Grasstrack Fixtures 2012





8 Danebury
Burnfield New Year Spinner Stockbridge Cancelled  


11 Moonfleet
17 Cornwall Solo
17 Woodbridge   Diss Results  
18 Cornwall Solo Adult & Youth   Cancelled  
18 Bristol   Lower Stanton  Results
24 Burton & Leicester Donington Demon “Little Devils” (East Midlands Youth Championship) Donington Park Results  
25 Somerton Spring Grasstrack   Cancelled  
25 Burton & Leicester Donington Demon “Old Devils” (Adult Only Practice) Donington Park    


1 Ledbury The Ledbury Leader (Incorporating The Roger Williams Trophies) Leddington Results Photos
7 Fenland Youth & VMCC Wood Walton Results Photos
8 SWeGA   Thorverton 
8 Fenland Jon Underwood Trophy Wood Walton Results Photos
9 Maidstone Aces Scintillator Collier Street Results Photos
14 FGA Club Championship (R1) Malpas Results
15 Worcestershire Mick Burton Memorial Trophy & Buildbase Championship (R1) Alcester Results Photos
15 Yorkshire Jnrs Speedway Challenge Scunthorpe Results  
15 N&S Jnrs      
21 Cornwall Solo   St. Erme Cancelled  
22 Lancashire Spring Classic & Top Gun (R1) Much Hoole Results
22 Cornwall Solo Adult & Youth St. Erme Cancelled  
29 Frittenden The Battle of Britain Frittenden Cancelled  
29 VMCC Chalfont Hillclimb   Cancelled  


5 Guernsey Sand Racing Club Championship (Round Three) Vazon Beach    
6 Wainfleet Robert Chatterton Trophy & Junior Poacher  Irby-in-the-Marsh  Cancelled  
6 Longtrack World Longtrack (Qualifying Round – One) Muhldorf Results  
7 Peterchurch     Cancelled  
7 Frittenden The Battle of Britain Frittenden Cancelled  
12 Burton & Leicester Donington Demon “The Main Event” (& E. Mids Youth Championship) Donington Park Cancelled  
13 Midshires Masters of Midshires Ashorne Cancelled  
13 N&S Jnrs Youth Only      
19 Mid Cornwall Prem Track Racing Championship (Round One) Peterborough Results  
19 Cornwall Solo Youth St. Erme  Results
19 Fenland Youth & VMCC Woodwalton Cancelled  
19 Guernsey Sand Racing Club Championship (Round Four) Vazon Beach    
20 Mid Cornwall Prem Track Racing Championship (Round One) Peterborough Results
20 Cornwall Solo Adult & Youth St. Erme  Results
20 Fenland Club & South Midland Centre Championship (Rounds) Woodwalton Cancelled  
26 International European Solo (Semi-final 1) Artigues de Lussac  Results  
27 SWeGA British Masters Challenge Thorverton  Results  
27 Maidstone Aces Bandit Collier Street Results Photos


2 International World Longtrack (Qualifying Round – Two) Tayac Results  
3 International European Solo (Semi-final 2) Bielefeld Cancelled  
3 Bridgwater   Spaxton   Results  
3 Wainfleet David Nix Memorial Adult & Youth  Irby-in-the-Marsh Results Photos
3 VMCC   Chalfont    
5 Moonfleet        
9 International World Longtrack (Round One) Forssa Results  
9 Ledbury An Evening of Grasstrack Racing   Results Photos
9 International 125cc FIM Youth Gold Trophy      
9 Guernsey Sand Racing Club Championship (Round Five) Vazon Beach    
10 Lancashire Diamond Jubilee Dunham Heath Cancelled  
10 Mid Cornwall Prem European Sidecar (Semi-final) & TRSC (Round 3) Roche Cancelled  
16 N&S Jnrs Youth Only (Father Day – Day 1)      
17 International World Longtrack (Round Two) Forus Results  
17 Heart of England     Cancelled  
17 N&S Jnrs Youth Only (Father Day – Day 2)      
17 Yorkshire Jnrs Club Championship (Round Two) & Top Gun (R2) Mirfield Cancelled  
23 International World Longtrack (Team) St. Macaire Results  
23 Guernsey British Sand Racing Championship Vazon Bay  Results Photos
23 Woodbridge   Diss Results  
30 FGA Club Championship (R2) Malpas Results
30 Cornwall Solo Youth   Results Photos
30 Western Classic AMCA British Bike Bonanza Grasstrack  Nailsworth  


1 Cornwall Solo British Championship St. Erme Results Photos
7 International World Longtrack (Round Three) Groningen Results  
7 Wimborne Junior Whoppa, Pre 75s & Quads Uddens Cancelled  
8 Wimborne Rob King Party Grasstrack Uddens Cancelled  
8 VMCC   Mallory Park    
8 Cheshire Jim Rowlinson Memorial & Top Gun (R3) Mow Cop Cancelled  
8 Pickering   Husthwaite    
13 International World Longtrack (Round Four) Marmande Results  
14 International European Sidecar (Semi-final (Re-Run)) Loppersum  Results  
15 Worcestershire   Alcester Cancelled  
15 VMCC   Oxford    
15 Yorkshire Jnrs Club Championship (Round Three) Mirfield Cancelled  
22 Bristol Ken Melksham Memorial Lower Stanton Cancelled  
22 N&S Jnrs Youth Only      
28 International European Sidecar (Final) & Solo Semi-final (Two) Werlte Res  Res  
29 Woodbridge Eastern Centre Championships Iken Results Photos
29 Ledbury British Upright Championship Leddington Cancelled  
29 SWeGA   Thorverton  Results  
29 Pickering Club Meeting & Top Gun (R4)      


5 Astra North v South Swingfield Results
5 VMCC Including Eastern Centre Uprights Championship Latchington Results  
5 Bridgwater   Spaxton Results  
11 FGA Club Championship (R3) Gresford Results
11 Yorkshire Jnrs British Youth Championships Emley Results  
12 Worcestershire British Under 21 C’ships (Incorerating the Buildbase R2 & John Webb Memorial Alcester  Results  
12 500 SCA Roy Bell Meeting High Easter Cancelled  
12 Yorkshire Jnrs Club Championship (Round Four) & Top Gun (R5) Emley Results  
12 N&S Jnrs Youth Only      
12 Pickering        
30 FGA Club Championship (R4) Chetton Results
18 Fenland Norman Southgate, Bill Barley and John Morrey Memorial Woodwalton Results Photos
19 International European Solo (Final) Eenrum Results  
19 Fenland VMCC Woodwalton Results  
19 Bewdley Bewdley Bonanza   Cancelled  
19 VMCC   Daventry    
26 Wainfleet International Lincolnshire Poacher Thorpe St. Peter Results Photos
27 Peterchurch     Cancelled  


1 FGA Club Championship (R5) Chetton Results
1 N&S Jnrs Youth Only (Double Header (1))      
2 Frittenden British Masters Frittenden Results Photos
2 N&S Jnrs Youth Only (Double Header (2))      
2 VMCC   Daventry    
8 International World Longtrack (Round Five) Morizes  Results   
8 Burton & Leicester The Main Event (Incorporating E. Mids Championship & Jim Randall Trophy – R1) Donington Park Cancelled  
8 Wimborne Junior Whoppa Uddens  Results  
9 Pickering Pre 75 British Championship   Cancelled  
9 Lancashire Stuart Mellish Memorial Much Hoole Results  
9 Wimborne Whoppa Uddens  Results
9 Dunmow The Good, the Bad, at Ugley Ugley Results Photos
9 International European Youth 125 (Final) Blihjam    
15 International World Longtrack (Round Six) Vechta Results  
15 International European Youth 125cc & 250cc (Final) Vechta    
15 Mid Cornwall Prem Track Racing Championship (Round Three & Final One) Peterborough Results  
16 Bridgwater      Cancelled   
16 Invicta Memorial Kings of Speed Collier Street Results
16 Yorkshire Jnrs Club Championship (Round Thee & White Rose Championship) Mirfield Results
16 Cheshire Roy Holding Memorial  Scholar Green Results  
22 International World Longtrack Challenge Marianske Lazne  Results   
22 SWeGA SW Championship Thorverton  Cancelled  
22 N&S Jnrs Training      
23 Ledbury Upright British Championship Leddington Results Photos
23 VMCC Chalfont Hillclimb      
29 500 SCA Floodlit Meeting High Easter Results  
30 Heart of England  Charity Grasstrack Rugby Results Photos
30 Woodbridge   Rendham  Results
30 Pickering Club & Top Gun (R7) Kirby Misperton   Cancelled  


6 Cornwall Solo Cornish Youth Championship (Round) St. Erme  Cancelled  
7 Astra International Speed Track Lydden Cancelled  
7 GTSA Post Olympic Swingfield Results  
7 Cornwall Solo Cornish Adult Championship & Junior GrandSlam (Incorporating  Bill Gribble Memorial Shield)  St. Erme Cancelled  
7 Yorkshire Jnrs Club Championship (Round Six) Emley Cancelled  
14 Worcestershire  Buildbase Championship (Final Round)  Alcester Results  
14 Maidstone Aces South East Centre Championship Collier Street Results Photos
20 Mid Cornwall Premier Cancelled   
21 Danebury
Pre 75 British Championship, Youth Best Pairs, Danebury Championship & Trophy Meeting Stockbridge Results  
28 Frittenden Season Finale Frittenden Cancelled


4 Frittenden Season Finale Frittenden Cancelled  
5 Moonfleet     Cancelled  
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