Kings of Speed 16-9-12

Kings of Speed Memorial- In memory of Vince Kinchen, Symon Wall and Lester Goodwin

The eagerly anticipated ‘Kings of Speed’ got off to a pleasant start as tributes were made those who were so cruelly taken from us in recent times. The wives of Vince, Lester and Symon were all heavily involved in kicking off this prestigious meeting; a wonderful tribute to three fast, competitive, brilliant men. Hundreds of balloons (including balloons displaying the racing colours of the late riders)  were released into the air on the commencement of the meeting whilst a sound system played music. In practice, the circuit had been very slick, but looked a picture when racing commenced.

Race 1 (500cc Sidecars): 1st. Josh Goodwin/Liam Brown, 2nd. Simon Beard/Carl Daw, 3rd. Stinus Lund/Mike Frederiksson, 4th. Barrie Bennett/Eifion Hughes, 5th. Jo Jo Van Der Werff/Erik Van Dijk, 6th. Gary Southgate/Natasha Bartlett. Time: 1.32.72

The racing got off to a heart stopping moment when Barrie Bennett/Eifion Hughes found themselves completely sideways in the middle of the first bend. The track was clearly still quite greasy in places. Luckily, those coming behind were able to avoid him and he was able to continue. This wouldn’t be the last of the Welsh crews’ dramas! Simon Beard/Carl Daw leant on Josh Goodwin/Liam Brown going into the first bend and led out of it. Goodwin picked up plenty of speed entering the pit bend, rounding Beard and stretching a convincing lead. Later in the race, Bennett managed to push Danish visitors Lund/Frederiksson and gave them something to think about for a couple of laps. Goodwin looked like he’d never been away.

Race 2 (500cc Sidecars): 1st. Shaun Harvey/Danny Hogg, 2nd. Nick/Abi Radley, 3rd. Dave Carvill/Karl Webb, 4th. Mike Read/Mark Hopkins, 5th. Scott Dunn/Scott Goodwin, 6th. Rob/Sam Heath. Time: 1.32.74

The Radley’s reached the first turn level with Harvey/Hogg but it was the inside line held by Harvey that assured he’d lead out of the bend. After that, Nick/Abi couldn’t find a way to attack for first place. The rest of the outfits followed each other around for the rest of the race. Interestingly, Harvey’s time was just 2 hundredths of a second off Goodwin’s time in the previous race. This was going to be a competitive class.

Race 3 (Solos) 1st. Danny Warwick, 2nd. Mark Baseby, 3rd. Mark Stiekema, 4th. Christian Hulshorst, 5th. Bertjan Bos, 6th. Paul Evitts, 7th. Warren Atkinson, 8th. Chris Mills. Time: 1.20.29

The day started off disastrously for Chris Mills. The speedway ace left the start line without a foot rest. As he entered the first bend, he immediately slowed, finding it impossible to race at any speed. No such worries for the other speedway man, Danny Warwick, who rode a great wide line on the first bend to lead going up the back straight. Mark Baseby looked like he might come on terms with Warwick, but pushed too hard on the top bend, narrowly avoiding the famous Collier Street boards on exiting. This left Warwick to take an impressive opening win.

Race 4 (Solos): 1st. Rob Mear, 2nd. Randy Oldenziel, 3rd. Martyn Sturgeon, 4th. Adam Filmer, 5th. Nick Lourens, 6th. Cory Gathercole, 7th. Gareth Hickmott, 8th. Hessel Auwema. Time: 1.21.66

A tapes to flag victory for Rob Mear. The Lakeside Hammer looked in tremendous form. The circuit had become very slick and none of the riders were able to find any drive to catch each other. Oldenziel looked a quick campaigner in second.

Race 5 (Solos): 1st. Hunter Anderson, 2nd. Lars Zandvliet, 3rd. Charlie Saunders, 4th. Henry Van Der Steen, 5th. Glen Phillips, 6th. Charley Powell, 7th. Aaron Pease, 8th. Matt Ethrington. Time: 1.23.30

This race proved a tremendous introduction to Hunter Anderson. The Aussie youngster made a dreadful start but the way he worked his way through the field was nothing short of magical. Lars Zandvliet made a good start and lead for a lap before coming under attack from in-form Charlie Saunders. But Saunders had not accounted for the Australian, who first rode around the outside of Saunders and Van Der Steen on the top bend and then rounded Zandvliet around the pit bend. A fantastic race.

Race 6 (Solos): 1st. Cameron Woodward, 2nd. Edward Kennett, 3rd. Rob Fortune, 4th. Dave Mears, 5th. Adam Ellis, 6th. Stuart Mears, 7th. Scott Cresswell. Time: 1.19.41

Masters Champion Cameron Woodward picked up where he left off in British Grasstrack with a devastating win. Coventry Bees man Edward Kennett did all he could to stay with the flying Aussie early on, but he simply could not match him for speed. Still, Kennett looked impressive in 2nd whilst two veterans squabbled over 3rd. A chase to the line saw Rob Fortune just keeping a wheel in front of Dave Mears. Woodward’s time confirmed that he was simply a cut above once again.

Race 7 (1000cc Sidecars): 1st. Pete Lloyd/Daz Whetstone, 2nd. Mick Stace/Gareth Little, 3rdNeal Owen/Terry Madley, 4th. Mick Cave/Ben Goddard, 5th. Mark Warren/Mark Wilkes, 6th. Dave Penfold/Richard Webb. Time: 1.34.52

Lloyd/Whetstone made a cracking start to lead into the first bend with Cave/Goddard in close proximity. Cave went backwards from there as he was first overtaken by his former passenger Mick Stace on exiting the first turn and then Neal Owen/Terry Madley coming into the top bend. Having their best ride on the grass to date, Stace/Little pushed Lloyd for a couple of laps before a small mistake in the exit of the pit bend gave Lloyd some breathing space. Owen and stand-in passenger Terry Madley had to work hard for their 3rd place, as they entered the first turn last.

Race 8 (1000cc Sidecars): 1st. Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth, 2nd. Rob Wilson/Terry Saunters, 3rdColin Blackbourn/Carl Pugh, 4th. Robbie Wilson/Bradley Steer, 5th. Tris Winterburn/George Moore, 6th. Paul/Steve Standing. Time:1.30.88

If Cameron Woodward looked impressive in the solo class, Cossar/Blyth looked simply unstoppable in the big chairs. However, it was Rob Wilson/Terry Saunters who leapt out of the gate and lead Cossar for a lap. But there was no stopping the Masters champions. They went around the outside of Wilson at such tremendous speed, and stretched a devastating lead. Wilson, who has had some fabulous rides himself at The Boarded Circuit, could only watch as Cossar disappeared into the distance. In form Colin Blackbourn/Carl Pugh looked like they might catch Wilson but struggled for drive exiting the pit bend on lap 3, slowing their progress. Cossar’s time was four seconds quicker than Peter Lloyd’s in the previous heat.

Race 9 (1000cc Sidecars): 1st. Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott, 2nd. Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown, 3rd. Gareth/Billy Winterburn, 4th. Will Offen/Nicky Owen, 5th. Matt Tyrrell/Mark Courtney. Time: 1.33.11

Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott made use of a cracking start to win from tapes to flag. They were helped also by the action behind them, as Winterburn Senior, Winterburn Jnr, Will Offen and their respective passengers tripped over one another, scrambling for 2nd. All three streaked down the back straight locked together. Offen/Owen made a mistake as they turned into the bend much tighter, rode over a patch of damp grass and lost ground on the family feud which continued around them.

Race 10 (1000cc Sidecars): 1st. John Hiscock/Carl Bell, 2nd. Trevor Colvin/Paul Whitelam Jnr, 3rd. Pete/Steve Colvin, 4th. Tony/Tom Penfold, 5th. Mick Payne/Tony Heath. Time: 1.37.06

A cracking gate by Hiscock/Bell saw them take an impressive win in this heat. They were put under pressure early on by Ryan Partridge/Gary Shearer until their machine halted on the back  straight. Trevor Colvin/Paul Whitelam Jnr plugged away at Hiscock on the inside, whilst the other Colvin crew tried to mount a wide attack. But Hiscock fended off both, to take a well earnt victory.

Race 11 (500cc Sidecars): 1st. Harvey/Hogg, 2nd. Radley/Radley, 3rd. Bennett/Hughes, 4th. Van Der Werff/Van Dijk, 5th. Carvill/Webb, 6th. Lund/Frederiksson. Time: 1.30.98

Another close first bend from Radley and Harvey once again saw Harvey lead out of the turn. This time, he had the outside run and made use of it. Radley had no answer to Harvey after this. Bennett/Hughes had a tough race, being attacked by Dave Carvill/Karl Webb. Bennett rode an intelligent race to fend off the number 55 outfit. Carvill/Webb were then moved back to 5th by the Clerk of the Course, assumingly for running outside the confines of the circuit, though it was never announced.

Race 12 (500cc Sidecars): 1st. Goodwin/Brown, 2nd. Dunn/Goodwin, 3rd. Beard/Daw, 4th. Read/Hopkins, 5th. Heath/Heath. Time: 1.30.97

The race produced a tight first bend as Josh Goodwin found himself sandwiched between Beard/Daw and Dunn/Goodwin. He shook himself off of Beard but appeared locked together with Dunn until the crews finally parted company on the exit of the bend. Goodwin then set off after Beard and roared around the outside of Beard on the pit bend. He then caught Dunn going into the top bend and rounded him too to take his 2nd win of the afternoon. Gary Southgate/Natasha Bartlett pulled out with mechanical trouble. The race times of the two 500cc sidecar races were again impossibly close; this time just 1 hundredth of a second separated them. It was looking good for a Harvey/Goodwin clash, but we would have to wait until the final.

Race 13 (Solos): 1st. Oldenziel, 2nd. Sturgeon, 3rd. Ellis, 4th. Evitts, 5th. Lourens, 6th. Rollinson, 7th. Atkinson

After a disappointing opening ride, Cory Gathercole flew out of the trap and lead comfortably for two laps. But then disaster struck the Australian, the bike coming to a grinding halt on the top bend. This left Martyn Sturgeon, on borrowed machinery, to fight Randy Oldenziel for the win. Sturgeon did what he could to hold the Dutchman out on the wide line but Oldenziel was able to win it by a wheel. Tragedy for Gathercole.

Race 14 (Solos): 1st. Saunders, 2nd. Anderson, 3rd. Stiekema, 4th. Van Der Steen, 5th. Hulshorst, 6th. D.Mears, 7th. Zandvliet, 8th. Cresswell. Time: 1.20.92

Charlie Saunders has shown a rich vein of form recently. He performed a fantastic first turn to come out in front of the pack and create a gap between himself and the scrapping pack. Mark Stiekema had initially made the gate but lost out to Saunders, who looked super fast. Again, Hunter Anderson looked exciting. He made a poor start but was riding a spectacular wide line and picked off world class riders to get himself into 2nd. Saunders had already bolted. Zandvliet and Hulshorst were both moved back a place, but it was never explained why.

Race 15 (Solos): 1st. Mear, 2nd. Phillips, 3rd. Warwick, 4th. Baseby, 5th. Fortune, 6th. Bos. Time: 1.21.39

Rob Mear once again made a great start to narrowly lead into the first bend. He was kept honest throughout the race by Glen Phillips though, who chased hard for four laps. Danny Warwick, after trapping poorly, rode a brave first bend to round most of the pack and get himself into 3rd. A good race between the top two.

Race 16 (Solos): 1st. Woodward, 2nd. Kennett, 3rd. Mills, 4th. Hickmott, 5th.S.Mears, 6th. Pease, 7th. Auwema. Time:1.19.04

Another devastating display by Cameron Woodward. He made a sublime start and pulled away with every turn of the wheel. Eddie Kennett, slightly unfortunate to have met Woodward two heats in a row, looked good again for second whilst Chris Mills had to work hard on the first bend to slot into 3rd. Woodward was so fast.

Race 17 (1000cc Sidecars): 1st. Winterburn/Brown, 2nd. Wilson/Saunters, 3rd. Lloyd/Whetstone, 4th. Colvin/Colvin, 5th. Colvin/Whitelam Jnr, 6th. Offen/Owen. Time: 1.32.16

Another piece of bad luck for Rob Wilson occurred when exiting the start. He touched the outfit of Lloyd/Whetstone, putting him down the order going into the first bend. Pete/Steve Colvin made a trademark flying start but they were thoroughly beaten up coming back into the top bend. They ran very wide, allowing the whole field up the inside. Wilson/Saunters worked hard early on to claw themselves back up to 2nd, but had no answer for Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown. A good scrap for 5th saw Trevor Colvin and Will Offen swapping places several times.

Race 18 (1000cc Sidecars): 1st. Winterburn/Winterburn, 2nd. Blackbourn/Pugh, 3rd. Winterburn/Moore, 4th. Stace/Little, 5th. Cave/Goddard, 6th. Penfold/Penfold. Time: 1.33.00

Race 18 provided top class entertainment . Colin Blackbourn/Carl Pugh got a good start and built up what appeared to be a safe lead. However, nobody told Gareth Winterburn, who had spent the early part of the race negotiating the other crews. Once into second, he reeled in Blackbourn with incredible pace. He made himself some room going into the final bend and lead Blackbourn over the line. Further back, Mick Stace/Gareth Little again showed some good form. After running wide in the first bend when in 2nd, they held 3rd until the last bend when Tris Winterburn/George Moore managed to slide past on the inside. A great race.

Race 19 (1000cc Sidecars): 1st. Cossar/Blyth, 2nd. Tyrrell/Courtney, 3rd. Wilson/Steer, 4th. Warren/Wilkes, 5th. Penfold/Webb, 6th. Payne/Heath. Time: 1.29.89

Another dominating victory by Cossar/Blyth, this time making a fabulous start and never looking like being caught. British Left Hand Champions Dave Penfold/Richard Webb made a good gate and entered the first bend in 2nd but was then overtaken left, right and centre in the early stages of the race. He did make Mark Warren/Mark Wilkes work hard for fourth place. Cossar again posted a remarkably quick race time.

Race 20 (1000cc Sidecars): 1st. Whitelam/Ellliott, 2nd. Owen/Madley, 3rd. Hiscock/Bell, 4th. Partridge/Shearer, 5th. Standing/Standing. Time: 1.31.80

Another impressive win for Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott. If anyone was going to challenge Cossar/Blyth today, it looked like it would be them. Fabulous action for second occurred as two rivals locked horns again and produced another memorable battle. Hiscock/Bell got up the inside of Owen/Madley entering the first bend, but Owen found a way back past coming into the following turn. Hiscock, riding a wider line, looked like he might find a way round Owen until Owen blocked his path on exiting the turn. Hiscock kept the Welshman honest, but couldn’t find a way back on terms with him.

Race 21 (500cc Sidecars): 1st. Radley/Radley, 2nd. Harvey/Hogg, 3rd. Dunn/Goodwin, 4th. Beard/Daw, 5th. Van Der Werff/Van Dijk. Time: 1.35.92

The top four hurtled into the first turn absolutely together in this entertaining heat. It was Scott Dunn/Scott Goodwin who broke first and led for a couple of laps. In lap 3, it all kicked off! Shaun Harvey/Danny Hogg, who had been holding 3rd, rounded Nick/Abi Radley on the top bend and then switched to the inside to come underneath Dunn/Goodwin going into the final turn. The Radley’s took advantage of Harvey’s move and also found a way round Dunn on the pit bend. Sadly, Shaun Harvey/Danny Hogg were moved back to 2nd, but the reason was never clarified to the public. A fantastic race between three stalwarts of the class in Britain.

Race 22 (500cc Sidecars): 1st. Goodwin/Brown, 2nd. Carvill/Webb, 3rd. Read/Hopkins, 4th. Lund/Frederiksson, 5th. Heath/Heath. Time: 1.33.59

An unfortunate accident for Barrie Bennett/Eifion Hughes saw Race 22 come to a halt. Bennett/Hughes lost grip on the exit of the first bend, span the machine round and ended upside down. Bennett was taken to hospital but has since been deemed okay. In the rerun, Josh Goodwin made a flying start and was gone. Dave Carvill/Karl Webb, who had looked quicker and quicker, rode a brave first bend to force themselves into 2nd after the leaving the gate relatively slowly. They steamed right around the pack and held 2nd for the rest of the race. After a poor start, Stinus Lund/Mike Frederiksson caught and passed Rob/Sam Heath, who appeared to be struggling.

Race 23 (Solos): 1st. Zandvliet, 2nd. Hulshorst, 3rd. Ellis, 4th. Filmer, 5th. Bos, 6th. Hickmott. Time: 1.24.40

A fine win this time around for Lars Zandvliet. The Dutchman had had an up and down day, but had ended his heats strongly here. Christian Hulshorst made a poor start but worked hard around the outside to pull himself up to third, where he set about catching Anglo-Frenchman Adam Ellis. On the last lap, the German drew a great deal of speed from a wide line to pass Ellis on the outside around the pit bend.

Race 24 (Solos): 1st. Stiekema, 2nd. Warwick, 3rd. Van Der Steen, 4th. Oldenziel, 5th. Evitts, 6th. Fortune. Time: 1.22.10

This time, Mark Stiekema was able to convert his lightning quick starts into a convincing win. It was Danny Warwick who was providing the entertainment. The Isle of Wight teamster made a terrible start, but rode bravely around the pack in the first bend to get himself into 3rd. He then tracked down Henry Van Der Steen, plugging away on the outside before switching to the inside and getting past the Dutchman. He left himself too little time however to make any impression on Stiekema.

Race 25 (Solos): 1st. Woodward, 2nd. Phillips, 3rd. Baseby, 4th. Gathercole, 5th. Lourens, 6th. S.Mears, 7th. Rollinson Time: 1.19.78

Woodward was once again absolutely flying, taking another enormous win in record time. The race for 3rd, however, was superb. The pack raced into the first bend and all went chasing the dirt on the outside, with Gathercole almost colliding with the fence on the exit. Nick Lourens held 3rd for three laps, pressured all the way by Mark Baseby until on the exit of the top bend, Baseby forced Lourens wide towards the fence. Lourens was then overtaken by Cory Gathercole in the fallout of his clash with Baseby, narrowly avoiding the boards himself in the process.

Race 26 (Solos): 1st. Saunders, 2nd. Mear, 3rd. Kennett, 4th. Sturgeon, 5th. D.Mears, 6th. Anderson, 7th. Pease.       Time:1. 21.15

The final solo heat provided high drama as Aaron Pease dropped the machine in a tight first bend. But the real problems occurred on the pit bend as a frightening incident happened with Chris Mills and Hunter Anderson. Both riders clashed and fell heavily. Thankfully, both riders were able to walk away from the accident on the exit of the pit bend but Chris Mills was deemed the cause of the crash and was consequently excluded from the restart. The rerun saw another tight first bend with Rob Mear leading into it. But it was Charlie Saunders who was to put in another good ride who led out of the bend. Again, the pit bend provided more entertainment as everyone looked for a way past. Saunders led Mear, whilst Edward Kennett tried to pass around the outside and Hunter Anderson rode even wider! So wide in fact that he narrowly avoided running out of room altogether. This put him at the back where he could not make up any ground on such stiff competition. Elite League speedway riders Kennett and Mear had a great race for 2nd, with Kennett trying the cut back coming off of the pit bend. But he couldn’t generate enough speed to pass Mear. Anderson was put back a place for running outside the circuit.

Race 27 (1000cc Sidecars): 1st. Blackbourn/Pugh, 2nd. Winterburn/Winterburn, 3rd. Colvin/Colvin, 4th. Lloyd/Whetstone, 5th. Payne/Heath. Time: 1.31.04

Close friend of Symon Wall, Simon Beaney had had a disastrous day. The ex-Duncan Tolhurst Suzuki had misbehaved enough to see him fail to make the start in a race and fail to finish another. This time around, the Suzuki spat the chain out of the back of the machine as soon as the clutch had been dropped, and Beaney was forced to miss another race. The race itself was again a fantastic clash between Blackbourn/Pugh and the Winterburn Brothers. Pete/Steve Colvin again made a good start but Blackbourn got past on the first bend and pulled away to an even bigger lead than he had had in his last clash with the Winterburns. But once again, Gareth and Billy made up so much ground on Blackbourn, again forced a gap and pushed Colin very wide in almost a carbon copy of their previous clash. It was unbelievable that Gareth had made up so much time in the last two laps. However, again the Clerk of the Course would have the final say, swapping the result of the front two, giving Blackbourn his first win of the day.

Race 28 (1000cc Sidecars): 1st. Cossar/Blyth, 2nd. Winterburn/Brown, 3rd. Hiscock/Bell, 4th. Winterburn/Moore, 5th. Penfold/Webb. Time: 1.30.86

A faultless performance by Cossar and Blyth saw them make a cracking start. Another fast starter, John Hiscock and passenger Carl Bell held 2nd into the first lap, but Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown got underneath them going into the pit bend on Lap 2. Winterburn then chased his rival but could make no dent in Cossar’s lead. Hiscock/Bell had to fend off another member of the Winterburn family in the closing stages of the race. Tris Winterburn chased Hiscock to the line but the Renegade team did enough to hold third; their lowest position of a very fine three heats. Mick Cave/Ben Goddard finished their day with disappointment, almost immediately leaving the circuit after the start.

Race 29 (1000cc Sidecars): 1st. Tyrrell/Courtney, 2nd. Offen/Owen, 3rd. Colvin/Whitelam Jnr, 4th. Warren/Wilkes, 5th. Penfold/Penfold, 6th. Standing/Standing. Time: 1.34.28

Cornishmen Matt Tyrrell/Mark Courtney had been struggling to get their speedway outfit off the line all day and this was no exception. It was Will Offen/Nicky Owen, who have come on strong recently, who lead early on. Tyrrell/Courtney were able to force their way up the inside of both Colvin/Whitelam Jnr and Warren/Wilkes on the exit of the first bend and chased after Offen/Owen. Finally, Tyrrell came up the inside of Offen entering the top bend and forced him wide, snatching the lead. Offen kept Tyrrell honest but could find no way back on terms with the Kernow Crew.

Race 30 (1000cc Sidecars): 1st. Whitelam/Elliott, 2nd. Wilson/Saunters, 3rd. Wilson/Steer, 4th. Owen/Madley, 5th. Stace/Little, 6th. Partridge/Shearer. Time: 1.29.82

A spectacular moment at the start saw Neal Owen/Terry Madley perform a skilful wheel stand off the start. They managed to keep the momentum of the Godden going whilst the front wheel stood itself right in the air. Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott were again flawless, and in a very quick time comparable to that of Mark Cossar.

Race 31 (Solo Semi Final 1): 1st. Woodward, 2nd. Kennett, 3rd. Hulshorst, 4th. Baseby, 5th. Oldenziel, 6th. Saunders, 7th. Zandvliet, 8th. Van Der Steen. Time: 1.19.89

Cameron Woodward was again unstoppable in the first semi final with Kennett again having to follow him home after rounding both Hulshorst and Baseby on the first lap. Charlie Saunders languished in last until the last lap, where from nowhere he passed the two Dutch riders which he had been following. Disaster struck Edward Kennett as he crossed the line, his engine blowing itself up and ending his day. He would not take his place in the final.

Race 32 (Solo Semi Final 2): 1st. Phillips, 2nd. Mear, 3rd. Stiekeman, 4th.Warwick, 5th. Anderson, 6th. Fortune. Time: 1.20.97

Glen Phillips made a great start to lead home a faultless race. He had been below par all day but looked like he might be coming into form at the right time. Another tight corner saw the whole field charge towards the dirt on the outside. Mark Stiekema rode a great race to overtake Danny Warwick on the third lap. Both Adam Ellis and Martyn Sturgeon failed to complete race distance.

Race 33 (1000cc Sidecars Semi Final 1): 1st. Cossar/Blyth, 2nd. Wilson/Saunters, 3rd. Blackbourn/Pugh, 4th. Winterburn/Brown, 5th. Colvin/Whitelam Jnr, 6th. Lloyd/Whetstone. Time: 1.28.57

Another jet-propelled getaway from Cossar/Blyth saw them get into the first bend in front, but with Blackbourn/Pugh tucked inside him. For a moment, it looked like Blackbourn might sneak his way past, but Cossar turned the GSX-R power on down the back straight and was not challenged again. Rob Wilson/Terry Saunters worked hard on Blackbourn, eventually finding a way around the outside to ride home their fourth runners up spot of the day; not enough to get in the final. Another unbelievably quick time.

Race 34 (1000cc Sidecars Semi Final 2): 1st. Winterburn/Winterburn, 2nd. Hiscock/Bell, 3rd. Owen/Madley, 4th. Tyrrell/Courtney. Time: 1.32.47

The 2nd semi final required a restart after two outfits touched coming off of the start. Nobody was excluded but Gareth Winterburn appeared to be reprimanded. In the restart, drama occurred almost immediately as Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott, who had been unbeaten, blew their clutch coming off of the line. Equally unfortunate was Pete/Steve Colvin, who were also forced to retire. John Hiscock/Carl Bell had made another great start but were overtaken by the Winterburn Brothers going down the back straight. Hiscock however, held off Neal Owen/Terry Madley to cling on to a good 2nd place. A tremendous last two laps between these two.

Race 35 (500cc Sidecar Final) 1st. Josh Goodwin/Liam Brown, 2nd. Nick/Abi Radley, 3rd. Simon Beard/Carl Daw, 4th. Harvey/Hogg, 5th. Dunn/Goodwin, 6th. Carvill/Webb. Time: No time- 6 laps.

The 500cc Sidecar Final was simply superb. Josh Goodwin/Liam Brown made a poor start and were absolutely nowhere coming out of the first bend. But they rounded the whole pack in one lap! The rest of the pack engaged in a six lap brawl that just kept on giving. Simon Beard/Carl Daw found themselves in second after the first lap melee. Beard, Dunn, Radley and Harvey all tussled over 2nd place for the next 4 laps. On the final bend, Nick/Abi Radley rode a wide line and managed to scrape past Beard/Daw to snatch second. Beard was then left vulnerable to Harvey/Hogg, who oh-so-nearly beat Beard/Daw to the line. A fantastic final with a popular victory for the unstoppable Josh Goodwin and Liam Brown.

Race 36 (Solo Final): 1st. Glen Phillips, 2nd. Mark Stiekema, 3rd. Rob Mear, 4th. Saunders, 5th. Oldenziel, 6th. Anderson. Time: 2.01.74

The drama began immediately in the final. Disaster struck Cameron Woodward as the tapes went up. As the rest of the field left the start, Woodward was left at the line, a broken primary belt the cause. Glen Phillips snatched the opportunity presented to him with another flawless ride to take the Kings of Speed Solo title. Mark Stiekema, who had been impressive all day, was pushing to catch Phillips early on but eventually ran out of steam and became vulnerable to Mear late on in the race. Danny Warwick’s day ended with disaster as he collided with the boards exiting the first bend, crashing out. Warwick did fantastically to get himself up and his machine out of the way so that the race could continue. One man’s heaven was another man’s hell however as Glen Phillips took advantage of the highly impressive Cameron Woodward’s misfortune.

Race 37 (1000cc Sidecar Final) 1st. Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth, 2nd. Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown, 3rd. Gareth/Billy Winterburn, 4th. Whitelam/Elliott, 5th. Blackbourn/Pugh, 6th. Hiscock/Bell. Time: 1.31.51

After his machine problems in his semi final, Paul Whitelam was forced to borrow the machine of Rob Wilson for the final. Again, a restart was required when outfits touched leaving the line. Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth were once again dominant. They made a rocket of a start and never looked like being caught. Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown had a lonely race in 2nd as a tremendous scrap took place behind them. Whitelam/Elliott on borrowed machinery, fought their way past Colin Blackbourn/Carl Pugh late on in the race. And a good race from Gareth Winterburn, who seems to have an excellent passenger in little brother Billy, getting the final place on the sidecar rostrum. Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth were once again simply a cut above the rest with a flawless victory.


500cc Sidecar Points      
1.    Josh Goodwin/Liam Brown 7,7,7 21 1st
2.    Shaun Harvey/Danny Hogg 7,7,5 19 4th
3.    Nick Radley/Abi Radley 5,5,7 17 2nd
4.    Simon Beard/Carl Daw 5,4,3 12 3rd
5.    Dave Carvill/Karl Webb 4,2,5 11 6th
6.    Scott Dunn/Scott Goodwin 2,5,4 11 5th
7.    Mike Read/Mark Hopkins 3,3,4 10  
8.    Stinus Lund/Mike Frederiksson 4,1,3 8  
9.    Barrie Bennett/Eifion Hughes 3,4, 7  
10.   JoJo Van Der Werff/Erik Van Dijk 2,3,2 7  
11.   Rob Heath /Sam Heath 1,2,2 5  
12.   Gary Southgate/Natasha Bartlett 1 1  


International Solo Points
1.    Cameron Woodward 9,9,9,9 36 DNF
2.    Rob Mear 9,9,7,7 32 3rd
3.    Glen Phillips 4,7,7,9 27 1st
4.    Mark Stiekema 6,6,9,6 27 2nd
5.    Danny Warwick 9,6,7,5 27 DNF
6.    Charlie Saunders 6,9,9,3, 27 4th
7.    Edward Kennett 7,7,6,7 27  
8.    Randy Oldenziel 7,9,5,4 25 5th
9.    Hunter Anderson 9,7,3,4 23 6th
10.   Mark Baseby 7,5,6,5 23  
11.   Christian Hulshorst 5,4,7,6 22  
12.   Lars Zandvliet 7,2,9,2 20  
13.   Martyn Sturgeon 6,7,5 18  
14.   Henry Van Der Steen 5,5,6,1 17  
15.   Adam Ellis 4,6,6 16  
16.   Rob Fortune 6,4,3,3 16  
17.   Paul Evitts 3,5,4 12  
18.   Dave Mears 5,3,4 12  
19.   Nick Lourens 4,4,4 12  
20.   Bertjan Bos 4,3,4 11  
21.   Adam Filmer 5,5 10  
22.   Gareth Hickmott 2,5,3 10  
23.   Stuart Mears 3,4,3 10  
24.   Cory Gathercole 3,5 8  
25.   Chris Mills 1,6,x 7  
26.   Aaron Pease 2,3,2 7  
27.   David Rollinson 3,2 5  
28.   Warren Atkinson 2,2, 4  
29.   Charley Powell 3 3  
30.   Scott Cresswell 1,2 3  
31.   Hessel Auwema 1,2 3  
32.   Matt Etherington 1 1  


1000cc Sidecar Scores      
1.    Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth 7,7,7,7 28 1st
2     Gareth Winterburn/Billy Winterburn 4,7,5,7 23 3rd
3.    Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott 7,7,7 21 4th
4.    Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown 5,7,5,3 20 2nd
5.    Colin Blackbourn/Carl Pugh 4,5,7,4 20 5th
6.    John Hiscock/Carl Bell 7,4,4,5 20 6th
7.    Rob Wilson/Terry Saunters 5,5,5,5 20  
8.    Matt Tyrrell/Mark Courtney 2,5,7,3 17  
9.    Neal Owen/Terry Madley 4,5,3,4 16  
10.   Pete Lloyd/Daz Whetstone 7,4,3,1 15  
11.   Trevor Colvin/Paul Whitelam Jnr 5,2,4,2 13  
12.   Pete Colvin /Steve Colvin 4,3,4 11  
13.   Robbie Wilson/Bradley Steer 3,4,4 11  
14.   Mick Stace/Gareth Little 5,3,2 10  
15.   Will Offen/Nicky Owen 3,1,5 9  
16.   Tris Winterburn/George Moore 2,4,3 9  
17.   Mark Warren/Mark Wilkes 2,3,3 8  
18.   Tony Penfold/Tom Penfold 3,1,2 6  
19.   Mick Cave/Ben Goddard 3,2 5  
20.   Dave Penfold/Richard Webb 1,2,2 5  
21.   Mick Payne/Tony Heath 2,1,2 5  
22.   Ryan Partridge/Gary Shearer 3,1 4  
23.   Paul Standing/Steve Standing 1,2,1 4  
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