Georgie Wood

Nationality: England.

Born: Maidstone, 8 September 1993.

Class: 500cc Solo.

Family Connections: Andy Wood (Father), Bob Penfold (Grandfather), Kevin Penfold (Uncle) Dano Penfold (Uncle), John Penfold (Great Uncle), Tom Penfold (Great Uncle),  Ernie Penfold  (Great Uncle), Dave Penfold (Great Uncle), Jim Penfold  (Great Uncle), Bill Penfold (Great Uncle),  John Penfold (Cousin), Nev Penfold (Cousin), Jim Penfold (Cousin), Joe Penfold (Cousin),  Billy Penfold (Cousin), Tony Penfold (Cousin), Tommy Penfold (Cousin), Tom Penfold  (Cousin), Dave Penfold (Cousin), George Penfold (Cousin), Will Penfold (Cousin), Lydia Penfold (Cousin), Burt Vidler (Cousin).


Major Honours

European Championship
Semi-final: 2015.

British Masters Championship
Top Ten Finish: 2014.
Other Appearances: 2015.
Challenge: Third 2014.

British Championship
350cc Third 2015, 250cc Second 2012.


Other Majors

British Best Pairs: 250cc Second 2009.
British Under 21 Championship: Second 2014, Third 20112012.

Inter-Centre Championship: Overall First 2009.
Eastern Centre Championship: 500cc First 2012, Third 2012.
South-Eastern Centre Championship: 350cc First 2010, 2015, Third 2011; 250cc First 2009, 2010, 2011, Second 2008.
SE Centre Speed Shield Winner: 350cc 2011, 2014, 250cc 2009, 2010.

Battle of Britain: First 2009, 2014, Second 2011, 2015.
Bewdley Bonanza: Second 2011.
David Nix Memorial: First 2012.
Frittenden Flyer: First 2011, 2008.
International Lincolnshire Poacher: Third 2014.
Jon Underwood: 350cc Second 2014.
Kent Kracker: First 2011, 2010, Second 2009.
Master of Midshires: Second 2009.


Club Successes

2015: First GTSA2014: First Maidstone, WimborneFrittenden, Burton & Leicester; Second Maidstone, 2012: First Woodbridge; Second Woodbridge x2; 2011: First GTSA, SCA, Second Wainfleet, SCA; 2010: First GTSA x2Frittenden, SCA, Second Maidstone; 2009: First Bewdley, Somerton, GTSA x3, Worcestershire, Second Grassroots, Third Wainfleet.


British Speedway Clubs

Eastbourne (2015-18), Sheffield (2017).

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