Richard Moore

Nationality: England.

Home Town:  Weybridge.

Class: Right-hand Sidecar (Driver).

Passenger: Rob Winspear; Others: Rick McAuley, David Williams, Gareth Little, Ben Molloy, Carl Pugh.

Family Connections: George Moore (Son).


Major Honours

Sidecar Speedway World Championship: Third 2010, Other Appearances: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.

European Sidecar Bonanza: Second 2005.

British Sidecar Speedway Championship: Second 2008, Third 2003.

Track Racing Championship: Third 2012.


Other Majors

North of England Speedway Championship: Second 2001.


Club Successes

2015: Second Roden2014: Second Peterborough (ss)2012: Second Peterborough (TRC2) x2, Third Peterborough (ss); 2011: Second Peterborough (ss); 2008: First Reading (ss), Second Plymouth (ss)Swindon (ss), Third Isle of Wight (ss) x2; 2007: Third Plymouth (ss); 2006: Second Isle of Wight (ss).

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