Paul Marley

Nationality: England

Class: Left-hand Sidecar (Driver).

Passenger: Richard Webb; Others: Nick Barker, Andy Dye.

Sponsor: Gary’s Landscapes.


Major Honours

British Championship: Second 2012, Third 2011.


Other Majors

South Eastern Centre Championship: Second 2011, Third 2012SE Centre Speed Shield Winner: 2011; Battle of Britain: First 2011, Third 2010Kent Kracker: First 2011Mick Steer Trophy: Second 2010Scintillator: First 2012, 2010.


Other Successes

2014: Third Frittenden2011: First Maidstone, GTSA, Second Frittenden; 2010: First Somerton, Second Frittenden (BC1); 2009: First GTSA, Second Frittenden x2GTSA, Second Cornwall, Third Cornwall.


2008: Third Kings of Speed, 2007: First Cornwall.

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