Bradley Steer

Nationality: England.

Class: Right-hand Sidecar (Passenger).

Home Town: Shoreham.

Drivers: Robbie Wilson, Mick Stace, Mark Warren, Will Penfold, Steve SmithRob Wilson, Terry Saunters, Colin Blackbourn, Paul Whitelam, Mick Cave.


Major Honours

World Championship
Appearances: 2018.

Oceania Championship
Appearances: 2016/17 2017/18.

British Masters Championship
Top Ten Finish: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017.
Other Appearances: 2011, 2015.
Qualifier: First 2015, Second 2013, 2014.


Other Majors

British Sand Racing Championship: First 2014.
British Speedway Championship: Second 2017, 2019, Third 2018.

Eastern Centre Championship: Second 2012, 2015, Third 2018.
South Eastern Centre Championship: Second 2017.

Battle of Britain: Second 2017.
Jon Underwood Memorial: Third 2018.
Master of Midshires: Third 2017.
Mick Steer Memorial: Second 2011, Third 2013.


Club Successes


2018: Second Leicester (BSC1); 2017: Second Frittenden, Kings Lynn (BSC), Belle Vue (BSC), Third Leicester (BSC), Somerset (BSC)2016: Third SCA2015: Third Maidstone, Frittenden2014: First Frittenden, Second Maidstone, WimborneMid Cornwall, GTSA, Third Maidstone; 2013: Second Danebury2011: Second GTSA, Third SCA.


2011: Second Maidstone.

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