Andrew ‘Andy’ Mellish

Nationality: England

Class: 350cc Solos.

Born: Tameside, Manchester, 24 December 1984.


Major Honours

British Masters Championship
Appearances: 2018.


British Championship
First 2012, Third: 2010.


Other Majors

Midland Centre Championship: Third 2016.
Northern Riders Championship: First 2003, 2004.

David Nix Memorial: First 2011, 2015, Second 2012, 2010, Third 2009, 2013.
Lancashire Junior Club Championship: First 2009.
Ledbury Leader: First 2015, 2016, 2017, Third 2009.
Master of Midshires: First 2017; Third 2015.
Peterchurch Show: First 2008, Third 2009.
Stuart Mellish Memorial: First 20102012, 2016, 2018, Second 2011.
Three Pairs Flyer: First 2008.

British Youth Championship
Senior 350: First 2001.


Club Successes

2018: Second Pickering; 2017: First Cheshire, Second LedburyPickering2016: Third Worcester, Bewdley2015: First Wainfleet, LOGA2014: First LOGA x3; Pickering, Second Wainfleet2013: First WainfleetSecond  Yorkshire, Burton & Leicester, Third Ledbury2012: First Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Third Bristol, 2011: First Bristol, Lancashire, Yorkshire x2, PickeringCheshire, Wainfleet, Second Ledbury, Lancashire, Third LedburyHeart of England; 2010: First Lancashire x3, Yorkshire x2, Pickering, Third YorkshireWainfleet; 2009: First Lancashire x7, Yorkshire x2, Second Cheshire, FGA; 2008: First Lancashire x2Burton & Leicester, Pickering, Second Lancashire, Third Burton & Leicester, Pickering2007: First Lancashire x6, Second Lancashire, Third Cheshire, Ledbury2006: Second  Pickering, Third Pickering; 2005: Second Cheshire, Lancashire x2, Third Lancashire, 2004: First Lancashire x5, Cheshire, Second Lancashire, Third Cheshire; 2003: First Lancashire x2, Second Cheshire.


British Speedway Club

Stoke Spitfires, Belle Vue (2016-17).

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