Will Penfold

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Nationality: England.

Class: Left & Right hand Sidecars (Driver).

Home Town: Crawley.

Passengers: Ricky Pay; Others:  Adrian NorthNigel Shaw, Wayne Shaw, Mick Prowse, Bradley Steer, Tim Phillips, Keith Dixon, Kevin Penfold, Jason HilliardRyan Wharton.

Family Connections: Bill Penfold (Father), Lydia Penfold (Sister), Nigel Shaw (Uncle), Bud Shaw (Grandfather), Wayne Shaw (Cousin), Bob Penfold (Uncle), Tom Penfold (Uncle), John Penfold (Uncle), Ernie Penfold (Uncle), Dave Penfold (Uncle), Jim Penfold (Uncle), Kevin Penfold (Cousin), Dano Penfold (Cousin), John Penfold (Cousin), Nev Penfold (Cousin), Jim Penfold (Cousin), Joe Penfold (Cousin), Billy Penfold (Cousin), Tony Penfold (Cousin), Tommy Penfold (Cousin), Tom Penfold (Cousin), Dave Penfold (Cousin), George Penfold (Cousin), Burt Vidler (Cousin), Georgie Wood (Cousin).


Major Honours

RH Sidecars

World Championship
Appearance: 2018.

Oceania Championship
Appearances: 2017/18.

British Masters Championship
Appearances: 2014, 2015.

LH Sidecars

British Championship
First: 2013, 2015, 2016, Second: 2011, 2014, 2019, Third: 2017.


Other Majors

LH Sidecars

South-Eastern Centre Championship: First 2009, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, Third 2007.
SE Centre Speed Shield: Joint Winner 2014.

Battle of Britain: First 2009, 2015, 2017, Second 2011.
Frittenden Flyer: First 2014, Second 2016.
Kent Kracker: First 2008, 2015, Third 2006.
Three Pairs Flyer: First 2006.


Club Successes


2017: First Frittenden, Danebury, GWR, Equal First Cornwall Solo; 2016: Third GWR2015: First Maidstone, GTSA, Third Frittenden2014: First GTSA, Second Fenland, Frittenden, Maidstone2013: First FenlandBurton & Leicester, WoodbridgeDanebury, Second Wimborne2011: First Frittenden; Second Maidstone, GTSA, 2010: Second Maidstone, Third Somerton; 2009: First Moonfleet; Third Maidstone, GTSA2008: First Burton & Leicester x2Tonbridge, GTSA; Second Tonbridge, Dunmow; Third Frittenden x2; 2007: First GTSA x2, Maidstone, Horsham; Second FrittendenThird Dunmow; 2006: Third Maidstone, Fenland, Dunmow.


2019: Third GWR; 2017 Second GWR2015: Third Southend2014: Third Bristol2013: Third Woodbridge.

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