Gareth Winterburn

Nationality: England.

Home Town: Leeds.

Class: Right-hand Sidecars (Driver).

Passenger:  Ryan WhartonBilly Winterburn, Nathan Winterburn, Liam Brown, Lewis Middleton, Ben Molloy, Mark Truscott, Shaun Simpson, Chris Winterburn; Drivers: Rod Winterburn.

Family Connections: Rod Winterburn (Father), Billy Winterburn (Brother), Chris Winterburn (Uncle), Nathan Winterburn (Cousin), Tris Winterburn (Cousin), James Laurie (Cousin), Jamie Laurie (Cousin), John Winterburn (Uncle), Martin Winterburn (Uncle).


Major Honours


British Masters Championship
First 2018, 2019, Third 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.
Top Ten Finishes: 2010, 2011, 2012.
Challenge: First 2010, 2014, Second 2012.

British Sand Racing Championship
First 2015, Second 2016, Third 2013.


Sidecar World Championship
Appearances: 2008.

British Masters Championship
Top Ten Finish: 2007, 2008.
Challenge: First 2007.


Other Majors


British Best Pairs: Second 2008.
Inter-Centre Championship: First 2009.
Track Racing Championship: Third 2009.
Midland Centre Championship: Third 2008.

David Nix Memorial: Joint First 2007.
International Lincolnshire Poacher: Second 2007.
Ledbury Leader: First 2006, 2008, Second 2007.
Three Pairs Flyer:  First 2007, Second 2008.
Worcester Winner: Second 2006.


East Midland Championship: First 2019.
South-Eastern Centre Championship: Third 2009, 2015.

Champion of Champions: Second 2016, 2017, Third 2008, Under 30 First 2016.
David Nix Memorial: Second 2012.
International Lincolnshire Poacher: First 2015, Second 2014, 2016, 2017.
Kings of Speed: Third 2012.
Ledbury Leader: First 2010, Second 2009.
Master of Midshires: Second 2015, Third 2009.
Symon Wall Memorial: Third 2012.
Wimborne Whoppa: Second 2016, First 2018.


Club Successes


2018: First Cheshire; 2017: Second Cheshire2016: Second Pickering2015: First Mid Cornwall, Third Coventry2014: First WainfleetPeterborough, Second Frittenden, Cheshire, LOGA, Second SCA, Third Peterborough (ss)Cheshire, Dunmow, 2013: First PickeringCheshire; Second Yorkshire2012: Equal Second Fenland, Second SCAAstra2011: Second Bandit, Cornwall Solo, Pickering, Equal Second Cheshire; 2010: Third Bewdley, Cornish Solo; 2009: First Bewdley, Second Ledbury, BewdleyFenland.


2011: Equal First Grassroots2009: First Birmingham (ss), Third Plymouth (ss), Grassroots, Plymouth (ss), Plymouth (ss); 2008: First Worcestershire, Fenland, Second Worcestershire, Third AstraBurton & Leicester; 2007: First WainfleetLedbury, Cheshire, Second Burton & Leicester, Burton & Leicester, Third Burton & Leicester; 2006: First Cheshire, Pickering x2, Second Burton & Leicester, Third Wainfleet.


2009: Third Pickering.

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