combine   East Hartree Results  
12 FGA   Shawbury    
12 Somerton Yeovil Traders International Under 23 Yeovil Results  
13 Somerton Yeovil Traders Super Speedtrack Yeovil Cancelled  
13 Yorkshire   Upper Cumberworth Results  
13 Norfolk & Suffolk   Norwich Results  
20 Astra South-Eastern Centre Championship Swingfield Results
20 500 SCA Team Event High Easter Results
20 Worcestershire Midland Centre Championship Hindlip Results  
20 Evesham Vale   Knowle Results  
27 Salisbury Southern Centre Championship Finkley Results  
27 Lancashire   Buxton Speedway Cancelled  
27 Swindon Yth     Cancelled  


2 FGA   Stapleford Cancelled  
3 Tonbridge Bonfire Burn-up Collier Street Results  
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