Stephen Green


Nationality: England.

Home Town: Sudbury.

Class: 500cc, Vintage Solos.


Major Honours

European Championship
Finalist: 2020.
Semi-final  2019.

British Masters Championship
Top Ten Finish: 2018, 2019.
Appearances 2002.


Other Majors

Upright British Championship: 500cc First 2016, Second 2015.

Eastern Centre Championship: Uprights First 2016, 2017, 2018, Second  2015.
South-Eastern Centre Championship: Unlimited First 2018, Third 2016, 500cc Third 2018, Uprights: First 2016, 2017.
South Midlands Centre Championship: Uprights First 2017.

Battle of Britain: Uprights First 2015, 2018, Second 2016.
David Nix Memorial: First 2006.
Frittenden Flyer: 500cc Third 2018Uprights First 2016, Second 2017.
Jon Underwood: 500cc Second 2018Uprights: First 2016, 2017.
Master of MidshiresUprights Second 2017, Third 2016.
Wimborne Whoppa: Third 2018.


Club Successes

2020: First GWR, Second GWR; 2019: First GWR, Third SCA; 2018: First GWR x2, Second GWR2017: First GWR x2, Second SCA, Frittenden2016: First SCAFenland2015: First Frittenden, Equal First GWR, Second Fenland, Frittenden, SCA2014: Third Dunmow; 2007: First Fenland, Woodbridge, Third Fenland.

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