Grasstrack Fixtures 2006

Tonbridge 5-11-06



8 Salisbury Hangover Shrewton Results  


12 FGA Speedway Challenge (R1) Stoke Results
12 Cornwall Solo   St Erme    
19 Lancs Juniors        
25 Burton & Leicester Training Day Blithbury    
26 Burton & Leicester E. Mids Championship (R1) Blithbury    
26 Somerton SW Centre Championship (R1) Walton Results  
26 Tonbridge & M   Collier Street Results  


2 Astra Champion of Champions Swingfield Cancelled  
2 Leamington Victory   Ashorne Results  
8 Worcestershire Youth Flyer Hindlip Results  
9 Worcestershire Three Pairs Flyer Hindlip Results  
9 Broadhembury   Cullompton Results  
9 Lancs Juniors   Buxton Speedway Results
9 Norfolk & Suffolk   Frettenham Results
16 Wainfleet Including the Junior Poacher Irby-in-the-Marsh Results  
16 Salisbury Sizzler Shrewton Results
17 Wyvern   Yeovil Cancelled  
23 Ledbury Spring Classic Weobley Results  
23 Maidstone        
23 Cornwall Solo   St Erme Results  
23 Yorkshire Jnrs   Denby Dale Results
23 Lakes        
23 VMCC Hillclimb Chalfont St Giles    
29 FGA Club Championship (Round One) Poynton Green Results
30 Swindon   Dauntsey Results
30 Frittenden   Frittenden    
30 Pickering   Hemsley Results  


1 North Berks Berks Bonanza Steventon Results
1 Lancs Juniors Pat Davis Celerbration Meeting Much Hoole    
7 International World Longtrack, Qualifier (1) Morizes (Fra) Results  
7 Cheshire        
7 Mid Cornwall Prem Westcountry Winner Rumford Results  
7 500cc SCA   High Easter Results  
7 Bristol   Allington Results  
7 Norfolk & Suffolk   Frettenham Results
14 International World Longtrack, Qualifier (2) Mulmshorn (Ger) Results  
14 Sidecar Speedway British Championship (R1) Scunthorpe Results
14 Hayes & Southall Jon Underwood Trophy Kings Langley Results
14 SCGTRA Denny Phillips Memorial Owlslebury Results
14 VMCC   Honeydon Results
20 International World Longtrack, Semi-final (1) Artugues de Lussac (Fra) Results  
21 Bewdley Chetton Chaser Chetton Cancelled  
27 International European Grasstrack, Semi-final (1) Gorredijk (Hol) Results  
28 International World Longtrack, Semi-final (2) Pfarrkirchen (Ger) Results  
28 Sidecar Speedway British Championship (R2) Newport Results
28 Wainfleet David Nix Memorial Irby-in-the-Marsh Cancelled  
28 Cornwall Solo   St Erme Results  
28 Swindon Yth   Wootton Bassett    
28 Yorkshire     Cancelled  
29 Leamington Victory British Best Pairs Ashorne Results  
29 SWeGA   Cullompton    
29 Yorkshire Jnrs White Rose Championship   Results


4 Witley & Horsham        
4 Norfolk & Suffolk   Frettenham Results
4 VMCC   Farthingstone Cancelled  
4 Cheshire   Puddington Results
9 FGA Club Championship (Round Two) Malpass Results
10 Fenland First Ever Meeting Wisbech Results
11 International European Grasstrack, Semi-final (2) Bielefeld (Ger) Results
11 Swindon   Dauntsey Results
11 Wimborne Jim Coles Spectacular Uddens Results
11 Lancashire Jnrs        
17 Woodbridge   Glemham Hall Results
18 Dunmow Eastern Centre Championship (R1) Ugley Results
18 Malvern Three Counties Show   Results
18 Cornwall Solo   St Erme Results  
18 Swindon Yth   Wotton Bassett Results
18 Yorkshire Jnrs        
24 Western Classic AMCA Pre 75 Championship Horsley Results
24 International World Longtrack (R1) St Macaire (Fra) Results  
24 FGA Club Championship (Round Three) Crewe Results
25 Pickering British Championship Riseborough Results  
25 Sideways South West   East Ogwell Results


1 Burton & Leicester National Youth Cdhampionship (R1) Tallington Results  
2 Burton & Leicester British Under 21 Championship & Tallington Flyer Tallington Results  
2 SCGTRA Naomi House Charity Owslesbury Results
8 FGA Club Championship (Round Four) Crewe Results
8 VMCC Festival of 1000 Bikes (Day 1) Brands Hatch Results
9 International European Sidecar, Semi-final (1) Noordwolde (Hol) Results
9 Wainfleet David Nix Memorial Irby-in-the-Marsh Results  
9 Swindon   Dauntsey Results
9 Lakes   Holme Cancelled  
9 VMCC Festival of 1000 Bikes (Day 2) Brands Hatch Results
15 Sidecar Speedway British Championship R3 Stoke Results
16 Maidstone Aces Biddenden Bandit Biddenden Results  
16 Cornwall Solo   St Erme Results  
16 Lancs Juniors National Youth & Adult N/W Best Pairs Much Hoole    
22 International European Sidecar, Semi-final (2) Angerod (Ger) Results
22 FGA Club Championship (Round Five) Malpass Results
23 Worcestershire Masters Challenge Hindlip Results  
23 Woodbridge 250cc Open Denton Results
23 Swindon Youth   Wootten Bassett Results
23 Lancs Juniors   Debdale Park Cancelled  
23 Yorkshire Juniors Club Championshop Dodworth Results
28 Sidecar Speedway British Championship R4 Somerset Results
30 Leamington Victory Midland Centre Championship Ashorne Results  
30 ESSA     Cancelled  
30 Pickering   Riseborough Results  
30 Frittenden   Frittenden Results
30 Norfolk & Suffolk   Frettenham Results


5 International Gold Trophy Isle of Wight Results
6 International European Sidecar (Final) Melsungen (Ger) Results
6 GTSA South-East Centre Championships Torry Hill Results
6 SWeGA Devonshire Dumpling Cullompton    
6 Cheshire   Puddington Cancelled  
6 Lancs Juniors   Much Hoole Results
6 Guernsey MCC Condor Ferries Sand Ace Championship Vazon Beach Results
11 Sidecar Speedway Great Britain v Rest of the World Plymouth Results  
12 Sideways South West Ogwell Party East Ogwell Results
12 FGA International 125 British Championships & FGA (R6) Chetton Results
13 Bewdley Bewdley Bonanza Chetton Results  
13 Bridgwater   Spaxton Results  
13 Southend Vintage Championdhip (R3) Latchington Results
13 Pickering Centre Championship (R3) Riseborough Results  
20 International European Grasstrack, Semi-final (3) Swingfield Res Res  
20 Woodbridge Eastern Centre Championships (R2) Rendham Results
20 Yorkshire Juniors National Youth Championships (R2)   Results
27 Wainfleet International Lincolnshire Poacher Thorpe St Peter Results  
27 Cornwall Solo 30th Anniversary St Erme Results  
27 Norfolk & Suffolk   Frettenham Results
28 Wimborne   Uddens Cancelled  
28 Ledbury Peterchurch Show Vowchurch Results  
28 Norfolk & Suffolk   Frettenham Results
29 Sidecar Speedway British Championship R6 Isle of Wight Results


2 International World Longtrack (R2) Morizes (Fra) Results  
2 Carmarthen MCC Narbeth Classic Ammanford Cancelled  
2 Swindon Youth   Chippenham Results
3 SCGTRA Southern Centre Championships Owslesbury Results
3 Bristol Ken Melksham Memorial Trophy Chippenham Results  
3 Hayes & Southall Festival of Grasstrack Buckland Cancelled  
3 Yorkshire Juniors Club Championship (R4) Upper Cumberworth Results
3 Vintage MCC   Quainton Results
9 FGA Club Championship (Round Seven) Chetton Results
10 Mid Cornwall British Masters Championship Wadebridge Results  
10 Swindon Adult   Dauntsey Results
10 Dunmow   Ugley Results
10 Lakes     Cancelled  
16 International World Longtrack (R3) Vechta (Ger) Results  
16 Worcester Yth Club Championship (R3) Hindlip Results  
17 GTSA   Torry Hill Results
17 Worcestershire Worcester Winner Hindlip Results  
17 SWeGA   Harvest Hayze Results
17 Lancs Juniors   Much Hoole Results
23 International European Grasstrack (Final) La Reole Results
24 Maidstone Aces Kent Kracker Biddenham Results  
24 Ledbury Ledbury Leader Weobley Results  
24 Cheshire Pre 75 British Championship Puddington Results
24 Norfolk & Suffolk   Frettenham    
24 Bridgwater   Spaxton Results  
30 International World Longtrack (Challenge) Marmande (Fra) Results  
30 FGA Club Championship (Round Eight) Shawbury Results


1 Pickering Centre Championship (Final Round) Riseborough Results  
1 Wimborne Whoppa Uddens Results
1 Swindon    Dauntsey Results
1 Frittenden    Frittenden    
6 Sidecar Speedway British Championship R7 (Final Round) Swindon Results
7 Danebury   Stockbridge Results
8 Danebury   Stockbridge Results
8 International European Youth Championship Blijham Results  
8 ESSA   Wakes Colne Cancelled  
8 Lancs Juniors   Much Hoole Results
14 Burton & Leicester Training & Youth Tallington    
15 Burton & Leicester E. Mids Centre C’ship (Final Round) & Rory Wrathall Mem Tallington Results  
15 Woodbridge   Denton Results
15 Yorkshire Juniors Club Championship R5 Upper Cumberworth Results
15 Cornwall Solo   St Erme Results  
15 Salisbury     Cancelled  
22 Swindon Youth   Wootton Bassett Cancelled  
22 500cc SCA Abandoned after 10 Heats (Weather) High Easter Results  
29 Astra Capel Classic Capel-le-Fern Results  


4 Tonbridge Junior Burn-up Collier Street Results  
5 Tonbridge Bonfire Burn-up Collier Street Results  
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