Master of Midshires Report 10-5-15

The 2015 Master of Midshires at Ashorne in Warwickshire was a great meeting with some fantastic racing on a very fast track.

The first to the line were the Right-hand Sidecars and in heat one the in-form Myles Simmons & Kevin Woodley took the win from James & Dave Goudge. Heat two saw in-form Skegness based Colin Blackbourn & Carl Pugh take the win from South Eastern crew Rob Wilson & Terry Saunters. Heat three saw Bridgwater’s Joe Mogg & Jake Cutler turn his outfit upside down in spectacular style. In the re-run the win went to Gareth & Billy Winterburn with Rob Winterburn & Liam Brown taking second. In the fourth heat Will Offen & Nicky Owen took the win from Adrian Morris & Ashley Williams. In the second round of heats, wins went the way of Matt Fumarola & Gareth Williams, Winterburn & Liam Brown, Blackbourn & Pugh and Wilson & Saunters. In round three Winterburn & Brown and Blackbourn & Pugh took a third win a-piece, with Gareth & Billy Winterburn taking a second success. Peter Lloyd & Fraser Sutherland gained a success in heat 30 from the Goudge brothers. In the ‘B’ final Simmons & Woodley took the win from Goudge & Goudge and Fumarola & Williams. The final was another spectacular race that was led from the gate by Blackbourn & Pugh. Ultimately British Masters Champions Winterburn & Brown took their third title in seven years with Gareth & Billy Winterburn taking a second from Blackbourn & Pugh completing the podium.

Final: 1- Rob Winterburn & Liam Brown, 2- Gareth & Billy Winterburn, 3- Colin Blackbourn & Carl Pugh4- Rob Wilson & Terry Saunters, 5- James & Dave Goudge, 6- Myles Simmons & Kevin Woodley.


In the Solos the 250cc were next to the line and Jed Collins took the first heat win from Trevor Clarricoates and youngster Luke Harris. In the second race Yorkshireman David Knowles took the win from Joe Nicholls and Ben Worrall.  In the second round of heats Knowles beat Collins into second place and Chris Johnson got a win from Lancastrian Tim Grieg. In the third leg Knowles completed a hat-trick of wins and Collins got a second ahead of Johnson. The final was a brilliant race with Knowles taking the inside line and Collins the outside. Collins managed to take the win from the ex-British Champion to take his first Master of Midshires title.

Final 1- Jed Collins, 2- David Knowles, 3- Luke Harris, 4- Trevor Clarricoates, 5- Tim Grieg, 6- Chris Johnson, 7- Sam Radley-Smith, 8- Ben Worrall, 9- Barry Jukes, 10- John Weeks.


In the 350cc’s Paul Cooper, Mark Taylor, Andy Mellish and Barry Powell battled all day in spectacular action in four straight races. Cooper took four wins and Taylor had three seconds. Third overall went to Mellish with three thirds. Fourth went to Powell with one second.

Overall: 1- Paul Cooper, 2- Mark Taylor, 3- Andy Mellish, 4- Barry Powell, 5- Mark Wrathall, 6- Tommy Crewe, 7- Tom Davies, 8- Ryan Ashcroft.


The Uprights saw Steve Daw take three straight heat wins with Stephen Green taking two with Mike Dowling taking the other. In the final Daw, who was leading, had a mechanical gremlin and had to pull up, Green who then had the lead did the same. Dowling went on to take the win from Tim Curnock and Nigel Stanford.

Final: 1- Mike Dowling, 2- Tim Curnock, 3- Nigel Stanford, 4- Lloyd Barrett, 5- Eddie Rouse, 6- Barrie Lyner, 7- Stephen Russell, 8- Mick Norton.


The 500cc Solos had a brilliant line-up and again there was some superb racing. In the line-up you had such names as Tim Nobes, Paul Cooper, Mark Baseby, James Shanes, Tom Perry, Daniel Winterton, Josh Dingle and Zach Wajtknecht. The first heat was a battle between Shanes, Nobes and Cooper with Shanes taking the win. Heat two was won by Baseby from Dingle and in the third two-times 2014 British Champion Wajtknecht won from Callum Walker and Michael Faulkner. In the second round of heats, wins went to Nobes from Andrew Whitaker, Shanes from Wajtknecht and Cooper from Dingle. In the final round of heats, Shanes completed a hat-trick beating Nobes into second, Dave Radley took a first win from Winterton and Cooper took a second win from Wajtknecht and Perry. In the ‘B’ final Perry took the win from Radley and Winterton. In the ‘A’ final Shanes and Cooper did battle for four laps with Nobes just tucked into third place. Cooper led for nearly three laps before going wide and letting Shanes nip inside to take a brilliant win.

Final: 1- James Shanes, 2- Paul Cooper, 3- Tim Nobes, 4- Tom Perry, 5- Zach Wajtknecht, 6- Josh Dingle, 7- Callum Walker, 8- Daniel Winterton, 9- Andrew Whitaker, 10- Dave Radley.


In the Youth Classes, Jake Mulford won the Juniors from Danny Curl in second. Third went jointly to Leo Dummett and Kelsie Buck. In the Intermediates the win went to Charlie Brooks from Jack Dummett and Louis Skelding.

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