Matt Etherington

Nationality: England.

Home Town: Whitstable.

Class: 350cc.

Family Connections: Jamie Etherington (Son),  Barry Etherington (Father).


Major Honours

British Masters Championship
Appearances: 2004, 2008, 2010, 2011.

British Championship
First 2013, Third 2011, 2014.


Other Majors

British Best Pairs: Second 2008, 2009.
Inter-Centre Championship: Team First 2009, 350cc First 2009.

South-Eastern Centre Championship: First 2007, 2011, 2013, Second 2008, 2014.
SE Centre Speed Shield Winner: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013.
Southern Centre Championship: First 2003, Second 2004.
East Midlands Centre Championship: First 2007.
Eastern Centre Championship: First 2012.

Battle of Britain: First 2009.
Champion of Champions: First 2008, Second 2005.
David Nix Memorial: Second 2004.
Jim Coles Spectacular: First 2005, 2010.
Jon Underwood Memorial: Second 2007, Third 2009, 2010.
Kent Kracker: First 2008, Second 2011, Third 2004.
Lester Goodwin Memorial: First 2009.
Three Pairs Flyer: First 2007.
Westcountry Winner: First 2005.


Club Successes

2014: First Maidstone, GTSA, Second Frittenden x22013: First Frittenden, Burton & Leicester, Frittenden; Second Frittenden2012: First Maidstone x2, Second Astra; 2011: First Heart of England, Wimborne, Third MaidstoneFrittenden; 2010: First Swindon, Maidstone, Dunmow, GTSA, Jim Coles Spec; Second Frittenden; 2009: First Moonfleet, Swindon x2, Second Woodbridge x2, GTSA, Frittenden, Swindon; 2008: First Swindon, SCGTRA, GTSA, Burton & Leicester, Frittenden, Second SwindonTonbridge, Third SCGTRA x2; 2007: First Burton & Leicester, Woodbridge, Bewdley, Cornwall Solo, Second Scintillator, GTSA, Third Symon Wall, Cornwall Solo, GTSA, Burton & Leicester, Equal Third Woodbridge, 2005: First – Bristol, SCGTRA x2,  Biddenden Bandit, Swindon x2, Second Bristol, Dunmow x2, Third SCA; 2004: First SCGTRA X2, Wyvern, Second SCGTRA; 2003: First Swindon, SCGTRA, Yeovil Traders; Second ESSA, SCGTRA, Third Swindon 2002: Second GTSA, Bridgwater; 2002: Third Dunmow.


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