International 2021

Note: All meeting cancelled were because of the Covid-19 Virus.
* Fixtures added due to Civid-19.

World Longtrack Championship

marmande 21

 July 4 Grand-Prix (One) Cancelled Muhldorf
 July 13 Grand-Prix (Two) Marmande
August 28 Grand-Prix (Three) Rzeszow
 September 4 Grand-Prix (Four) Cancelled Morizes
 September 19 Grand-Prix (Five) Cancelled Herxheim
 August 22 Challenge Cancelled Scheessel
 August 22 Challenge* Pardubice
 September 26 Team Championship Cancelled Roden

European Grasstrack Solo Championship

 June 6 Sem-final (One) Cancelled Bielefeld
 July 3 Sem-final (Two) Cancelled Tayac
 August 15 Final Cancelled Leamington Spa

European Grasstrack Sidecar Championship

 August 22 Semi-final Cancelled Eenrum
 September 25 Final Cancelled Pfarrkirchen

Right-hand Oceania Sidecar Championship

 April 17 Championship Gillman


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