Shaun Yates

Nationality: England.

Class: Right-hand Sidecars (Passenger).

Drivers: Andy Symons, Matt Tyrrell, Paul Whitelam.


Major Honours

World Championship
Appearances 20052006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

British Masters Championship
Top Ten Finishes: 2005.
Other Appearances: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008.
Challenge: First 2004, Second 1999.


Other Majors

World Super Cup: Appearances 200220032004.
British Speedway Championship: First 2008, 2009, Joint First 2005, Second 2006, 2010.
Track Racing Championship: First 2009, 2010, Third 2011.

British Best Pairs:  First 1998, Third 2003, 2006.

Astra Grand-Slam: Third 1999.
Bonfire Burn-up: Third 2006.
Jon Underwood: Second 2003, Third 2001.
Salisbury Sizzler: First 2003, Second 2006, Third 2004.


Club Successes

2010: First Plymouth ss), Second Isle of Wight (ss),  Plymouth (ss); 2009: First Newport (ss), Plymouth (ss), Plymouth (ss), Second Birmingham (ss), Stoke (ss), Third Kings Lynn (ss), Somerset (ss), Isle of Wight (ss); 2008: First Swindon (ss), Second Isle of Wight (ss), Swindon (ss), Third Tonbridge, Plymouth (ss), Reading (ss); 2007: First Plymouth (ss), Second Cornwall Solo, MCP; Third Somerset (ss); 2006: First Stoke (ss), Somerset (ss), Second Scunthorpe (ss), Third Isle of Wight (ss); 2005: First Cornwall Solo x2, MCP, Somerset (ss), Isle of Wight (ss), Exeter (ss), Second Newport (ss), Isle of Wight (ss), Swindon (ss), Third Swindon (ss).

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