Grasstrack Fixtures 2014

Continental Fixtures


Season Review




23 Bristol Calvin Palmer Benefit Grasstrack Lower Stanton Cancelled
30 LOGA Roses Championship (Round One of Six) Much Hoole Results Pics
30 Somerton Spring Grass Track (Incorporating Round One SW Centre Championships) Wincanton Results  


5 SWeGA Youth Willand Cancelled  
6 SWeGA Devonshire Dumpling Willand Cancelled
13 Ledbury The Ledbury Spring Leader Hazle Meadows Cancelled
13 Woodbridge Cancelled  
19 Cornwall Solo Youth St. Erme Cancelled  
19 Guernsey Sand Racing Championship (Round One) Vazon Beach  
20 LOGA  Roses Championship (Rd2) Preston Results  
20 Cornwall Solo Youth & Adult St Erme Cancelled
21 International European Solo Championship (Sf1)LIVE COVERAGE LINK Balkbrug (Hol) Results  
21 Maidstone Aces Scintillator Grafty Green Results Pics
26 Whitchurch FGA Malpas Cancelled  
27 Astra Sidecar Spectacular Swingfield Results  


3 Guernsey Sand Racing Championship (Round Two) Vazon Beach  
4 Wainfleet Robert Chatterton Trophy Irby-in-the-Marsh Results Pics, Report
4 Bristol Calvin Palmer Benefit Lower Stanton Results
10 Wrekin FGA Chetton Cancelled
11 Midshires Master of Midshires Ashorne Cancelled
17 Cornwall Prem Track Racing Championship (Round One) Peterborough Results  
17 Guernsey Sand Racing Championship (Round Three) Vazon Beach  
17 Jersey Sand Racing Championship (Round One) West Park  
17 Fenland Youth & Vintage Wood Walton Results
17 Wrekin FGA Chetton Results
18 Fenland Jon Underwood Trophy Meeting Wood Walton Results
18 Cornwall Prem Track Racing Championship (Round Two) Peterborough Results  
25 Frittenden Battle of Britain Frittenden Results Pics, Report
25 Peterchurch Cancelled
25 Wrekin FGA Alveley Cancelled
26 SWeGA     Cancelled
26 Bewdley Memorial Meeting Alveley Cancelled
29 International World Longtrack (GP1) Herxheim Results
31 Guernsey Sand Racing Championship (Round Four) Vazon Beach  
31 Jersey Sand Racing Championship (Round Two) St Ouen  
31 Wrekin FGA Alveley Results  


1 International World Longtrack (QR1) Bielefeld Results
1 Wainfleet David Nix Memorial Irby-in-the-Marsh Cancelled  
1 Bridgwater The Martin Heal & Kim Blackmore Trophy & SW Centre Championship (Rd) Bridgwater Cancelled  
7 Ledbury Saturday Evening of Grass Track Racing Hazle Meadows Cancelled  
8 Yorkshire Roses Championship (Round Three)  Mirfield Cancelled  
8 Pickering Husthwaite  Results  
14 Guernsey BRITISH SAND ACE CHAMPIONSHIP Vazon Beach Results Pics, Report
14 Whitchurch FGA Malpas Results
15 International European Solo (Sf2) Mulshorn Results  
15 Jersey Sand Racing Championship (Round Three) Millbrook  
22 Cheshire Jim Rowlinson Memorial  Gawsworth  Results Pics, Report
22 Maidstone Aces The Bandit  Grafty Green  Results  
28 International European Solo (FINAL) St. Macaire Results  
28 Wimborne Rob King Party Corfe Mullen Results
28 Whitchurch FGA Gresford Results
29 Wimborne Rob King Party Corfe Mullen Results
29 Pickering Riseborough Results  
29 Whitchurch FGA Gresford Results  


4 Jersey Sand Racing Championship (Round Four) West Park  
5 International World Longtrack (QR2) Tayak Results
5 Jersey Sand Racing Championship (Round Five) West Park  
6 Cornwall Prem UPRIGHT BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP Roche Results Pics, Report
6 LOGA  Roses Championship (Rd4) Preston Results  
6 Waterlooville   Froxfield Cancelled  
12 Guernsey Sand Racing Championship (Round Five) Vazon Beach  
14 International World Longtrack (GP2) Marmande  Results 
19 Woodbridge Eastern Centre Championship (350, 250, Uprights) Iken Results  
19 Whitchurch FGA Malpas Results  
20 Woodbridge Iken Results  
20 Ledbury BRITISH MASTERS (CHALLENGE) Leddington Results Pics, Report
26 Guernsey Sand Racing Championship (Round Six) Vazon Beach  
26 Jersey Sand Racing Championship (Round Six) West Park  
27 Frittenden Mid Summer Spectacular Frittenden Results Report
27 Pickering Risborough Results  


2 Jersey Sand Racing Championship (Round Seven) St Ouen  
2 Wrekin FGA Alveley Results  
3 International European Sidecar (Semi-final) Melsungen Results  
3 Cornwall Prem Cancelled  
3 Bewdley Bonanza Alveley Abandoned  
3 Southend Donut Latchingdon Results  
3 Bridgwater Martin Heal & Kim Blackmore Trophies Spaxton Cancelled  
9 Burton & Leicester Donington Demon Donington Results Pics, Report 
9 Guernsey Sand Racing Championship (Round Seven) Vazon Beach  
10 International World Longtrack (Challenge) Marianske Lazne Results
10 Burton & Leicester PRE 75 BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP Donington Cancelled  
16 Ledbury An Early Evening of Grasstrack Ledbury Results Pics, Report
16 Jersey Sand Racing Championship (Round Eight) Millbrook  
16 Wrekin FGA Chetton Results  
17 International World Longtrack (GP3) Eenrum Abandoned
17 Wimborne Whoppa Uddens Results  
17 Norwich New Stars Youth Frettenham Results  
17 Pickering Riseborough Cancelled  
23 International World Team Cup Forssa Results
23 Cornwall Solo Cancelled  
23 Sidecar Speedway Sidecar Spectacular  Peterborough Results Pics, Report
24 Wainfleet International Lincolnshire Poacher Thorpe St. Peter Results Pics, Report 
24 Cornwall Solo Adult & Youth Open Cancelled  
24 GTSA The GTSA Revival Frittenden Results Pics, Report
25 Peterchurch Bank Holiday Dash Vowchurch Abandoned  
30 Fenland BRITISH YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPACU Results Wood Walton Results Pics, Report
30 Guernsey Sand Racing Championship (Round Eight) Vazon Beach  
30 Wrekin FGA Minsterley Results  
31 Fenland BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPACU Results Wood Walton Results Pics, Report


6 Jersey Sand Racing Championship (Round Nine) Millbrook  
6 500 SCA European Sidecar (Final – PRACTICE) High Easter Practice Day Pics
6 Burton & Leicester Pre 75 British Championship Donington Results  
7 500 SCA European Sidecar (Final) High Easter Results Pics, Report
7 Pickering Scaling Results  
7 Bridgwater Martin Heal & Kim  Blackmore Trophies Spaxton Results  
13 International World Longtrack (GP4) Morizes Results
13 Cornwall Prem Track Racing Championship (Round Three) Peterborough Cancelled
13 Cornwall Prem Track Racing Championship (Round Four) Peterborough Cancelled  
13 Whitchurch FGA Malpas Results  
14 Dunmow BRITISH UNDER 21 CHAMPIONSHIP Ugley Results Pics, Report
14 Cheshire Roy Holding Memorial Gawsworth Cancelled  
20 Jersey Sand Racing Championship (Round Ten) St Ouen  
21 Astra BRITISH MASTERS Swingfield Results   
21 Yorkshire Club Championship (Round Five) Much Hoole Cancelled  
27 Guernsey Sand Racing Championship (Round Nine) Vazon Beach  
27 Whitchurch FGA Hampton Results  
28 International World Longtrack (GP5) Muhldorf Results
28 Maidstone Aces Kent Kracker Grafty Green Cancelled  
28 Bristol Ken Melksham Memorial Lower Stanton  Results  
28 Pickering Pickering Results  


4 Woodbridge   Cancelled  
5 Frittenden Frittenden Flyer & South Eastern Centre Championship Frittenden Results Pics, Report
12 Yorkshire Club Championship (Round Six) Much Hoole Cancelled  
12 Danebury Club Championship Stockbridge Results Pics,  Report
18 Guernsey Grasstrack Results  
19 Norwich New Stars Frettenham Results  
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