Tim Curnock


Nationality: England.

Home Town: Worcester.

Class: 500cc Vintage.

Family Connections: Antony Curnock (Brother).


Major Honours

Upright British Championship
500cc: Second 2012, 2018.

Pre 75 British Championship
500cc: First 2010, 2011, 2013, Second 2016, 2017.


Other Majors

East Midland Centre Championship: Uprights First  2019.
Eastern Centre Championship: Uprights Second 2018.
Midland Championship: 500cc Joint First 2006Uprights First 2016.
South Midland Centre Championship: Uprights First 2018.

Battle of Britain: First 2011, Third 2018.
Bewdley Bonanza: Second 2011.
Jon Underwood: Two Valve Third 2010, Pre 75s First 2012, Second 2011, Uprights Second 2016.
Ledbury Leader: 350cc First 2007, Second 2003, Third 2008, P500 First 2011, Second 2010, Uprights First 2019, Second 2015, 2018.
Master of Midshires: First 2009, 2010, Second 2011, Second 2015.
Peterchurch Show: 500cc Third 2007, Pre 75 First 2009, Second 2011.
Three Pairs Flyer: Second 2004, Third 2003.


Club Successes

2019: First VMCC, Ledbury, STOMP; 2018: First Bridgwater x2, Worcester, Ledbury x2, Helsby, JCR, Bewdley2017: First Bewdley, Bristol x2, Bridgwater, Danebury, Second Ledbury, Third Bewdley2016: First Ledbury, Worcester, Bridgwater, Second Ledbury2015: First Ledbury, Second Bridgwater x22014: First Wimborne, Second Bridgwater, BristolLedbury, Third Fenland2013: First Wainfleet, Ledbury, Peterchurch, Third Fenland, Bridgwater2012: First SWeGA, Worcestershire x2, Second Ledbury, Bridgwater, Third Dunmow; 2011: First Bristol, Somerton, Ledbury, SWeGA, Worcestershire, Grassroots, Heart of England, Second Bridgwater, Third Fenland; 2010: Second Worcestershire x2, Ledbury, Third SWeGA, Cheshire, Bridgwater; 2009: Second FGA, Third Bristol, SWeGA; 2006: First Cornwall Solo, Malvern, Swindon, Second Cornwall Solo x3, Swindon, Equal Second Cornwall Solo, Third FGA, Leamington, Swindon, 2005: Third Mid Cornwall.

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