Darren Wilce


Nationality: England.

Class: Right-hand Sidecars (Driver/Passenger).

Drivers: Steve Smith, Andy Symons, Paul Johnson, Joe Sturtridge, John Halsey, Ian McAuleyIvor Matthews, Rick McAuley, Rob Bradley, Andy Robson.

Passengers: Luke Wright, Dave Williams, Kylub Wilce.


Major Honours

World Championship
Appearances: 2009.

British Masters Championship
Top Ten Finishes: 2002, 2018.
Other Appearances: 2001, 2004.
Challenge: Equal First 2002.


Other Majors

World Super Cup: First 2001; Best Other Result: First Coventry 2001.

Southern Centre Championship: Third 2008.

Champion of Champions: Third 2002.
Hangover: Second 2002/03.
Masters of Midshires: Second 2018.
Salisbury Sizzler: First 2002, 2004.


Club Meetings

2008: First Bridgwater, Second Bridgwater.

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