Josh Goodwin

Nationality: England.

Home Town: Tonbridge.

Class: 250cc Solos & 500cc Sidecars (Driver).

Passenger:  Liam Brown.

Previous Passenger: Anthony Goodwin, Natasha Bartlett, Jonathan CookHenk Auwema, Scott Goodwin.

Family Connections: Lester Goodwin (Father), Scott Goodwin (Cousin), Anthony Goodwin (Uncle), Martin Goodwin (Uncle), Mal Goodwin (Uncle), Clive Goodwin (Uncle).


Major Honours

European Championship: First 2014, Finalist 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, Semi-final 2011.

British Championship: First 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, Second 2010.


Other Majors

Eastern Centre Championship: Third 2013, 2018.

Battle of Britain: First 2017, Second 2018, Third 2016.
Frittenden Flyer: Second 2018.
Jon Underwood: First 2013.
Kent Kracker: First 2010, 2011.
Kings of Speed: First 2012.
Lester Goodwin Memorial: First 2012.
Lester Goodwin Trophy: First 2011, Third 2013.
Ledbury Leader: First 2017, 2018, Second 2016.
Wimborne Whoppa: First 2018, Second 2016.

Jim Coles Spectacular: Second 2009.


Club Successes

2017: First Astra (SS1), Cheshire (SS3), Mid Cornwall (SS4), SCA (SS5), Third Midshires (SS2)2016: First Astra (SS), Wainfleet (SS), SCA (SS), Astra, Third Hayes & Southall2015: Third Mid Cornwall; 2014: Second Maidstone2013: First FenlandBewdley, Peterchurch2010: First Cheshire; Joint First Bandit, Third Fenland (CC).

250cc Solo

2009: Second Jim Coles Spectacular.


Continental Successes

2016: Third Hertingen; 2015: Second Stadskanaal, Third Vries; 2014: First Roden,  Siddeburen, Second Roden,  Third Balkbrug, Loppersum; 2010: Third Noordwolde.


Major Youth Honours

National Youth Championship: 125cc First 2008.

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