British Masters Championship 2012

Frittenden and District MCC had obviously worked very hard on the venue which would play host to the 2012 British Masters Championship. The circuit looked a picture, complete with painted white stakes, white line denoting the inside of the circuit and all the flags, banners and bunting that you would expect to see at a big Grasstrack meeting. Practice made it difficult to predict a winner as everyone looked fast on the super smooth, dust free racing surface.

Race 1: (Solos) 1st. Tom Perry, 2nd. Martyn Sturgeon, 3rd. Rob Finlow, 4th. Tim Nobes, 5th. Harland Cook, 6th. Mark Richardson, 7th. Stuart Mears, 8th. Paul Cooper. Time: 1.17.01 (BOBS VIDEOS)

Tom Perry’s day started as it was to continue with a dreadful start. He found himself way down the order coming out of the first bend. He managed to force his way past Harland Cook, Martyn Sturgeon and Paul Cooper by the start of the final lap and he looked mighty quick. After leading early in the race and then yielding to Perry, Cooper pulled up going down the back straight of the final lap, effectively dashing any hopes of a first Masters title. Nobes’ day also didn’t start as well as he’d hoped. After pushing Cooper early on, he slowed in the final part of the race, going back down the race order. Rob Finlow also had to fight hard for his 3rd place, finding himself at the back at the end of the first lap. Altogether, a highly eventful opening race.

Race 2: (Solos) 1st. Cameron Woodward, 2nd. Charlie Saunders, 3rd. Adam Filmer, 4th. Mitch Godden, 5th. Dave Mears, 6th. James Theobald, 7th. John Weeks, 8th. Glen Phillips. Time: 1.16.93

More drama in the second solo race. Glen Phillips looked to be quashing fears of an Australian Masters Champion when he lead Cameron Woodward comfortably. The two Longtrack Internationals looked a cut above the others, getting away from the rest of the pack who all fought for their positions keenly. But disaster would befall Phillips. Entering Lap 4, the machine gave up, gifting a first win for Cameron Woodward and thwarting Phillips’ chances of a title. Further back, Adam Filmer rode a storming ride to get the better of Mitch Godden and pushing Charlie Saunders hard.

Race 3: (Solos) 1st. Mark Baseby, 2nd. Danny Warwick, 3rd. Trevor Heath, 4th. Josh Dingle, 5th. David Radley, 6th. Rod Melksham, 7th. Scott Cresswell, 8th. Jody Hodgson. Time: 1.17.12

After being included late on, Mark Baseby proved his worth in this heat, making a cracking start and never looking like being caught, even by the highly rated Danny  Warwick.  The riders seemed quite spread out in this race, all circling at high speed. Josh Dingle looked most likely to make a move, breathing down the exhaust pipe of Trevor Heath and narrowly avoiding him coming into the last corner.

Race 4: (Sidecars) 1st. Wilson/Saunters, 2nd. Owen/Rickards, 3rd. Smith/Crawford, 4th. Simmons/Whitelam Jnr, 5th. Gribble/Schofield, 6th. Hiscock/Bell. Time: 1.38.16

The Goudge Brothers day got off to a disaster when they released the clutch a moment too soon, breaking the tapes. They were then excluded from the rerun and reserves John Hiscock and Carl Bell replaced them for the rerun. In the restart, Andy Gribble/Ben Schofield, surprising many by being fit enough to even compete, leapt out of the gate from the outside but were forced wide by Rob Wilson/Terry Saunters on the first bend. This allowed the pack up the inside of both Wilson and Gribble.Wilson, making a long straight, picked off Owen/Rickards and Smith/Crawford before the pit bend and never looked like being caught. Late on, while holding 2nd, Neal Owen/Wayne Rickards’ Godden machine sounded very sick.

Race 5: (Sidecars) 1st. Cossar/Blyth, 2nd. Winterburn/Brown, 3rd. Blackbourn/Pugh, 4th. Winterburn/Winterburn, 5th. Wilson/Steer. Time: 1.36.60

Race 5 provided the first big clash of the day. Reigning champions Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown made a great start and got themselves in front of Champions elect Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth, but the latter looked visibly faster. Cossar/Blyth tried all sorts of lines to pass Winterburn/Brown. Contact was made going down the back straight as each crew did their best to hold position before Winterburn overcooked the machine coming out of the pit bend, allowing Cossar around the outside and into the lead. The battle for 2nd was equally as fierce, with Colin Blackbourn/Carl Pugh being hounded to the line by Gareth/Nathan Winterburn. What looked like a quick race proved to be that with a winning time nearly two seconds faster than that of Wilson. Cornishmen Joe Trewin and stand in passenger Joe Sturtridge’s day started off disastrously with a DNF.

Race 6: (Sidecars) 1st. Bradley/Simpson, 2nd. Whitelam/Elliott, 3rd. Colvin/Colvin, 4th. Stoneman/Broomfield, 5th. Tyrrell/Courtney. Time: 1.37.86

Local crew Pete and Steve Colvin leapt into the lead with one of their trademark lightning quick starts and then the chase ensued. Colvin was struggling to keep the machine tight on the exit of the bends and that eventually led to his downfall. The hard chasing Rob Bradley/Shaun Simpson dived up the inside of Colvin and took off into the lead. On the following straight, after being pushed wide by Bradley, Colvin found himself vulnerable to Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott who found their way up the inside on the following straight. Will Offen/Nicky Owen’s day finished here with a very sick sounding Exup motor. They pulled out and didn’t take part again.

Race 7: (Solos) 1st. Woodward, 2nd. Perry, 3rd. Sturgeon, 4th. Finlow, 5th. Dingle, 6th. Godden, 7th. Weeks, 8th. Hodgson. Time: 1.14.66

Tom Perry, who looked most likely to challenge Cameron Woodward in the first set of heats, made another atrocious getaway and had to fight his way past Martyn Sturgeon. By the time he’d negotiated the Headcorn rider, Woodward had bolted away.

Race 8: (Solos) 1st. Nobes, 2nd. Cook, 3rd. Filmer, 4th. Richardson, 5th. Radley, 6th. Melksham, 7th. Theobald, 8th. Heath. Time: 1.18.12

A relatively comfortable win for ‘The Cotswold Express’ here. Trevor Heath was once again going well in 3rd until he pulled up on the last lap, having to push over the line for the solitary point. Another rider forced to push over the line was reserve James Theobald. The replacement for Richard Hall dropped the machine on the exit of the first bend and then packed up late on in the race. Another good ride for Adam Filmer, consistently scoring highly.

Race 9: (Solos) 1st. Phillips, 2nd. Warwick, 3rd. Baseby, 4th. Cooper, 5th. Saunders, 6th. D. Mears, 7th. S.Mears, 8th. Cresswell. Time: 1.16.48

Glen Phillips made amends for the disaster which had befallen him in his opening ride with a convincing win against stiff competition in Race 9. Danny Warwick had to fight his way past Paul Cooper on the finish straight on lap 1. The top 5 looked very fast here and nobody could make any headway on any other rider. Scott Cresswell arrived in the first turn late, and had smashed the rear of his machine after looping at the start.

Race 10: (Sidecars) 1st. Bradley/Simpson, 2nd. Winterburn/Winterburn, 3rd. Tyrrell/Courtney, 4th. Blackbourn/Pugh, 5th. Simmons/Whitelam Jnr. Time: 1.35.73

High drama occurred in Race 10. First time winner Rob Wilson arrived at the first bend alone on the motorcycle, passenger Terry still up on the start line. A ferocious first bend then ensued as Gareth/Nathan Winterburn tried to find a way past the stricken Wilson. Entering the corner proved no problem without a passenger, but the lack of weight on the back end of Wilson left him a sitting duck when exiting the bend. The heart-in-mouth action was finally halted when the decision was made to stick out the red flag (although perhaps this would be an occasion where the black flag could have been used for Wilson?). An absolute disaster for Wilson, he was excluded as the cause of the stoppage. In the rerun, it was Bradley/Simpson who took advantage of their rivals tribulation, storming to a comfortable win. The Winterburn crew again had to fight hard to get past Matt Tyrrell/Mark Courtney, making contact on the back straight. Gareth/Nathan create a wonderful move on the top bend, first running wide and then diving underneath Tyrrell to grab second, clean as a whistle.

Race 11: (Sidecars) 1st. Cossar/Blyth, 2nd. Goudge/Goudge, 3rd. Smith/Crawford, 4th. Wilson/Steer, 5th. Colvin/Colvin, 6th. Stoneman/Broomfield. Time: 1.34.72

Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth leapt out of the gate and tore away from the opposition. They looked mighty impressive. Further back, many outfits were struggling to find traction on the slick surface. Making amends for their first ride disaster, James/Dave Goudge made a flying start but were completely sideways exiting the first turn. Most of the entertainment was provided by seasoned campaigner, Steve Smith. He and passenger Dan Crawford were left at the start and has to work their way through the pack. They narrowly missed out on catching the Goudge Brothers.

Race 12: (Sidecars) 1st. Whitelam/Elliott, 2nd. Winterburn/Brown, 3rd. Gribble/Schofield, 4th. Hiscock/Bell, 5th. Trewin/Sturtridge, 6th. Owen/Rickards. Time: 1.36.15

A tapes to flag victory for Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott here.  Winterburn/Brown chased them hard and were close but could make no inroads on the former champion. Reserves John Hiscock/Carl Bell made a cracking start but seemed to struggle to get the machine in and out of the bends, leaving them vulnerable. Hiscock used his vast experience to hold of Gribble/Schofield for 3 laps before the Cornish crew snuck past and then looked fast, catching Winterburn by the end of the race. The Godden of Neal Owen once again sounded dreadful, the Welshman simply nursing it round for the point.

Race 13: (Solos) 1st. Cooper, 2nd. Cook, 3rd. Perry, 4th. Baseby, 5th. Heath, 6th. Filmer, 7th. D.Mears, 8th. Weeks. Time: 1.15.53

A determined first bend for Paul Cooper saw him force his way past Harland Cook and then never look back. Another poor start from Tom Perry meant that he had to work hard for his third place. A great last bend from Perry saw him round Mark Baseby for 3rd.

Race 14: (Solos) 1st. Woodward, 2nd. Nobes, 3rd. Saunders, 4th. Finlow, 5th. Theobald, 6th. Cresswell, 7th. Radley, 8th. Hodgson. Time: 1.14.54

This was a huge win for the Australian, leaving the tussling Nobes and Saunders in the distance. Late on, Rob Finlow joined the battle for second, mounting a challenge around the outside of the pair of them on the last bend but running out of room. David Radley sadly threw a chain on the last lap while holding 5th.

Race 15: (Solos) 1st. Phillips, 2nd. Warwick, 3rd. Sturgeon, 4th. Dingle, 5th. Godden, 6th. Melksham, 7th. S.Mears. Time: 1.16.23

Glen Phillips made the gate here and the top three remained in equal formation for the duration of the race. Mitch Godden started well but went backwards from there, the slick circuit clearly not suiting him. Mark Richardson was holding a good 4th place before retiring with mechanical failure on the last lap and Stuart Mears appeared in a different coloured race suit for this race.

Race 16: (Sidecars) 1st. Wilson/Saunters, 2nd. Blackbourn/Pugh, 3rd. Smith/Crawford, 4th. Owen/Rickards, 5th. Stoneman/Broomfield, 6th. Trewin/Sturtridge. Time: 1.33.80

A fantastic win by Wilson/Saunters must have left them wondering what might have been if they hadn’t had such sore luck in their second ride. They didn’t have it all their own way, however as Colin Blackbourn/Carl Pugh got themselves in front. Wilson tried hard to pass Blackbourn but couldn’t sneak a way past until on the final bend, he got up the inside of Blackbourn, beating him in the chase to the line. Neal Owen/Wayne Rickards had given up on their own equipment and now appeared on the Godden machine of Steve Smith, and the Welsh crew didn’t look much slower.

Race 17: (Sidecars) 1st. Cossar/Blyth, 2nd. Winterburn/Brown, 3rd. Bradley/Simpson, 4th. Simmons/Whitelam Jnr, 5th. Hiscock/Bell, 6th. Colvin/Colvin. Time: 1.32.03

The only word to describe this win for Cossar/Blyth was devastating. The pressure was on as they lined up against fellow maximum crew Rob Bradley/Shaun Simpson and reigning champions Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown. But Cossar flew out the gate and looked simply unstoppable. A big moment for Winterburn on exiting the bottom bend; the machine lifted and somehow Liam Brown was able to cling on. Bradley/Simpson made a poor start and had to fight up to 3rd.

Race 18: (Sidecars) 1st. Gribble/Schofield, 2nd. Winterburn/Winterburn, 3rd. Wilson/Steer, 4th. Whitelam/Elliott, 5th. Goudge/Goudge, 6th. Tyrrell/Courtney. Time: 1.35.09

After looking fast in their previous ride, Andy Gribble/Ben Schofield proved their mettle by winning Race 18 comfortably. They had a horrendous accident less than a month ago and nobody expected them to be fit enough to ride. Yet they not only rode, they had now won a heat. Gareth Winterburn again had to fight hard to get the better of Robbie Wilson/Bradley Steer. They couldn’t find a way past Gribble though, who took a tapes to flag victory. Whitelam/Elliott would have been disappointed with 4th, their worst race of the day.

Race 19: (Solos) 1st. Perry, 2nd. Warwick, 3rd. Godden, 4th. Heath, 5th. D.Mears, 6th. Theobald, 7th. Hickmott, 8th. Hodgson. Time: 1.16.62

Perry once again found himself down the order after the first bend but used his incredible speed to fight his way up past the pack and then hunted down Danny Warwick, who was still yet to win a race. He caught Warwick going into the final lap and passed him, condemning Warwick to yet another second place; his 4th of the day. Mitch Godden looked much more impressive in this race, using a wide line to his advantage.

Race 20: (Solos) 1st. Cook, 2nd. Dingle, 3rd. Saunders, 4th. Radley, 5th. S.Mears, 6th. Weeks. Time: 1.17.28

A great first win from Harland Cook in this race. One of the favourites, Mark Baseby, failed to get off the start line. Rob Finlow and Josh Dingle fought over second until Finlow suffered machine problems, leaving him with a DNF. Cornish  youngster Dingle caught Cook by the end of the race, but was never going to get past him.

Race 21: (Solos) 1st. Woodward, 2nd. Cooper, 3rd. Phillips, 4th. Sturgeon, 5th. Nobes, 6th. Filmer, 7th. Melksham, 8th. Cresswell. Time: 1.16.58

It was Paul Cooper who showed early in this race, outgating Glen Phillips and Cameron Woodward. Woodward, however, managed to use a wide line to pass both Phillips and Cooper coming out of the first bend. Woodward used a fearless wide line for the majority of the race  and looked incredibly fast.

Race 22: (Sidecars) 1st. Bradley/Simpson, 2nd. Whitelam/Elliott, 3rd. Wilson/Saunters, 4th. Winterburn/Brown, 5th. Goudge/Goudge, 6th. Winterburn/Winterburn. Time: 1.35.33

This race will be one that will be remembered for decades. Quite simply, this was one of the most incredible sidecar races ever seen at a Grasstrack. I will never do it justice in words, so I won’t even try! All that can be said is that when they came to the chequered flag, there were 4 outfits across the circuit, all arriving at the finish at the same time. The line judges eventually favoured Bradley/Simpson for the win but most of the large crowd did not know which of the top four had crossed the line first. Gareth/Nathan Winterburn had been heavily involved in this race early on but had problems in the middle of the race. You must try and see the video footage of this race. Simply unbelievable.

Race 23: (Sidecars) 1st. Cossar/Blyth, 2nd. Blackbourn/Pugh, 3rd. Owen/Rickards, 4th. Simmons/Whitelam Jnr, 5th. Stoneman/Broomfield, 6th. Hiscock/Bell. Time: 1.32.58

A relatively straight forward win for Mark Cossar. Neal Owen/Wayne Rickards looked to be getting to grips with the Wasp Godden and Myles Simmons/Paul Whitelam Jnr were left in 4th after making a good start. They were edged wide on the first bend by the determined Cossar/Blyth crew and never fully recovered.

Race 24: (Sidecars) 1st. Gribble/Schofield, 2nd. Wilson/Steer, 3rd. Trewin/Sturtridge, 4th. Colvin/Colvin, 5th. Smith/Crawford. Time: 1.34.11

Andy Gribble/Ben Schofield achieved another convincing win in Race 24. After a lot of the other crews had been scrapping over positions, Gribble had been collecting big points and found himself 3rd overall heading into the semi finals; a tremendous achievement for the Cornish outfit. The other crews found themselves fraught with problems. Smith/Crawford’s R1 outfit seemed to slow dramatically whilst Tyrrell/Courtney’s below par day finished poorly with a puncture. Pete/Steve Colvin were lucky to get away with a collision in the first bend. They collided with the back of Gribble’s machine and narrowly avoided a nasty incident.

Race 25: (Solo 1st Semi) 1st. Woodward, 2nd. Phillips, 3rd. Cook, 4th. Baseby, 5th. Saunders, 6th. Heath, 7th. Radley, 8th. Filmer. Time: 1.14.19

Cameron Woodward was looking quicker and quicker as the day wore on and devastated the opposition in the first semi final. The writing appeared to be on the wall. The other riders were all matching each other for speed and no overtaking was seen.

Race 26: (Solo 2nd Semi) 1st. Perry, 2nd. Nobes, 3rd. Cooper, 4th. Warwick, 5th. Finlow, 6th. Godden, 7th. Sturgeon, 8th. Dingle. Time: 1.15.82

Tim Nobes made a fantastic start and led for two laps. Tom Perry, however, had grown accustomed to coming from the back. He  performed a tremendous bottom bend to come through the middle of Nobes and Cooper, leading into the third lap. A good battle for the minor placings saw Rob Finlow coming out on top, with Mitch Godden getting thoroughly beaten up in the middle of the bend.

Race 27: (Sidecar 1st Semi) 1st. Cossar/Blyth, 2nd. Whitelam/Elliott, 3rd. Winterburn/Winterburn, 4th. Wilson/Saunters, 5th. Simmons/Whitelam Jnr. Time: 1.31.66

The first semi final provided the first major incident of the day. The first bend and first lap was as action packed as expected, with all 6 outfits hurtling back up towards the pits together. Something had to give. Owen/Rickards, on unfamiliar equipment, found themselves sideways in the middle of the pit bend and were collected by another outfit. After a delay whilst Wayne Rickards was attended to, the race was rerun without the popular Welsh crew. This time, Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth were simply a cut above the rest. They made a fabulous start from the outside gate and never  looked back. There was a fierce race for second though as Whitelam/Elliott and the Winterburn boys swapped positions several times. The Winterburns were able to turn hard exiting the final bend and get underneath Whitelam and take second. However, the positions was reversed for some reason and Whitelam was given second, whilst Gareth/Nathan were given third. The reason for the reversal was never clarified to the public. Eventually, it would have made no difference as the Winterburns needed more than one point to gain another position overall.

Race 28: (Sidecar 2nd Semi) 1st. Bradley/Simpson, 2nd. Winterburn/Brown, 3rd. Wilson/Steer, 4th. Smith/Crawford, 5th. Gribble/Schofield, 6th. Blackbourn/Pugh. Time: 1.32.46

Whilst Bradley/Simpson made a great start, the first bend action involved Winterburn and Blackbourn, with the two coming together. It was Blackbourn/Pugh who came off worse, finding themselves exiting the first bend in last. With such quick opposition, they were never able to work their way back. Robbie Wilson/Bradley Steer had got quicker as the day went on and rode well to hold off first Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown and then Steve Smith/Dan Crawford.

Race 29: (Solo Final) 1st. Woodward, 2nd. Cooper, 3rd. Phillips, 4th. Cook, 5th. Perry, 6th. Saunders, 7th. Warwick. Time: 1.13.80 (FTD)

Barring disaster, Cameron Woodward had the Masters Solo title sewn up. He held a 5 point lead going into the final. As the tapes went up however, it was Glen Phillips who found himself leading the impressive Aussie for the second time of the day before the race was stopped on lap 2. Tim Nobes had come to grief exiting the pit bend and was lying in the track. Nobes was attending to but eventually walked back to the pits. In the rerun, it was Cameron Woodward who showed first and never looked like being caught. Phillips, who’s attempts to topple the Australian had once again been thwarted, this time was outdone by Paul Cooper. The Yorkshireman rode Phillips hard on the first lap to take 2nd and Phillips couldn’t recover. It was too much to ask of Tom Perry to come from behind this time. Although 5th place was still enough for him to take the runner-up spot, he will be ruing his poor starts. But for the first time ever, an Australian had won the British Masters title. Whether you agree with it or not, it cannot be disputed that Woodward was by far the best rider on the day. A flawless victory for Woodward. Also, his winning time in the final was the fastest time of the day.

Race 30: (Sidecar Final) 1st. Cossar/Blyth, 2nd. Winterburn/Brown, 3rd. Whitelam/Elliott, 4th. Wilson/Saunters, 5th. Bradley/Simpson, 6th. Gribble/Schofield. Time: 1.30.91

Mark Cossar and Carl Blyth managed to match the performance  of Cameron Woodward in the solos by achieving a flawless performance in the sidecar final. Choosing Gate 6 again, Cossar/Blyth made a flying start and breezed to their sixth win of the day. Five outfits all hit the first bend locked together but it was Cossar who got away. It was perhaps fitting that Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown followed Cossar home for second. The Northern riders have been very worthy Masters champions this past year and will certainly be back fighting next season. However, the scrap for third was not quite so straight-forward. Rob Bradley/Shaun SimpsonPaul Whitelam/Alan Elliott and Rob Wilson/Terry Saunters fought tooth and nail for third. Bradley found himself completely sideways coming out of the bottom bend twice, hampering his chances. Whitelam/Elliott narrowly avoided a colossal collision with Bradley and went on to grab the third place, giving him 3rd overall. Gribble/Schofield certainly didn’t disgrace themselves in a final where they were the only crew never to have taken this title. In fact, the other five had won 9 of the last 10 Masters titles, and had won 10 titles between them! But it was Mark Cossar and Carl Blyth’s day. They had looked unstoppable from the very first race. There had been some fantastic sidecar racing through the day, however.

Full Solo Results

1st. Cameron Woodward              9,9,9,9,9,9           54

2nd. Tom Perry                                    9,7,6,9,9,4           44

3rd. Glen Phillips                              1,9,9,6,7,6           38

4th. Harland Cook                              4,7,7,9,6,5           38

5th. Paul Cooper                                  1,5,9,7,6,7           35

6th. Danny Warwick                         7,7,7,7,5,2           35

7th. Tim Nobes                                   5,9,7,4,7,DNF     32

8th. Charlie Saunders                       7,4,6,6,4,3           30

9th. Martyn Sturgeon                      7,6,6,5,2               26

10th. Mark Baseby                            9,6,5,DNF,5         25

11th. Josh Dingle                                5,4,5,7,1               23

12th. Mitch Godden                         5,3,4,6,3               21

13th. Rob Finlow                                6,5,5,DNF,4         20

14th. Trevor Heath                            6,1,4,5,3               19

15th. Adam Filmer                             6,6,3,3,1               19

16th. David Radley                            4,4,2,5,2               17

17th. Dave Mears                              4,3,2,4                   13

18th. James Theobald                      3,2,4,3                   12

19th. Rod Melksham                        3,3,3,2                   11

20th. Stuart Mears                            2,2,2,4                   10

21st. Mark Richardson                     3,5,DNS                 8

22nd. John Weeks                             2,2,1,3                   8

23rd. Scott Cresswell                       2,1,3,1                   7

24th. Jody Hodgson                          1,1,1,1                   4

25th. Gareth Hickmott                     2                              2

Solo Points:        1st 9, 2nd 7, 3rd 6, 4th 5, 5th 4, 6th 3, 7th 2, 8th 1

Full Sidecar Results

1st. Mark Cossar/Carl Blyth                           7,7,7,7,7,7           42

2nd. Rob Bradley/Shaun Simpson               7,7,4,7,7,2           34

3rd. Paul Whitelam/Alan Elliott                    5,7,3,5,5,4           29

4th. Rod Winterburn/Liam Brown              5,5,5,3,5,5           28

5th. Rob Wilson/Terry Saunters                  7,X,7,4,3,3           24

6th. Andy Gribble/Ben Schofield                 2,4,7,7,2,1           23

7th. Gareth/Nathan Winterburn                 3,5,5,1,4                18

8th. Colin Blackbourn/Carl Pugh                4,3,5,5,1                18

9th. Robbie Wilson/Bradley Steer              2,3,4,5,4               18

10th. Steve Smith/Dan Crawford               4,4,4,2,3               17

11th. Myles Simmons/Paul Whitelam Jnr    3,2,3,3,2               13

12th. Neal Owen/Wayne Rickards             5,1,3,4,X               13

13th. Pete/Steve Colvin                                 4,2,1,3                   10

14th. James/Dave Goudge                            X,5,2,2                  9

15th. Clive Stoneman/Rowland Broomfield          3,1,2,2                   8

16th. Joe Trewin/Joe Sturtridge                 DNF,2,1,4            7

17th. Matt Tyrrell/Mark Courtney             2,4,1,DNF            7

18th. John Hiscock/Carl Bell                         1,3,2,1                   7

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