March 2014

26 March 2014: Riders A-Z, French Riders Alain Albertini, Christain Albertini, Mattieu Albertini, Patrick Auffret, Xavier Aurin added .

22 March 2014: International 1984, World Longtrack added.

20 March 2014: International 1981 European Solo Grasstrack Championship added.

15 March 2014: International, World Longtrack 1983 added.

13 March 2014: Riders A-Z, Dutch added Nynke de Jong, Otto de Jong, Raymond de Rooy, Berry de Vos, Jacky de Vries, Jaco de Winter, Denny Detz, Mark Detz, Wilfried Detz.

12 March 2014: Riders A-Z, updated with Denmark’s John Rosenkratz, Switzerland’s Max Aebi, Louis Meier and Poland’s Adolf Slabon, Eugeniusz Dzik and Andrej Huszcza who rode an amazing 29 consecutive seasons with the same speedway team!

11 March 2014: Riders A-Z, Nigel ShawPaul Miller, Ronnie Steward & Trevor Steward added.

10 March 2014: Poster’s, Frittenden’s Battle of Britain added.

10 March 2014: Riders A-Z , Brian Palmer & Dan Crawford added.

9 March 2014: Riders A-Z, Danes added Jan Rasmussen, Leif Rasmussen, Per Rasmussen, Steen Rasmussen, Marianne Roge, Preben Rosenkilde, Jens Rossig, Kaj Schmidt, Finn Schmidt, Sven Age Schmidt, Aage Sjorring, Per Sorensen, Svend Aage Sorensen, Nikolas Terkelsen, Torben Therkildsen, Bennie Togersen, Poul Ussing, Aage Wagner, Poul Wissing.

8 March 2014: Bristol’s meeting on 23 March CANCELLED.

8 March 2014: Fixtures – 2014 Continental added (Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Holland & Norway.

7 March 2014: Riders A-Z, Soviet Union Riders added Pavel Chernov,  Anatoly Frolov, Victor Gajdym, Grigori Khartschenko, Flur Kalimulin, Alexander Klimantov, Vladimir Klytchkov.

7 March 2014: 2005 Results added for Swindon, Swindon Yth, Tonbridge, VMCC, Wimborne, Western Classic, Woodbridge, Worcestershire, Wyvern & Yorkshire.

6 March 2014: LEDBURY meeting on 13 April CANCELLED.

6 March 2014: 2005 Results added for Lancashire, Leamington, Ledbury, Mid Cornwall, Norfolk & Suffolk, Pickering, SCGTRA, SWeGA and Somerton.

6 March 2014: Regs and Entry Forms now available for Master of Midshires on 11th May.

5 March 2014: 2005 Results added for 500 SCA, Bewdley, Bridgwater, Bristol, Burton & Leicester, Cheshire, Cornwall Solo, Danebury, Dunmow, ESSA, FGA, Frittenden, GTSA, Hayes & Southall, Horsham & Whitley, Lakes and Maidstone Aces.

5 March 2014: Fixtures 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 added, Results to follow.

5 March 2014: Riders A-Z, Poles added Stanislaw Burza, Jacek Gollob, Tomasz Gollob, Adam Labedzki, Andrew Marynowski, Piotr Paluch, Czeslaw Piwosz, Zenon Plech.

4 March 2014: Riders A-Z, Bernie Leigh & Nigel De’Ath added.

3 March 2014: 2006 Results added for Wimborne, Woodbridge, Yorkshire and the British Sidecar Speedway Championship.

3 March 2014: Regs and Entry Forms now available for Maidstone Aces Scintillator on 21st April

2 March 2014: 1982 World Longtrack added.

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