March 2013

31 March 2013: Riders A-Z: Richard MooreRob Winspear and James Wells added.

31 March 2013: Yorkshire Juniors with Sidecars at Scunthorpe Speedway on April 14th Poster added.

30 March 2013: Riders A-Z Terry Nicholas added.

29 March 2013: Riders A-Z J. Baggaley, Colin Bailey, M. Bailey, Martin Bailey, Norman ‘Rocky’ Bailey (1), Norman Bailey (2), Steve Bailey, J. Bainbridge, Joe Baird, Glen Baker, K. Baker, M. Baker, Martin Baker, Peter Baker, Shane Baker, F. Balcolme, Nammon Baldwin, Kevin Ball, Phil Ball, A. Monty Banks, Colin Banks, Graham Banks, H.J. Banks, Denny Barber, M. Barber, Benjamin ‘Ben’ Barker added.

28 March 2013: Bewdley meeting on April 21st has been postponed to Monday 27th May.

27 March 2013: Riders A-Z Martin Aubrey, Dave Aungier, Graham Austin, Jack Austin, Les Austin, Paul Austin, W. Austin, Josh Auty, Tudor Aykbourn, Brian Ayres, B. Ayrton, Junaed Azhar added.

27 March 2013: Riders A-Z Chris Still added.

25 March 2013: British Sand Racing Championship Poster added for 22 June.

25 March 2013: Ledbury meeting on April 7 is CANCELLED. It has been re-arranged for May 5.

24 March 2013: Riders A-Z Chris Downs, Andy DyeAndrew EvansSteve MaitlandJohn MorrisPaul NelsonJason O’DonnellMick Payne, Tom Penfold, Tony Penfold added.

22 March 2013: Burton & Leicester meetings on 31st March & 1st April at Donington CANCELLED due to the Weather.

21 March 2013: Riders A-Z Charlie Ridley & Steve BowlesAlex Balman & Eirwyn Balman added.

20 March 2013: Riders A-Z Martin CuffMike DownsDarren MorrisSteve NorthBilly Penfold & Gary Potter added.

19 March 2013: Riders A-Z Tim Nobes added.

19 March 2013: Regs & Entry form added for meetings on April 28, June 23 and September 1.

19 March 2013 Posters added for Lancashire meeting  on April 28.

19 March 2013: Lancashire 2013 Membership added.

18 March 2013: Riders A-Z Charlie Saunders added.

17 March 2013: Cornwall Solo meeting on 3oth & 31st March is CANCELLED due to lack of Entries.

16 March 2013: Fixtures – All FGA added.

15 March 2013: Woodbridge meeting on Saturday 23rd March is CANCELLED due to waterlogged field.

7 March 2013: Fixtures Maidstone Aces added for October 6 @ Hop Farm.

3 March 2013: Regs added for Yorkshire on April 14th & Bristol Blazer on May 19th.

3 March 2013: Riders A-Z Gareth Winterburn added.

2 March 2013: Riders A-Z Neal OwenWayne Rickards & Danny Boyle added.

1 March 2013: Riders A-Z Daz Whetstone added.

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